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PACO IBANEZ, La poésie espagnole (F/70's MN, FOC with extra flap)
Great songwriter using modern Spanish poetry for lyrics. Inside cover by Antonio Saura!
EX 15
IDES OF MARCH, Vehicle (USA/70 WB oliv) small cc, ptt, tiny seam repair, disc looks worse. VG+/M- 12
IHRE KINDER, Anfang ohne Ende (D/72 Kuckuck) almost throughout M-. EX 28
ILLÉS, Ne siratil lányok! (H/72 Pepita, FOC)
Fine copy of this strangely underestimated prog-psych LP. Recommended!
EX/M- 28
IKARUS, Nachtflug (D/80 private, 2LP, FOC, inners)
Superb prog with folk elements.
EX 60
INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, same (USA/66 Elektra tan, MONO, ois)
Still in the shrink!, tiny co.
M-/EX 35
INNOCENCE, same (USA/67 Kama Sutra yellow) rarer stereo issue, co. M- 25
IRISH ROVERS, Tales to warm your mind (UK/69 MCA pink/orange) EX/M- 16
IROLT, De Gudrun sêge (NL/75 Philips blue/white, newspaper insert) EX 50
IROLT, Kattekwea (NL/77 Philips blue/white, insert) almost M-. VG+/EX 32
IRRWISCH, Living in a fool's paradise (D/82 EMI) mini ptt.
Swiss heavy symphonic crew. Impeccably played, richly textured.
EX/M- 28
ISILDURS BANE, Sagan om ringen (S/88 private)
Very fine symphonic progressive.
EX/M- 22
ISTANBUL, same (NL/70 Basart)
Much like the Dutch equivalent of John Berberian, though with a more Turkish edge (great saz player!). Fantastic record, but modest condition, so very cheap.
VG(+) 5
JOHN JAMES, Head in the clouds (UK/75 Tranatlantic globe)
Fantastic guitar album, but due to the quiet nature of the music some little background noise. Brilliant cover-art.
VG/EX 10
JANE, Together (D/72 Brain Metronome green, FOC) M-/EX 25
JANE, Fire, water, earth & air (D/76 Brain green, FOC) EX 20
JANSSEN/VAN VLIJMEN/DE VRIES, 3 Matthijs Vermeulen prizes (NL/86 Donemus)
Another great avant Dutch record, three award winning composers...
EX 15
KEITH JARRETT, Sacred hymns of G.I.Gurdjieff (USA/80 ECM)
Rare music by the occult master, traces of almost everything can be found here.
M- 22
JAY FIVE, Beat '66 (D/67 Polydor)
Rare German beat LP with some convincing versions of classic 60's tracks.
VG+/M- 35
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, After bathing at Baxter's (USA/67 RCA Victor black, inner, FOC) EX 32
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, Crown of creation (USA/69 RCA Victor black, insert) EX/VG+ 15
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, same (NL/70 RCA black Boek en Plaat)
Superb unique live covershot on this bookclub issue, combining one side each of Crown and Volunteers. Record crackly but playable. Much less than half price.
VG+/VG- 15
JERONIMO, Cosmic blues (D/71 Bellaphon purple unboxed) EX 85
JETHRO TULL, Stand up (UK/69 Chrysalis green, pop-up cvr) close to M-. EX 20
JETHRO TULL, Benefit (D/70 Island pink "i", FOC) no poster. EX 30
JETHRO TULL, Benefit (F/70 Island pink "i") EX 16
JIGSAW, Broken hearted (UK/73 BASF, FOC) EX/M- 20
JIGSAW, I've seen the film, I've read the book (NL/74 BASF) EX minus 10
JIM & JEAN, People world (USA/67 Verve Forecast) small co.
One of the most criminally underrated pop-psych albums I know.
EX 30
FLACO JIMENEZ, Y su conjunto (USA/77 Arhoolie, FOC) slight rw, disc almost M-. VG+/EX 12
JO'BURG HAWK, same (UK/73 Charisma mad hatter, FOC) EX 30
JOHN BASSMAN GROUP, Filthy sky (D/70 private) nice copy! M- 165
NIGEL MAZLYN JONES, Sentinel (UK/78 Isle of Light, inner) almost ever M-. EX 32
QUINCY JONES, Plays for pussycats (USA/65 Mercury red bar, MONO) M- 25
RICK JONES, Twixt you and me (CDN/73 Argo)
Completely unknown and gentle singer/songwriter housed in a great psych cover, designed by British Decca's art department (Heather Payne).
M- 25
TOM JONES, Help yourself (UK/68 Decca red ear, MONO) EX 12
DUKE JORDAN & SADIK HAKIM, East and west of jazz (USA/62 Charlie Parker, MONO) Rare!! EX 45
JOSEPH, Stoned age man (USA/70 Scepter)
Record looks clearly worse, but plays surprisingly well.
