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Dear reader, just one link away you'll find a wealth of rare vinyl records for sale or trade. All records are described like this: Artist/ Title/ Country and year of issue/ Label (with a more precise definition when necessary).
To indicate the condition of the record, we use the common abbreviations. If you're new to this kind of grading, please read the following carefully:


After the description of the record you'll find a code for the grading of the record's condition. Any extras such as posters, inserts etc. are mentioned separately. No mentioning indicates that they are missing. All LP's are STEREO unless MONO is stated. Where one grading appears, it goes for both cover and disc. Two gradings are for cover/record. The following codes are being used:
M- (this means mint minus)
This is the best possible grading in this catalogue. The cover is hardly ever handled and the record itself is almost flawless, at least aurally. I do not use M for mint as usually there are no mint records from 20-50 years back.
EX (this means excellent)
The cover may show slight signs of wear, but these are minimal and do not immediately catch the eye. The record can show some light surface noise, though only sporadically and this does not distract from the music
VG+ (this means very good plus)
The cover shows some clear signs of being used, like a corner crease, spine wear, ringwear, a pricetagtear or a split seam. The record still sounds enjoyable, but there maybe some clicks and pops or surface noise. This will still please most collectors, but you will perhaps want to upgrade the record if you come across a better copy.
VG (this means very good)
Although this is short for very good, it actually means, by international practice, not so very good. The cover is still intact, but it may have a larger defect and show signs of not being handled properly: strong creasing, split spine or seams, tangible writing or strong general wear. The record has numerous accompanying noises, or a strong undercurrent of surface noise. Still in playable condition, of course.
VG- (this means very good minus)
As VG, but with still stronger defects.
G (this means good)
Quite bad, actually, and only relevant for extremely rare records which are not to be found in any better shape.

Additionally I use the following abbreviations after the record's description to indicate the nature of eventual extras and/or flaws:

cc=corner cut, co=cut out, cw=cover wear, FOC=fold-out cover, ois=original company inner sleeve, ptt=pricetagtear, rw= ringwear, stoc/l sticker on cover/label, toc/l=tear on cover/label, wobc/c/l=written on back cover/cover/label.
If you feel I've made a grading mistake or oversight, please contact me and we'll work it out to your satisfaction.
I strongly advocate audacity when buying lesser known records on recommendation. Those who have made a habit out of trying lesser known records that I recommend on musical grounds are among the most satisfied of human beings. So here it is: the list with aural delights from all over the globe. I do not exclusively buy/trade so called monsters to offer in this list. When I hear a record that convinces me, I'll include it here. Thus you'll find a lot of fairly unknown records besides the well-established rarities. Chin up, confidence!


If you find anything in this catalogue that you want to purchase, please reserve this item by e-mail . I will confirm your order by mail or e-mail, whatever you prefer. Postage is extra and depends upon where you live and, of course, upon whether you want it sent by surface or airmail. Registration is possible (for the nervous among you). All records are packed securely and will be mailed as soon as your payment is received.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: (please note: all prices in €)

You will find a currency converter somewhat further on this page.
  • cash in a registered letter in any major currency, providing that you convert correctly. I have to change this at the bank so please use buying rate, not selling rate!

  • Western Union with transfer number, another absolutely sure way of getting your funds over here.

  • I.M.O. has been rendered almost obsolete, try at your post office and see what happens.

  • online through paypal logo You can pay in $$ or in euro

  • I do NOT accept credit cards otherwise than through paypal, sorry. I am not a professional dealer but a fellow collector! You have to pay, however, half of the paypal fee!

  • I only accept paypal from VERIFIED members, as paypal does NOT protect "overseas" members from fraudulent credit cards (even though we pay a much higher fee...) I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL FROM COUNTRIES WHERE THE EURO IS THE COMMON CURRENCY!!!
    As of now, Europeans can transmit money from a bank account to mine without any charge!! Finally something good came from the EU bosses! It is slow but absolutely secure and free! Just ask for my account details when choosing this method.
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    I do not accept any other cheques or bank-draughts, unless you're willing to pay € 10 more for banking fees! Customers buying for more than € 500,- cash get free postage anywhere on earth (on Venus too!!), as those who do already know.


    are heartily welcomed, but do understand that cash is needed too. I will therefore in some cases have to postpone trades.
    Also: I cannot trade at full value for records that are not PERSONALLY wanted, as I will have to resell these. It makes no sense paying postage for ending up with a record of equal value, that in most cases is more difficult to sell. I will therefore trade only at around 50-60% of the "usual" market value. Thanks for understanding that this is reasonable.
    Please take a look at my wants-list . PERSONALLY wanted records are traded at full value.
    I could, of course, also be interested in records that are not mentioned there, so do have a try! Generally I am interested in any inventive kind of music.

    ABBREVIATIONS used to indicate the country of issue:

    A=Austria, ARG=Argentina, AUS=Australia, B=Belgium, BG=Bulgaria, BRA=Brazil, CDN=Canada, CH=Switzerland, CHI=Chile, COL=Columbia, CS=Czechoslovakia, D=Germany, DDR=former East Germany, E=Spain, F=France, FAR=Färöarna, GR=Greece, H=Hungary, I=Italy, IND=India, IRL=Ireland, ISL=Iceland, ISR=Israel, JP=Japan, KOR=South Korea, L=Luxembourg, MEX=Mexico, N=Norway, NL=Netherlands, NZ=New Zealand, P=Portugal, PE=Peru, PL=Poland, RHO=Rhodesia, RO=Rumania, RUS=Russia, S=Sweden, SF=Finland, SU=former Soviet Union, T=Thailand, UK=Great Britain, URU=Uruguay, USA=United States, VEN=Venezuela,YU=Yugoslavia, ZA=South Africa.
    And now on to the catalogue itself....

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