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EURO (€)
Q'65, Revolution (NL/66 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
Not bad, but looks worse. has some clicks on the end of A4 and quite some background crackles.
VG+ 40
Flipback sleeve, second pressing.
VG+/M- 15
QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, Happy trails (UK/69 Capitol green, ois)
Flipback sleeve, rare issue!
VG+/EX 25
QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, Happy trails (USA/69 Capitol rainbow)
EX/EX 32
QUILAPAYUN, Santa Maria de Iquique (NL/70 Dicap)
Side A = VG, side B = EX.
EX/VG+ 15
QUINTA FEIRA, same (I/74 PDU) M- 40
VASANT RAI, Spring flowers (USA/76 Vanguard wood) co.
Magnificent sitar-filled LP with flute and electric guitar. One of the finest India-fusion records ever made. Pressing a bit weak.
EX 30
RANDY PIE, same (D/74 Zebra) white label test pressing in plain cover, played once. --/M 15
RANDY PIE, same (D/74 Zebra) regular copy with sleeve. EX 28
RARE BIRD, Somebody's watching (USA/73 Polydor) smal cc, great album! EX 15
JOHNNY RAY, Greatest hits (USA/6? Columbia 2 eyes white lettering, MONO)
The ultimate easy experience? Look no further!
EX 17
REDEYE, Games (USA/70 Pentagram) co. Getting rarer... EX 22
REFLECTION, The present tense (UK/68 Reflection, MONO) slight crease on c. VG+/EX 30
ELIS REGINA, Elis especial (BRA/68 Philips blue/silver, MONO, inner)
These are the best copies in the universe!
EX/M- 24
REJOICE, smae (USA/69 Dunhill) woc, some rw. VG+/EX 15
RELAYER, The Relayer album (USA/70 HRS, inner)
The name of the band notwithstanding, this is not a Yes-clone. Truly spectacular instrumentalists they are, though! Symphonic rock fuelled with high-level energy. Fine cover art, too.
EX/M- 35
RENAISSANCE, same (F/69 Island pink, FOC) slight spine damage. EX 20
JOHN RENBOURN, So clear (UK/73 Transatlantic white) EX 20
RAY REPP, Hear the cryin' (UK/72 Myrrh green)
Rare and with full band backing, Dave Spinoza on guitar.
EX 25
RESURRECTION BAND, Rainbow's end (USA/79 Starsong, gimmix cvr)
Matchless heavy guitar opus, with searing guitars and christian lyrics!
EX/M- 50
PAUL REVERE/RAIDERS, The spirit of '67 (USA/67 Columbia 360°) some rw VG+/EX 20
RIBLJA CORBA, Mrtva priroda (YU/81 RTB, embossed FOC) scary cover!! EX/M- 55
Devastating hard-rock with burning, flying and cascading guitars all over.
M- 23
RIBLJA CORBA, Nervni slom (YU/86 RTB, inner) Horrifying cover-art again! EX/M- 15
BUDDY RICH/ALLA RAKHA, Rich à la Rakha (USA/69 World Pacific, FOC)
Sublime fusion LP with the Indian clearly dominating. Paul Horn contributes beautiful flute parts. Fine sitar playing too. Recommended!
EX/M- 22
KEITH ROBERTS, Pier of the realm (UK/72 Trailer red) EX/M- 23
DON ROBERTSON, Dawn (USA/69 Limelight pink) small tape oc. EX/M- 140
ANDY ROBINSON, Patterns of reality (UK/68 Philips black/silver) rare UK copy!! VG+/M- 70
ANDY ROBINSON, Patterns of reality (UK/68 Philips black/silver) rare UK copy!
Plays fine, great trial copy.
VG+ 25
ROCK WORKSHOP, same (NL/70 CBS orange) disc looks worse.
Superrare Alex Harvey transitional project and good too! Underpriced!