VG+/EX 60
JOY UNLIMITED, Minne (D/75 BASF) EX/M- 135
KADULLEN, same (B/73 RCA International, insert) Superb tradish folk from Flanders EX/M- 20
KALAKA, Az én koromban (H/81 Pepita)
The ususal competence on a nice folk effort.
EX/M- 14
KALAKA, Oda s vissza (H/84 Hungaroton, insert)
Dutch poetry translated into Hungarian and played by a Hungarian folk-rock band. The other side is Hungarian poetry translated into Dutch, again in a folky setting. Nice album!
EX/M- 15
GIANNIS KALATZIS, O epipolaios (GR/69 Minos) small stoc. EX 15
KALEIDOSCOPE, Incredible (USA/69 Epic, FOC)
Lives up to its title, disc looks unplayed, promo stamp on bc.
EX/M- 40
KALINOV MOST, Vivorotjen (RUS/90 SMC)
An early one, already very impressive progressive rock without any posing or false pretensions and with top-notch guitars and songs all the way. Incredible cover-art.
EX/M- 24
TOM KANNMACHER, Wackawacka boing (D/74 Songbird, FOC)
Fine versatile German singer/songwriter who plays many instruments. Labelmate of the awesome Gurnemanz but completely unknown.
EX/M- 18
ARTIE KAPLAN, Down by the old stream (USA/74 Paramount, inner) slight rw. EX 20
KARTHAGO, Second step (D/73 BASF) disc shines! VG+/M- 40
PHIL KEAGGY BAND, Emerging (UK/78 Myrrh) ptt.
Fine folk-rock with fluent guitar and sophisticated arrangements. Religious lyrics.
EX/M- 28
JONATHAN KELLY, Twice around the houses (UK/72 RCA Victor orange) EX/M- 20
KEMPION, same (UK/77 Broadside) good folk LP! M- 23
KETTING/DE LEEUW/KEURIS, Composers' voice (NL/81 Donemus)
Three very different avant-garde orchestral pieces by the finest Dutch composers in this realm. Adventurous and flawlessly executed by Holland's best orchestras.
M- 20
KNUT KIESEWETTER, Ihr solltet mich nicht (D/73 BASF) EX/M- 14
CAROLE KING, Fantasy (USA/73 Ode, inner) M- 12
KING'S GALLIARD, De boerenplof (NL/78 Pan, insert)
Beautiful folk LP played with verve and taste. A host of instruments is featured (flute, piccolo, violin, bodhran, bouzouki, banjo, mandoline, double-bass, virginal) besides the "normal" instrumentarium.
EX/M- 28
KINKS, Face to face (D/67 Pye plum) TOTALLY DIFFERENT COVER TO UK!!
There are a few colour variations with this cover. Above copy has bright pink letters. Disc looks worse, plays great.
VG+/EX 60
KINKS, Live at Kelvin Hall (D/67 Pye plum) TOTALLY DIFFERENT COVER TO UK!!
Front cover M-, backcover VG.
EX 70
KIRSTEN & BERND (BALLADEERS), What happened to the french touch (NL/69 Palette)
If you imagine away two or three tame tracks, this is a surprisingly powerful female vocals folk LP.
VG+/EX 65
CARIN KJELLMAN, same (S/85 Amalthea, inner)
With 2 Sandy Denny covers and 2 of Richard Thompson, rest are originals.
EX/M- 12
Second release on this great label. Norwegians play great Swedish (!) folk.
EX/M- 15
KLOWNS, same (USA/70 RCA Victor orange, FOC) EX/M- 20
KNICKERBOCKERS, Lies (USA/66 Challenge blue/silver, MONO) plays mostly M-. EX 40
KOLBE/SCHAMBER BAND, Mer speele de Bluus (D/71 private)
Great country-blues LP, sung in a strange German dialect (Hessian!). RARE!!!!
EX/M- 85
ALEXIS KORNER/PETER THORUP, Snape (UK/73 Transatlantic sea, FOC)
EX/M- 25
TONY KOSINEC, Processes (USA/69 Columbia 360°, FOC, ois) Underrated! EX 22
LEO KOTTKE, Greenhouse (USA/75 Capitol red) tiny wobc. EX/M- 8
HANS COX, A child of light (NL/87 Composer's Voice)
Actually an ''Anne Frank cantata''.
