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EARTH & FIRE, Memories (D/72 Polydor)
German version of Song of the marching children, augmented with the smash hit title track and in a different cover.
EX/M- 18
EARTH OPERA, The great American eagle tragedy (USA/69 Elektra gold/tan)
Record and cover look M-, but B1 has strange and at times irritating background noise, probably due to a pressing fault. Rare on this label and strongly downpriced too!!
M-/VG 10
EAST SIDE KIDS, The tiger and the lamb (USA/68 Uni) co, disc almost M-.
Fine psych-pop with garage elements.
EX 32
ECOLOGY, Environment/Evolution (USA/70 Happy Tiger)
Unexplored early "green" psych, interesting!
M- 38
DUANE EDDY, Have twangy guitar (USA/59 Jamie, MONO) RED COVER, mostly M-. EX 25
EDEN ROSE, On the way to Eden (BRA/70 Katema)
Must be much rarer than the French pressing.
EX 255
EDEN'S CHILDREN, Sure looks real (USA/69 ABC, FOC)
co, rw, disc nearly perfect.
VG+/M- 50
EELA CRAIG, Hats of glass (D/77 Vertigo ufo, insert) insert creased EX/M- 15
EELA CRAIG, Missa universalis (D/78 Philips blue/silver, FOC) EX 15
Mellow Israelian folk-rock, very melodic and light-hearted.
VG+/M- 18
EKSEPTION, same (NL/68 Philips grey/silver)
Rare bookclub issue in totally different cover and some different tracks to the regular issue.
EX/M- 25
MOHAMMED EL-BAKKAR, Port Said (USA/58 Audio Fidelity)
SECOND PRESSING of a gorgeous middle-east fusion LP like an Egyptian version of John Berberian. This comes RECOMMENDED and is housed in an extremely cheesy cover, featuring Nejla Ates of "Fanny" fame.
M- 12
ELECTROMAGNETS, same (USA/75 E.G.M.) looks slightly worse.
Excessively rare progressive guitar-rock with the axe of Erik Johnson from MARIANI fame stately to the fore. Only copy I have ever seen, could be the rarest LP on this list...
EX 325
ELLY & RIKKERT, Maarten en het witte paard (NL/74 Imperial, FOC) best one...almost M-. EX 28
ELLY & RIKKERT, Sta op en wandel (NL/74 EMI, FOC) EX/M- 24
ELLY & RIKKERT, Al je haren zijn geteld (NL/77 EMI, FOC) M-/EX 24
ELLY & RIKKERT, De late regen (NL/78 Bovema, FOC) EX/M- 22
ELLY EN RIKKERT, Alles in alles (NL/80 EMI, FOC) EX 18
ELLY & RIKKERT, BOOK with lyrics and music from their LP's Vertel het aan de mensen and Kom en zie. EX 10
ELVERHØJ, Solvognen (DK/76 Demos, inner, insert)
Rare Danish fol LP with political leanings. Translation in German is included.
EX/M- 45
EMBRYO, Rocksession (D/73 Brain Metronome green, FOC) disc shines! VG+/M- 110
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, same (D/70 Island pink ''i'', FOC)
Preferable issue because of the nice fold-out, not issued in the UK. Small corner crease.
EX 35
ENID, Touch me (UK/79 Pye) no insert, some rw, stobc. VG+/M- 15
ENREDO, Desfile de sambas (BRA/72 Visiorama, MONO)
Great tribal sambas full of vigour and drive. No european influences, the genuine thing.
EX 15
JOHN ENTWISTLE, Rigor mortis sets in (UK/73 Track, FOC< inner)
Rare with the inner sleeve and in this condition!
EX/M- 35
DONALD ERB, Symphony of overtures + 2 (USA/60's Turnabout hexagon) tiny woc/bc.
From the rare and always worthwhile "The contemporary composer in the USA" series. Especially good is the third work: Concerto for solo percussionist, as vivid as anything in this field.
EX/M- 16
ESQUIVEL, Other worlds other sounds (UAS/58 RCA Victor living stereo)
Beginning of rw, small seam split, bc stain, otherwise the cover is lovely. Disc has age crackles, but not many.