VG+/EX 50
JAIR RODRIGUES, same (BRA/68 Philips blue/silver, MONO) M- 22
JAIR RODRIGUES, Festa para um rei negro (BRA/71 Philips blue/silver, MONO) great!! EX/M- 30
JOSÉ ROGÉRIO, Patio interior (D/83 Are)
Excellent late night Brazil stuff. Some folk-rock, some intricate guitar playing. Very atmospheric.
EX/M- 15
ROLLING STONES, same (NL/64 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
A very fine copy, normally these are thrashed (was a very popular record in Holland too...). Different cover to UK.
EX 60
ROLLING STONES, same (NL/64 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
This is a more usual condition: some wear on the cover and some pockets of background noise too.
VG+ 24
ROLLING STONES, same (NL/64 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
More or less like above, but looks worse, plays almost ever VG+.
VG+/VG 12
ROLLING STONES, same (NL/68 Decca grey ffrr DQY 825 384, STEREO)
Rarest of the early Dutch reissues, this one has an excellent psych cover. Just saw this at Dutch record fair for €125!
EX/M- 74
ROLLING STONES, Out of our heads (UK/65 Decca blue/silver)
''Normal'' issue, very rare in stereo.
VG+/EX 85
ROLLING STONES, Aftermath (ISR/66 Pax red/silver) EX 35
ROLLING STONES, Great hits (D/66 Decca red) Great cover shot, too! EX 45
ROLLING STONES, 3 (NL/67 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
Superrare Dutch only. On the cover they pose in front of some posters...for the Yardbirds!
VG+ 35
ROLLING STONES, 3 (NL/67 Decca grey ffrr, MONO) VG+/EX 45
ROLLING STONES, 3 (NL/67 Decca grey ffrr, MONO) EX 65
ROLLING STONES, Got live if you want it! (F/67 Decca black/silver ffss)
Fine and rare original French copy with open label and a different lay-out to UK copies.
EX/M- 55
ROLLING STONES, Between the buttons (NL/67 Decca blue/silver ffrr, MONO) small woc/bc/l
Difficult to grade: mostly EX or even better, but A1 crackly and occasional background noise. Flipback cover!
VG+ 15
ROLLING STONES, Between the buttons (NL/79 Decca blue,YELLOW VINYL) EX/M- 32
ROLLING STONES, Flowers (B/67 Decca blue) mostly M-.
Great Belgian only flowers cover!
EX 80
ROLLING STONES, Flowers (D/67 Decca red) finer German original, much cheaper. VG+/M- 20
ROLLING STONES, Their satanic majesties request (UK/67 Decca green/silver ffss, 3D cover, psych inner) EX 100
ROLLING STONES, Their satanic majesties request (UK/67 Decca green/silver ffss, 3D cover)
Disc clearly looks worse. Intro A1 clicks, otherwise only minor background crackles.
EX/VG+ 50
ROLLING STONES, Their satanic majesties request (ISR/67 Pax red/silver)
Different cover to UK and USA!!
VG+/M- 38
ROLLING STONES, Their satanic majesties request (NL/79 Decca blue, CLEAR VINYL) M- 35
ROLLING STONES, Beggar's banquet (ISR/68 Pax red/silver) single cover! original! EX/M- 18
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (NL/69 Decca blue ffrr, MONO, book cover)
One of the rarest Stones releases from The Netherlands. Mono was extinct in 1969 over here! Corner crease, otherwise the cover is a fine EX.
VG+/EX 60
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (ISR/69 Pax red/silver)
Single cover, different colours to UK
EX/M- 33
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (D/69 Decca clubissue)
Red border, stage cover, second pressing.
EX/M- 15
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (D/69 Decca clubissue)
different (stage) cover, to above, but also a second pressing.
VG+/M- 10
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (D/69 Decca clubissue)
This, however, the first pressing from 1969!
EX 28
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (UK/70 Decca, poster cvr) M- 10
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (NL/79 Decca grey, ORANGE VINYL) EX/M- 33
ROLLING STONES, Big hits [high tide and green grass] (H/83 Bravo/Decca)
FIRST Hungarian pressing, though almost 2 decades late. Unique art cover!