M- 15
KRAAN, Flyday (D/78 Harvest, blue vinyl) M- 17
KRAFTWERK, Radio-activity (UK/75 Capitol, insert) EX 15
JOACHIM KÜHN, Hip elegy (D/76 BASF/MPS, FOC) M- 20
ROLF KÜHN, Connection 74 (D/74 BASF/MPS, FOC) EX/M- 25
ROLF KÜHN, Total space (D/75 BASF/MPS) this is his best. EX/M- 30
LAMB, Cross between (USA/71 WB green, insert, ois)
Brilliant grand-scale femvox psych!
EX 45
LARS, BO & PALLE, Født på ny (DK/78 PBN) VERY rare religious rock. EX 32
LAST WORDS, same (USA/68 Atco yellow/gray MONO) co. EX/M- 33
YUSEF LATEEF, The gentle giant (USA/72 Atlantic green/red) EX/M- 22
HUBERT LAWS, Flute by-laws (USA/66 Atlantic blue/green black fan, OIS) Letter on c.
Rare 1st pressing of great jazz flute.
M- 18
JIMMY LAWTON, Arizona sunday (UK/78 Westwood) EX 18
LED ZEPPELIN, 1st + 2nd (D/70 Atlantic green/red, 2LP, FOC) EX/M- 170
LEGGAT, Illuminations (CDN/82 Capitol purple, 2LP, 2 inners)
Hard prog with howling guitars. Rare, too!
VG+/M- 25
JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO, Life with the lions (UK/69 Apple) no inner EX/M- 90
LET'S ACTIVE, Cypress (UK/84 I.R.S.)
The pinnacle of alternative guitar rock, this is just Mitch Easter (from producing R.E.M. fame) with two ladies for a rhythm section. They turn every jangly guitar note in a veritable musical celebration. Funny that this record has not grown world famous, but then again, maybe not funny at all. Here's a quote by Elizabeth Phillip from the Trouser Press Record Guide: Few records sound so multi-dimensional, and Let's Active has, for that reason, been tagged psychedelic - they make sounds you can almost touch. No need to say that this comes strongly RECOMMENDED!
EX 12
LIBERATION SUITE, same (UK/75 Myrrh, FOC) mostly M-.
Much heavier than usual on this label. Run run Lucifer is great!
EX 20
LILY, Onion (JP/78 Express, envelope cover, red vinyl)
Refined female folk-rock with forays into psych, blues and even jazz. With Hiro Tsunoda!
EX/M- 55
BOB LIND, The elusive (USA/66 Verve Forecast, MONO) co, great copy! M- 35
BOB LIND, Photographs of feeling (USA/66 World Pacific) in the shrink! EX/M- 25
LINDISFARNE, Dingly dell (D/72 Charisma mad hatter, insert, POSTER)
Great complete copy, nice LP too.
EX/M- 22
LITTLE GINNY, Coming on nicely (UK/78 SRT)
Pure American folk LP but executed by an all-English crew! Good in its realm and rare too. Superb female singer is a bonus.
EX 25
LIVERPOOL SCENE, Recollections (UK/72 Charisma pink scroll) EX/M- 20
CHARLES LLOYD, Moon man (UK/70 MCA pink/red, ois)
Help! A madman in the record studio! Ranges from Dylan-clonery via blues-psych to avant-garde.
EX/M- 45
LOCH NESS, same (MEX/88 private)
Micro quantity issue of soaring and deeply probing neo-prog, strongly reminiscent of BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE, but warmer, more desert-like and with an overall flexible muscularity. Seen this for $100 but I would be very content if you send me..
EX/M- 56
LOCOMOTIVE, same (USA/70 MGM blue/gold, FOC) slight rw and co.
Sounds like an American version of The Free, but with organ and psych leanings. Great and undiscovered album. Side A has some crackles (not too bad, no clicks or jumps, od course), side B much better.
VG+ 25
LOCOMOTIV GT, Kepzelt riport (H/70 Qualiton)
Never seen this before: the band travels with some guests (the superb voice of Anna Adamis among others) through a fake report of an "American" rock festival. The music ranges from psychedelic over folk-rock towards progressive and experimental. Great stuff!
EX 25
LORDS, Good side of June (D/68 Columbia red/white/gold) plays M-. EX 140
LOTIONS, same (USA/81 Stork) rw
Mini release of mini-LP of a bunch of never-do-goods who cover Pushing too hard as well as romp their way through 3 self-penned cuts. RARE!
VG+/M- 17
LOVE, Forever changes (NL/76 Elektra butterfly) EX 8
LOVE, Four sail (USA/68 Elektra red) close to M- EX 30
LOVE TRACTOR, same (UK/82 DB) pretty rare debut, was reissued in 1986 already!
Looks a USA pressing to me, but the cover says "printed in England by Robert Stace".
EX/M- 12
LUCIFER'S FRIEND, Mean machine (D/81 Elektra butterfly) some seam wear. EX/M- 10

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