VG+ 15
ETHOS, same (USA/76 Capitol green) Overlooked symphonic prog in YES vein, co. M- 24
ETHOS, Open up (USA/77 Capitol red, inner) VG+/M- 24
GIL EVANS, The music of Jimi Hendrix (USA/74 RCA Victor orange) rw.
Must be heard to be believed. It's GOOD!
VG+/M- 25
EVER-GREEN BLUES, 7 do eleven (USA/68 Mercury red, ois) slight rw only, RARE! VG+/M- 40
EXODUS, Supernova (PL/81 Muza white)
Extremely cosmic with symphonic touch, quite different to their first.
VG+/M- 17
FAIRPORT CONVENTION, Angel delight (UK/71 Island pink rim, FOC) mostly M-. EX 20
FAIRPORT CONVENTION, Nine (UK/73 Island pink rim, FOC) mostly M-. EX 18
MARIANNE FAITHFULL, Greatest hits (NL/68 Decca grey ffrr, MONO)
Peerless Dutch only packaging in the famous "Favorieten Parade".
EX 32
FALLEN ANGELS, same (USA/68 Roulette)
Awesome psych, lots of invention, twisted melodies and a talented playing. RECOMMENDED!
EX 65
FANIA ALL STARS, Delicate and jumpy (UK/76 Island) some rw. VG+/M- 7
FANNY, Mothers pride (USA/73 Reprise steamboat) mostly M- VG+/EX 12
FARAWAY FOLK, On the radio (UK/74 RA) fully autographed on bc. EX 94
FARGO, I see it now (USA/69 RCA Victor orange)
Fantastic melodic psych, totally underestimated. Top seam split, slight rw.
VG+/M- 25
FARGO, I see it now (USA/69 RCA Victor orange, ois)
Flea-market copy, plays almost EX, great trial copy if you do not know this yet. Great LP!
VG+ 10
FAT CHANCE, same (USA/72 RCA Victor orange) co, slight rw. VG+/M- 22
FATME, Psemmata (GR/83 EMI blue, insert)
Another of those fine Greek folk-psych releases with ethnic elements and some modernities.
EX/M- 18
JULIE FELIX, same (UK/64 Decca red ear, MONO) EX 24
MAYNARD FERGUSON, Trumpet rhapsody (D/68 MPS pink)
As far as I know only issued in Germany. Incredibly agile playing, great atmosphere.
M- 30
FERMÁTA, Huascaran (CS/78 Opus) Brilliant fusion, recommended. EX/M- 25
FERMÁTA, Dunajská legenda (CS/80 Opus) Just as great! EX 20
FERMÁTA, Generation (CS/81 Opus) EX/M- 16
KATHLEEN FERRIER, Rhapsody alto/orch [Brahms] (UK/57 Decca orange ear, MONO, ois) almost M-! EX 15
FEVER TREE, Creation (USA/69 Uni, ois) co. M- 33
FEVER TREE, Creation (USA/69 Uni, ois) wol. EX/M- 30
FEVER TREE, For sale (USA/71 Ampex) slight rw.. VG+/M- 25
FEVERS, unreadable Korean characters (KOR/80 SRB)
About as rare as it gets. Time seems to have been standing completely still in South-Korea, this sounds like an end-sixties beat with psych band. Maybe naive, but absolutely great too.
EX/M- 90
FIEDEL MICHEL, same (D/74 Autogram)
Small scratch B2 causes some soft clicks, otherwise M-.
EX 35
FIGGY DUFF, same (UK/80 Dingle's)
Top-notch folk-rock with splendid female vocals from Newfoundland but sounding thoroughly British. Plays mostly M-.
VG+/EX 55
CLARE FISCHER, And EX-42 (D/80 MPS black) great LP, mostly M-. EX 16
STEVE FISET, Et le Kitsch (CDN/7x Trans-World) some rw.
Good, slightly commercial hard-rock.