M- 22
ROLLING STONES, Big hits 2 (D/69 Decca clubissue) great cover, second pressing. EX/M- 11
ROLLING STONES, Through the past darkly (NL/79 Decca grey, GREEN VINYL) EX/M- 33
ROLLING STONES, Let it bleed (ISR/69 Pax red/silver) original from Israel! EX 20
ROLLING STONES, Everybody needs somebody to love (NL/71 Decca blue/white)
Reissue of No.2 in a different cover which uses the wrong line-up!
EX/M- 18
ROLLING STONES, Rock 'n' Rolling Stones (NL/72 Decca blue/white)
Samples mostly the 1st two LP's, but also 19th nervous and two from Get yer ya-ya's. Unique cover.
M- 15
EDMUNDO ROS, Sing and swing (UK/67 Decca blue/silver ffss) mostly M- VG+/EX 17
TONY ROSE, Under the greenwood tree (UK/71 Trailer red/silver) slight rw, plays mostly M- VG+/EX 25
ROSU SI NEGRU, same (RO/84 Electrecord black)psych bird cover EX/M- 15
RAOUL ROY, Chansons folkloriques du Quebec Vol. 1 (CDN/63 Select, MONO) EX 25
DAVE RUDOLF, Folks album (USA/79 private, book)
Songwriter with full band backing, strongly similar to Gordon Lightfoot, with occasional forays into more weird territory. While getting acquiainted with this LP, please skip the ridiculous track on A1. Beautiful rural sleeve with 28 page book included.
M- 38
RUM, Gelukkig ma non troppo (B/80 Elektra, insert) EX 10
RUN WAY, '78 mbc (KOR/79 Jisu)
Excellent psych-rock from Korea, more concise and organized than San Ul Lim.
M- 100
TODD RUNDGREN, Utopia (USA/74 Bearsville, ois) tiny ptt, mostly M-. EX 10
BOBBY RYDELL, We got love (USA/59 Cameo orange, MONO) backcover stained, wobc. EX/M- 45
RUYA, Pustj budet wcje (RUS/89 Melodya)
Great hard-rock with progressive and symphonic elements.
EX/M- 15
RÖDA BÖNOR, same (S/76 MNW)
All-female crew of 9 persons (!), tackling virtually any kind of material. Some tracks are accordingly boring, some are absolutely worth your while.
M- 14
SADISTA SISTERS, same (UK/76 Transatlantic globe)
Strange female mellow rock quartet (they sing all 4), helped out by Lowther, Mercer, Gill etc.. and using a very bizarre erotic imagery.
M- 25
SAGA, same (UK/72 Westwood) only slight wear, plays M-. EX 330
MICHAEL SAHL/ERIC SALZMAN, Civilisation & its discontents (USA/81 Nonesuch silver) EX 16
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE, She used to wanna be a ballerina (USA/71 Vanguard gold) rw, cc. VG+/M- 16
BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE, Fire & fleet & candlelight (UK/71 Vanguard gold) EX 10
SAITENSPINNER, same (D/81 Ornament)
German folk distributed by New Blood Extremely rare probably?
EX/M- 45
SALMONTAILS, same (UK/80 Oblivion) immaculate copy. M- 40
SALVATION ARMY, Centenary festival of praise (UK/65 Regal Zonophone, MONO) EX 15
ERIC SALZMAN, The nude paper sermon (USA/70 Nonesuch brown/black)
Brilliant mixture of avant, electronic psych and classical stylings, but the vinyl has background crackles (no defects), even though it looks fine. Great trial copy.
SAM APPLE PIE, East 17 (UK/72 DJM) disc mostly M-. VG+/EX 60
SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, Knossa knapitatet (S/74 Silence) Another brilliant record, get them all!! Close to M-. EX 40
SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, Familjesprickor (S/78 Silence) best Lp they made! EX 50
SAN UL LIM, Children song (KOR/79 SRB) looks worse
Rarest by far, only 500 copies in 1979! Same enticing brew of naivety and character as the other records, this time probably based on Korean children songs, I have no way to know...