VG+/M- 25
FIST, Round one (CDN/79 private) good melodious hard-rock, plays M- EX 28
FIVE HAND REEL, same (UK/76 Rubber) no insert
Most understimated folk-rock band on earth. BRILLIANT!!
EX/M- 25
FIVE HAND REEL, Earl O'Moray (UK/78 RCA Victor orange, insert)
Just as great, BUY THESE!!!
EX 18
FIVE'S COMPANY, The ballad of Fred the Pixie (UK/69 Saga, ois) VG+/EX 35
FLASH, same (UK/72 Sovereign, FOC) VG+/M- 28
FLOATING OPERA, same (USA/71 Embryo, gimmix cvr, ois) tiny co, great copy! EX/M- 55
FLOOR, First floor (DK/67 Philips blue/silver)
Gorgeous psych-pop from Denmark, has completely vanished.
VG+/EX 175
FLUITEKRUID, same (NL/79 Stoof, FOC) Great Dutch folk with female vocals. EX/M- 35
FLYING MACHINE, same (USA/70 Janus) In the shrink, great cover!! EX/M- 25
FLYING MOUNTAIN, Mountain's dream (CDN/79 private, insert)
Beautiful folk with violin and some eastern tendencies.
sealed 30
FOLK OCH RACKARE, Med rötter i Medeltiden (S/74 Sonet, FOC) wobc.
Actually credited to Carin Kjellman & Ulf Gruvberg.
M- 35
FOLK OCH RACKARE, same (S/76 YTF, insert) tiny stoc. EX/M- 35
FOLK OCH RACKARE, Anno 1979 (S/79 Sonet, inner) tiny stoc. EX/M- 28
FOLQUE, Kjempene på Dovrefjell (N/75 Philips blue, BOOK) nice copy! EX/M- 275
FONOGRAF, FG-4 (H/75 Pepita, inner)
Excellent progressive LP with all kinds of styles thoroughly integrated. Still very cheap!
M- 16
FOUNDATIONS, Rocking the foundations (UK/68 Pye blue/black)
You probably wouldn't believe it, but this is rare and it COOKS!!
VG+/M- 28
CONNIE FRANCIS, Sing along with (USA/60? Mati-Mor) tiny wobc.
Issued by Brylcreem! The liner notes contain the following lines: a little dab'll do ya, you'll look so debonair, the gals'll all pursue ya, they'll love to get their fingers in your hair! Gorgeous cover!
M- 15
JACQUELINE FRANÇOIS, Derniers succes no.1 (F/59 Philips 10") VG+/EX 15
ARETHA FRANKLIN, The tender, the moving (USA/62 Columbia 360°, MONO)
Fine original 1st pressing with ''guaranteed high fidelity''.
EX 30
FREE, Fire and water (UK/70 Island pink "i") slight rw, disc looks worse. VG+/EX 30
FREE DESIGN, Kites are fun (USA/67 Project 3, FOC) co, almost M-. EX 35
FREE DESIGN, You could be born again (USA/68 Project 3, FOC) M- 50
FREE MUSIC, One and two (USA/68 ESP-disk') tiny tear at opening.
Great free, eh well, jazz, with Pierre Courbois and Boy Raaymakers. Superb!
EX 45
ALAN FREED, Go go go-TV record hop (USA/57 Coral maroon/silver, MONO)
Looks clearly worse but is a miraculously good pressing and plays M- almost ever.
M-/EX 125
FREEWAY, same (UK/79 Decca blue boxed, ois)
Fine mellow rock LP with Mel Collins, quite rare!
EX/M- 25
FRENCH, FRITH, KAISER, THOMPSON, Live, love, larf & loaf (USA/87 Rhino) BRILIANT!!!! M- 14
FRESH, Out of Borstal (UK/70 RCA Victor ornage) quite rare, small ptt. EX/M- 22
FRISKT VATTEN, En svensk tiger (S/79 A Disc, FOC, inner)
Rare Swedish polit-rock with progressive elements, actually excellent! Close to M-.
EX 45
EDGAR FROESE, (D/74 Brain Metronome, FOC)
Looks not too well, but plays fine. The second pressing is avegarely rare, but this is extremely rare with the Metronome wording under the Brain logo.
VG+ 30
FRUMPY, By the way (D/72 Vertigo swirl) no poster, great copy!!
EX/M- 60
DAVID FRYE, I am the president (USA/69 Elektra red) co. RARE! EX 25
FUGS, same (USA/66 ESP-disk', MONO)
There seem to be as many variations of this record as there are copies... This one has: NO mentioning of Broadside, REGULAR font lettering. STEREO on the front, Labels with PRINTED titles. The cover is BLACK AND WHITE. The matrix reads ORT-1. The music plays MONO and the vinyl is LOW BUDGET (well, that they have all in common, at least)
EX 22
FUN AND GAMES, Elephant candy (USA/68 Uni) co.
Such a gorgeous psych-pop album. Relatively unknown, but RECOMMENDED!
EX/M- 28
FUNGUS, same (NL/74 Negram, FOC) best folk-rock LP from Holland... EX/M- 28
FUNGUS, Lief ende leid (NL/75 Negram, FOC) just as great! EX/M- 25
FUNGUS, Van de kiel naar vlaring (NL/76 Negram, FOC) small tear on front VG+/M- 30
FUNGUS, Mushrooms (NL/77 Negram) last on a major, very rare by now... EX 35
FUNGUS, De kaarten zijn geschud (NL/79 Universe, FOC) 5th and last, ditched by the majors, now on a small independent from Friesland. GREAT ALBUM! EX 35
FINBAR AND EDDIE FUREY, same (UK/68 Transatlantic white/purple) rare debut! EX/M- 35
FUREY BROTHERS, Emigrant (IRL/76 Polydor) mostly M-
Beautiful folk-LP with traces of COB throughout. Rare Irish Polydor issue.
EX 70
FUREYS, When you were sweet sixteen (IRL/82 Banshee) EX/M- 12
FUTURUM, Ostrov zeme (CS/84 Panton)
Great combination of new wave and progressive elements with lovely vocal harmonies and a terrific drive. Definitely Czech territory was the place to be in the 80's!
M- 15
KAY GARDNER, Mooncircles (USA/75 WWE) 2 split seams.
Acoustic new-age psych, very uncommon (acoustic) sound.
VG/EX 15
J. GEILS BAND, Ladies invited (USA/73 Atlantic silver, inner)
Sounds surprisingly often like the british Free!!
EX/M- 10
GENESIS, Wind and wuthering (UK/76 Charisma mad hatter, inner) M- 16
GENESIS, A trick of the tail (UK/76 Charisma mad hatter, FOC) no inner EX 10
GENESIS, And then there were three (UK/78 Charisma mad hatter, FOC) EX/M- 15
GENTLE GIANT, The missing piece (UK/77 Chrysalis green) EX/M- 15
GENTLE GIANT, Superstar (I/81 Curcio, book cover) EX/M- 15
GIANT CRAB, Cool it...Helios (USA/68 Uni) co., almost ever M-. EX 28
GILBERTO GIL, same (BRA/71 Philips blue/silver, MONO)
Best copy on the planet!
EX/M- 30
GLASS BOTTLE, same (USA/70 Avco Emvassy, ois)
Mostly very mellow, with 1 pumping fuzz track: ''Red River Sal''. Rare!
EX/M- 30
GLASS PRISM, On joy and sorrow (USA/70 RCA Victor orange, ois) cc, disc close to M-. EX 30
GODDO, Who cares (CDN/78 Polydor)
Just as forceful, but musically much more refined. Like Mott the Hoople combined with intelligence, if you can imagine such a marriage.
EX/M- 30
LOTTI GOLDEN, Motor-cycle (USA/69 Atlantic red/green, insert, ois)
Rare and excellent hippIe-bikers rock fronted by a great female voice.