EX 120
SAND, same (USA/73 Barnaby, FOC)
Fine Westcoaster with fluent guitars and sophisticated harmonies. Comes on 2 one-sided discs
EX 40
PHARAOH SANDERS/McCOY TYNER, Blues for Coltrane (USA/88 Impulse)
With Roy Haynes and Cecil McBee, what a great tribute record! Promo stamp on bc.
EX/M- 18
SANDY COAST, From the stereo workshop (NL/68 Relax) Some rw on front. VG+/EX 180
SAQQARA DOGS, World crunch (USA/86 Pathfinder)
Overwhelming debut, a 4-track mini-LP with scourging fuzz and hand-beaten drums. The quintessence of interesting 80's music.
M- 12
SBB, same (PL/74 Muza red) EX/M- 28
SBB, Novy horyzont (PL/75 Muza blue)
The summit of heavy eastbloc rock.
EX/M- 30
SCAMPOLO, Under the rainbow (H/09 Moiras, FOC)
Hungarian sixties band who only released a few singles finally on album! In lovely FOC.
M- 16
ARMAND SCHAUBROECK, Steals (Shakin' shakin') (USA/78 Mirror) EX/M- 23
JULIUS SCHITTENHELM, Aristoteles (D/76 April, insert)
Producer of Annexus Quam, Anima, Guru Guru etc.. plays a strange discordant folk music. Also a strong EMBRYO involvement on most tracks.
EX/M- 28
UWE SCHNIERING, Cleared universe (D/79 Eulenspiegel, FOC, insert)
Completely exalted and psychedelic one-man band, maybe only comparable with MIJ. Some very dark fuzz guitar too. Great cover art! Very impressive!
VG+/M- 45
KLAUS SCHULZE, Timewind (UK/75 Virgin twins, FOC) VG+/M- 15
SCHWOIßFUAß, Oinr isch emmr dr Arsch (D/81 private, insert)
Excellent rock, vocals with a remarkable German accent (Schwäbisch).
EX/M- 22
SCORPIONS, Lonesome crow (CDN/72 Bomb, FOC, red vinyl) VG+/EX 33
JACK SCOTT, Burning bridges (USA/64 Capitol rainbow, MONO)
Books at $ 100 in this condition, so this is a steal at...
EX/M- 60
SEATRAIN, same (NL/70 Capitol green target, FOC) small seam split, great LP! VG+/EX 12
SEBÖ, same (H/75 Pepita, FOC)
Gorgeous Hungarian folk in the vein of Kolinda. RECOMMENDED!
EX/M- 25
SETTLERS, Lightning tree (UK/72 York, ois)
As anything on York pretty rare. This is fine mellow folk with female vocals and liner notes by Cliff Richard!
EX/M- 30
SHADOWFAX, Dreams of children (CDN/84 Windham Hill)
Great folk-prog-fusion-symphonic rock, if you can follow that.
EX/M- 15
RAMSES SHAFFY, Zonder bagage (NL/73 Philips blue/silver, FOC) great LP! EX 12
SHAKE SPEARS, Summertime (B/78 private)
Very rare Belgian retro-beat in impeccable condition. Incredibly cheesy cover too.
M- 55
JIMMY SHAND, The pride of Scotland (UK/76 MfP) EX 14
JIMMY SHAND, The Sound of Shand (UK/77 EMI) EX 14
RAVI SHANKAR, Sound of the sitar (UK/66 Liberty black)
Great copy and housed in a terrific sleeve. Stellar music too!
M- 28
RAVI SHANKAR, Concerto for sitar and orchestra (UK/71 HMV dog/striped, insert) GREAT!! EX 20
ROLAND SHAW, James Bond in action (UK/65 Decca blue/silver ffss)
Looks clearly worse, but plays easily mostly EX. Among the best pressings ever made, evidently. All important Bond themes in a row, very inspiredly played. Recommended!!
VG+ 15
SANDY SHAW, Sandie (UK/65 Pye red, MONO)
Almost M- copy of this pretty rare and eclectic debut. Seldom seen in this condition!
EX 35
SANDIE SHAW, The Sandy Shaw supplement (UK/68 Pye blue, FOC)
EXTREMELY rare, though this may sound unlikely to you and the Record Collector priceguide doesn't seem to know this. How many of these have you seen in M-?
EX/M- 55
GEORGE SHEARING, My ship (D/75 BASF) M- 16
SHEEP, same (UK/73 Myrrh, insert) cheap vinyl, slightly crackly. EX 35
SHILOH QUARTETTE, same (UK/69 Emblem) mostly M-
Very obscure religious folk. Frameable sleeve too.
EX 33
SKÄGGMANSLAGET, Snus, mus och brännvin (S/71 Sonet, FOC) EX 22
SILLY WIZARD, Caledonia's hardy sons (USA/80 Shanache) First US issue. EX/M- 15
SILVERBIRD, same (UK/71 Capitol green target) wol/bc. VG+/M- 15
JOHNNY SILVO, Time enough to spare (UK/77 Plant Life, insert)
Nice album, surprisingly consistent! Insert signed and dedicated by Silvo.
EX/M- 20
YVES SIMON, Respirer, chanter (F/74 RCA Victor orange, FOC)
Unknown but fine French folk-rock, very agreeable throughout.
M- 25
SIMON & GARFUNKEL, Sounds of silence (USA/65 Columbia 360°)
Songtitled cover, Art wears his Tiger Beat magazine...
EX 22
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, Nocturne (D/83 Polydor, 2LP, FOC) perfect... M- 12
SKALDOWIE, Ty (PL/70 Muza blue, MONO!!) EX/M- 28
SKALDOWIE, Szanujmy wspomnienia (PL/76 Muza red) EX 16
Brilliant overview of one of the best harmonica players in the universe.
EX/M- 15
SMALL FACES, same (NL/66 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
Different (and nigh improbably flashy) cover to UK on the "favorieten parade" series. Musically identical.
VG+/EX 50
SMALL FACES, same (D/66 Decca red)
Different cover and different track order to UK, Different to above NL issue too. Great copy and STEREO TOO!!!
M- 100
SMALL FACES, same (D/66 Decca red)
Pretty good copy too!!
EX 85
SMALL FACES, The autumn stone(NL/69 Immediate grey, 2LP, FOC) VG+/M- 40
ADRIAN SNELL, Fire flake (UK/75 Dove, ois)
Pure Jesus-folk, but although some cuts suck, no one can resist the eerie beauty of a track like My soul alive, that seduces you with its arching and aching melody. Or else the weird prog rock from Judas song. Lightyears better than most in this direction.
EX/M- 30
ADRIAN SNELL, Something new under the sun (UK/79 Dove, poster, yellow vinyl) EX/M- 15
SNOPEK, First band on the moon (USA/?? Mountain Railroad, FOC)
No clue to the date of issue anywhere, this is strong progressive rock with something of an 80's feel, very well played and composed and a bit of an anomaly.
M- 24
SNOPEK, Thinking out loud (USA/79 Mountain Railroad, inner)
More of the same but more coherent.
EX/M- 24
TERRY SNYDER, Persuasive percussion (D/59 Command, FOC) almost ever M-.
Great copy too! With Dick Hyman and Stan Webb. Some of the most incredible stereo mixes you're ever likely to hear. Cover imported from the USA.
EX 25
FRANK SODA & THE IMPS, same (CDN/80 Quality) co.
Outstanding fast and dirty rock with commendable and speedy guitars throughout.
EX/M- 15
SOLARIS, Marsbéli krónikák (H/84 Start) removable stoc/wol.
The ultimate space-rock LP with symphonic and progressive tendencies.
EX 25
TOTI SOLER, same (E/73 Edigsa) small spine damage, disc towards M-.
Great flamenco guitar with a strong progressive feel. Unique!