EX 40
GOLDEN EARRING, Eight miles high (NL/69 Polydor) VG+/EX 18
GOLDEN EARRING, Moontan (UK/73 Track, FOC) EX/M- 25
GOLDEN EARRING, Switch (D/75 Polydor, insert) EX/M- 15
GOLDEN GATE QUARTET, Singt für Sie! (D/56 MMS, 10'', MONO)
For its age, this plays stunningly clean)
VG+ 20
BENNY GOLSON, Tune in turn on (USA/67 Verve yellow label promo) perfect! M- 28
JOHN GOODLUCK, The Suffolk miracle (UK/74 Tradition, insert) EX/M- 25
GOON SHOW, Goon again (UK/68 Parlophone black/yellow, MONO) EX 17
ROBERT GOULET, Both sides now (USA/69 Columbia 360°) M- 15
An unknown but worthwhile progressive folk LP with partly gossamer female vocals. Framable cover-art, too.
EX 35
EARL GRANT, Bali ha'i (USA/67 Decca spectrum) slight crackle on the title track. EX 15
GREAT SOCIETY, Conspicious only in its absence (USA/68 Columbia 360°)
Looks clearly worse.
EX 24
BORIS GREBENSHIKOV, Radio Silence (RUS/89 CBS, inner)
In which the BG mastermind sings in English. With Darryl Way on violin!
M- 14
LAS GRECAS, Gypsy rock (E/74 CBS) EX 25
NORMAN GREENBAUM, Spirit in the sky (USA/69 Reprise steamboat 2 col.) tiny cc.
Not so very rare but the disc is virtually unplayed!
EX/M- 18
MARLIN GREENE, Tiptoe past the dragon (USA/72 Elektra butterfly) tiny ptt.
Gorgeous and totally unknown folk-rock with psych-country traits.
EX/M- 25
GREENSLADE, same (D/73 Brain Metronome green, FOC)
Disc immaculate! Housed in one of Roger Dean's best designs. And a great prog LP too.
EX/M- 25
MICK GREENWOOD, Living game (D/72 MCA diamond)
Perfect sample copy of what's more or less a lost Fotheringay album, as Conway, Donahue and Donaldson are the nucleus, augmented with Tony Cox. Greenwood is no Sandy Denny, of course, but the quality seeps through nonetheless.
M 35
GRIFFIN, same (CDN/72 Romar) rare and great Southern rock, some edge wear. EX 28
GRIFFIN, same (USA/72 Romar) rare and great Southern rock, cc, top seam split. EX/M- 32
GROBSCHNITT, Merry-go-round (D/79 Brain multi, insert) EX/M- 14
BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT, Nacht en ontij (B/68 Decca blue, book cover!)
Very rare original Belgian issue
EX 75
GROUP 1850, Paradise now (NL/69 Discofoon)
Looks much worse than it plays! Strongly reduced in price.
VG+ 45
GROUPE SANS GAIN, Le mercenaire (F/85 SRC, FOC) Great folk! EX/M- 20
GROUPIES, Scenes (USA/69 Earth) sealed! M 38
GRYPHON, Raindance (UK/75 Tranatlantic sea) another great LP! EX/M- 25
GUADACANAL DIARY, Walking in the shadow of the big man (UK/82 Hybrid, PICTURE DISC) M- 24
GUILLOTINE, same (USA/71 Ampex, FOC) close to M-, great cover! EX 30
ALI RIZA GÜNDOGDU, Oynayalim söyleyelim (tr/72 Göksoy, FOC)
Fantastic progressive Turkish folk with electric baglama.
EX 60
WOODIE GUTHRIE, With Leadbelly... (F/66 Le Chant du Monde, triple FOC) M- 33
GWENDAL, same (F/74 Pathé) Superb French folk! EX/M- 28
GWENDAL, 4 (F/79 Pathé)
Even exuberant here! Gorgeous cover-art too.
EX/M- 30
GYLLENE TIDER, Moderna tider (S/81 Parlophone, gimmix cvr, bonus EP!) M- 19
HAARBAND, same (NL/81 Peace Pie, insert)
Great folk LP by all-female crew, lyrics in Dutch, strongly Lesbian-tinged. Lovely vocals.
EX 65
HAIRY CHAPTER, Electric sound for dancing (D/69 Maritim) tiny woc.