EX 16
SONG GOL MEA, Korean characters... (KOR/79 Jigi)
Short track Korean psych, more diverse than most Korean bands, better actually
EX/M- 100
SORGENHOBEL, same (D/81 private, book)
Lovely German folk album with lavish 32-page book.
EX/M- 50
SOUTHERN RAMBLERS, Country roads (UK/72 Westwood) EX/M- 25
SOUTHERN RAMBLERS, Country roads (UK/72 Westwood) VG+/M- 22
SOUTHWIND, same (USA/68 Venture) co. Rare now! EX/M- 35
SOUTHWIND, Ready to ride (USA/71 Blue Thumb, FOC) cc.
Muscular blues- and southern rock, some great guitars too.
VG+/EX 18
SPEED LIMIT, First offense (UK/78 Satril) M- 38
SPIRIT, Clear spirit (USA/69 Ode) VG++ 15
SPLIT ENZ, The beginning of the Enz (AUS/79 Mushroom leaves) small ptt, some rw.
lovely comp with the first singles and four NZ radio tracks, great music all the way!
EX-/EX 12
SPLIT LEVEL, Divided we stand (USA/69 Dot, ois)
Underestimated psych-pop with at least three small masterpieces hidden throughout the record.
EX 25
MARK SPOELSTRA, The times I've had (USA/65 Verve Folkways) plays M-. EX 22
SPOOKY TOOTH, It's all about (D/68 Fontana blue/silver) small seam tape, mostly better EX 45
SPOOKY TOOTH, The last puff (UK/70 Island pink ''i'') EX 30
SPREADEAGLE, The piece of paper (USA/72 Charisma mad hatter)
promo sticker, co. GREAT!
EX 20
SPUD, Smoking on the bog (UK/77 Sonet, insert, ois)
Fine electric folk-rock, with even a touch of grandeur.
EX/M- 20
SPÆLIMENNINIR, Burtarav (FÄR/80 Tutl)
Fine folk from the Sheep Islands. Tiny pressing, great shape!
M- 25
ST.JOSEPH'S MAORI GIRLS CHOIR, Pokarekabe (NZ/66 Viking)
Great original native copy. Seducingly beautiful!
VG+/EX 15
CRISPIAN ST.PETERS, Follow me (UK/66 Decca red ear, MONO, ois) mostly M-, it's RARE! EX 50
STARCASTLE, Citadel (UK/77 Epic orange)
Expert progressive with a strong symphonic touch from the USA. Gorgeous fantasy cover.
EX/M- 28
STATUS QUO, Dog of two head (UK/70 Pye blue/black) Great copy! M- 30
STATUS QUO, Hello! (UK/73 Vertigo ufo, inner, POSTER!) EX 12
STATUS QUO, On the level (I/75 Vertigo SWIRL) VG+/EX 10
STEAMHAMMER, same (D/69 Bellaphon purple)
Totally different cover to UK!
EX 25
STEELEYE SPAN, Hark! The village wait (UK/70 RCA Victor orange, insert)
Mostly close to M-, surprisingly rare nowadays.
EX 50
STEELEYE SPAN, Below the salt (UK/72 Chrysalis green, FOC) VG+/EX 12
STEELY DAN, The royal scam (D/76 MCA) EX 8
STEWART & KYLE, Yours ever (UK/76 Grapevine, FOC)
Mellow folk-rock, but great melodies!
EX 25
DAVE STEWART & BARBARA GASKIN, The big idea (D/91 Line CD)
Almost "new music", but this is the SPIROGYRA singer teaming with the EGG genius, so... The melodies and heavenly vocals will grasp you, but if you dislike synths then steer clear of this.
new 10
ALAN STIVELL, Reflets (F/70 Fontana black/silver)
rare 1st pressin of his first album.
EX/M- 25
ALAN STIVELL, Renaissance of the celtic harp (UK/71 Philips blue/silver)
Silly name for a magnificent and dense record full of mist, rocks and seashores.