Very rare and looks a fine copy, but notoriously bad pressing. Issued under the name ''Chaparall Electric Sound''. It's actually fantastic!
EX 150
HALFBREED, same (UK/75 United Artists, gimmix cover) Very tough! EX/M- 30
P.M.HAMEL, Nada (D/77 Wergo) his best LP! M- 18
HARD BLACK THING, Montezuma baby duck (USA/92 private, insert)
Totally stoned rock with wailing harmonica and trance-like rhythms, sounding at times somewhere between Father Yod and a milder Stooges, but ultimately unique. Great psych cover in black/white and a funny insert round this up.
M- 30
HARLIS, same (D/76 Sky)
Hard biker-rock produced by Connie Planck, plays M-
EX 24
HARLIS, Night meets the day (D/77 Sky, insert)
This sounds more like early JANE. Beautiful 4 page insert with drawings.
VG+/M- 24
DON SUGARCANE HARRIS, I'm on your case (D/74 BASF/MPS) M- 23
EDDIE HARRIS, Live at Newport (USA/71 Atlantic green/red) EX/M- 23
KEEF HARTLEY, Overdog (D/71 Deram)
---/M- 25
KEEF HARTLEY, Little big band (UK/71 Deram BROWN/white, FOC, ois)
Cover only 3 tiny scuffs, record in great condition. These brown/white first pressings are extinct!
VG+/M- 70
KEEF HARTLEY, Lancashire hustler (UK/73 Deram red/white, FOC, ois)
Very close to M-.
EX 40
ALEX HARVEY, Tomorrow belongs to me (UK/75 Vertigo ufo, FOC) his best album! EX/M- 18
ALEX HARVEY, The penthouse tapes (NL/76 Vertigo SWIRL!!!) great LP too...
EX 38
ANNE-CHARLOTTE HARVEY, Memories from Snoose Boulevard (USA/73 private)
Great ''Scandinavian-American'' songs, both in Swedish and English.
EX 38
RICHARD HARVEY, A new way of seeing (UK/79 private, FOC) EX/M- 50
TED HEATH, Goes latin (UK/60 Decca red ear, MONO) EX/M- 15
HEATHER BLACK, same (USA/68 Double Bayou) tiny co. M- 30
HEDGEHOG PIE, Just act normal (UK/78 Rubber) no insert, disc mainly M-.
As good as folk-rock gets, strongly recommended!!
EX 30
WERNER HEIDER, Stundenbuch/Plakat/Commission/1. Sinfonie (D/82 Thorofon, FOC)
Brilliant ''new'' post-modern works.
EX/M- 16
HEINZ, Remembering Heinz (UK/77 Decca yellow) M- 14
HEIR, Pollution (USA/69 Capitol rainbow) co VG+/M- 16
HELDON, IV (USA/76 Aural Explorer) EX/M- 23
HELLO PEOPLE, Have you seen the light (USA/72 Mediarts) EX/M- 20
HELLO PEOPLE, The handsome devils (USA/74 ABC Dunhill) VG+/M- 15
MERIT HEMMINGSON, Trollskog (S/72 Columbia, FOC)
Uncanny mix of folk, psych and unclassifyable. Great!
EX 20
JIMI HENDRIX, Band of gypsys (F/69 Barclay) different cover, plays mostly better. VG+ 24
JIMI HENDRIX, Freedom (D/71 Polydor Club Pressing)
German version of ''The cry of love'' in an altered sleeve.
EX 28
JIMI HENDRIX, Crash landing (USA/75 Reprise steamboat, inner) M- 11
JIMI HENDRIX, same (DDR/83 Amiga)
East-Germany only compilation with an excellent choice of tracks. Includes also 3 little bears. Nice item! Cover as Hendrix in the West.
EX 15
PIERRE HENRY, Messe pour le temps présent (F/67 Philips green/white) stol.
His glorious stab at psych-rock. First pressing without the blurb for the cult hit-single. Please note: the vinyl of this series is notoriously mediocre. There are some background crackles due to the quality of the vinyl used. ALL copies have this flaw!!