M- 15
ALAN STIVELL, A l'Olympia (F/72 Fontana black/white)
Side one is fine folk-rock, very atmospheric and original, but this doesn't prepare you for the brilliance of side two. Incredible!
EX 22
ALAN STIVELL, From celtic roots (UK/73 Fontana blue/silver, FOC)
Superb copy of his best studio LP (Chemins de Terre). British copy!!
M- 25
ALAN STIVELL, Chemins de terre (F/73 Fontana black/white, FOC)
EX/M- 20
ALAN STIVELL, Journée à la maison (USA/81 Rounder)
Translations of the lyrics on the insert make this the preferable issue. Masterpiece!
EX/M- 14
STORMY SIX, L'apprendista (I/77 L'Orchestra, inner)
EX 35
STORMY SIX, Macchina maccheronica (I/80 L'Orchestra, FOC, 2 booklets!)
Absolutely brilliant, eh, music, impossible to pigeonhole. Has progressive, theatrical, acoustic, psychedelic, ethnic, insane, classical elements all over. Got it? RECOMMENDED!!
EX 50
STRAIGHT EIGHT, No noise from here (UK/79 private)
Produced by Pete Townshend, this does sound a bit somewhere between The WHO and ROLLING STONES, but also has some unexpected mild tones in between. 
EX/M- 25
STRAWBS, From the witchwood (UK/71 A&M mustard, FOC) Small ptt. EX 22
STRAWBS, From the witchwood (UK/71 A&M mustard, FOC) very close to M- EX 25
STRAY, Move it (UK/74 Transatlantic, gimmix cover) co EX/M- 23
STRETCH, Elastique (UK/75 Anchor) slight rw. VG+/M- 16
TOMMY STUART, What makes Mary go round (USA/78 Crazy Cajun)
Excellent and better rock LP from a tiny Texan label by an obscure crew. Especially the 5 original songs are far above average.
VG+/M- 16
STUD, September (D/72 BASF, FOC) gorgeous copy!! Germany only album! EX/M- 80
STUD, Goodbye live at command (D/72 BASF) Germany only album!. VG+/M- 60
STUDIKER, Oak tree (D/71 BASF) EX/M- 33
MORTON SUBOTNICK, Silver apples of the moon (USA/67 Nonesuch brown)
Small dent at cover side. Great cover and great electronic psych too.
VG+/EX 30
YMA SUMAC, Voice of the Xtabay (USA/56 Capitol purple, 10", MONO)
Plays fine but has some crackles according to its age.
EX/VG+ 25
YMA SUMAC, Legend of the sun virgin (USA/58 Capitol maroon, 10", MONO)
Plays fine but has some crackles according to its age.
EX/VG+ 30
SUNDAY FUNNIES, Benediction (USA/72 Rare Earth, ois)
In another brilliant cover by Matti Klarwein. Religious biker-psych!!!
EX 25
SWAN ARCADE, same (UK/72 Trailer red) small stain on top. Great UK folk. EX/M- 40
SWEET PAIN, same (USA/70 United Artists, FOC) cc.
Powerful westcoaster with southern rock traces.
EX/M- 32
SWEET SMOKE, Just a poke (NL/70 Catfish) mostly fine... VG+ 8
SWEET TOOTH, Electric magic (UK/89 White Rabbit, insert)
Grinding hard-rock, strongly rooted in the 70's tradition.
EX/M- 20
SWEETWATER, Just for you (USA/70 Reprise 1-col. steamboat, FOC)
Great album! Corner cut, otherwise fine, disc close to M-.
VG+/EX 10
GABOR SZABO, Bacchanal (UK/69 Fontana black/silver) EX/M- 30
GABOR SZABO, In Budapest (H/09 Moiras)
Never released before live set from his forst return to Hungary in 1974. Comes in a giant poster sleeve. One small tape repair.
EX/M- 16
LEVENTE SZÖRENTI, same (H/74 Pepita)
Similar to Kevin Coyne. Solo by ILLÉS singer.
EX 12

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