EX/VG++ 45
PIERRE HENRY, Messe pour le temps présent (F/67 Philips green/white)
Slightly better, still not the best of pressings.
EX 50
PIERRE HENRY, Le voyage (USA/67 Limelight pink, FOC) mostly M-. EX 40
JUDY HENSKE & JERRY YESTER, Farewell Aldebaran (USA/69 Straight, FOC) M-/EX 75
These are 3 superb Dutch avant-garde compositions, 1 for choir, 1 for sax/violin/cello and 1 for piano/vibr/marimba/perc. Top notch but a meagre pressing.
EX/VG+ 15
HERBE ROUGE, same (F/78 Scopa Invisible) M- 50
HERO, same (YU/77 Mercury/Yugoton) extremely tough stadium-rock. EX/M- 23
HESSEL, Flamborough head (NL/81 private)
Rare singer/songwriter from the tiny island of Terschelling in the utmost north of The Netherlands, backed by a superb band. He's still musically active, so they say.
EX/M- 25
HIGH LEVEL RANTERS, The lads of Northumbria (UK/69 Traler yellow) EX/M- 25
DIANE HILDEBRAND, Early morning blues and greens (USA/68 Elektra gold/tan) tiny co. EX 45
DIANE HILDEBRAND, Early morning blues and greens (USA/68 Elektra gold/tan) slight rw and a corner dent VG+/EX 35
HIMO, same (SF/86 Cityboy)
Completely unknown outside Finland, this is an excellent mixture of hard-rock, folk and new-wave with an extraordinary female vocalist. Nothing for old-times purists, but really good!
M- 20
EARL HINES, Fatha & his flock on tour (D/71 MPS/BASF, FOC)
With the superb female vocalist Marva Josie. And the piano parts, of course
M- 23
A lesson in playing the piano with two tutors! Incredible mastership on the instrument
M- 17
HOBBITS, Men and doors (USA/68 Decca spectrum) small co, plays M-. EX 35
KJELL HÖGLUND, Häxprocess (S/73 Alternative) really rare now... VG+/M- 35
HOLLIES, Would you believe? (UK/66 Parlophone black/yellow, MONO) EX 45
JAKE HOLMES, same (USA/69 Polydor) EX/M- 35
JAKE HOLMES, How much time (USA/71 Columbia red) radio copy with timing strip. M- 30
HOLY MOSES, same (USA/71 RCA Victor orange) co, some ringwear. VG+/M- 23
HOME, same (UK/72 CBS orange) disc shines! underrated guitar prog. VG+/M- 40
HONEYTREE, same (UK/74 Myrrh gold)
Extremely fragile and clear female vocals on this religious folk LP.
EX 18
HOODOO GURUS, Mars needs guitars (UK/85 Chrysalis) EX/M- 12
HOPE, same (USA/68 A&M, FOC, white label pro) co, no ringwear! M- 85
HORSE, same (UK/70 RCA Victor orange) slight rw and some creasing to cover. VG+/EX 145
HORSLIPS, Drive the cold winter away (IRE/75 Oats) Great Irish folk-rock! EX/M- 22
H.P. LOVECRAFT, II (USA/68 Philips spectrum, FOC) Plays M-, tiny co. EX 40
HUGGETT FAMILY, same (UK/73 Pye black/blue, wine vinyl, FOC)
Fine British folk LP, especially on side two. George Martin produced this!!
M- 25
HUMANS, Happy hour (NL/81 Illegal, inner) licensed from I.R.S. M- 10
HELEN HUMES, Songs I like to sing (USA/61 Contemporary yellow/black) M-/EX 18
HELEN HUMES, With Red Norvo (F/74 RCA Victor) 2nd pressing. EX 5
HUNGÁRIA, same (H/70 Pepita) gold ball cover, TOP psych into prog. EX 45
HUNGÁRIA, It would be cool if it was cool (H/09 Moiras, FOC)
Never before released tracks and outtakes. With giant poster. Recommended!
M- 16
JAROSLAV HUTKA, Stuj brizo zelená (CS/74 Supraphon orange)
Rare Czech folk-rock, uneven, but at its best it's great!
EX 20
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