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EURO (€)
PAUL McCARTNEY, Choba b CCCP (SU/88 Melodya)
11 track first pressing
EX/M- 12
GORDEANNA McCULLOGH, Sheath and knife (UK/78 Topic)
Gorgeous femvox folk LP from Scotland, up till now almost ignored by collectors. Gordeanna is backed by the superb Clutha.
EX/M- 40
GENE McDANIELS, In times like these (USA/60 Liberty black, MONO)
Books at $ 30 but you can have this for........
M- 15
MARIA McKEE, same (USA/89 Geffen, inner) co.
Great, sensitive, new folk-rock with some lovely female vocals. Richard Thompson on guitar.
M- 15
McLAUGHLIN/SURMAN/BERGER, Where fortune smiles (UK/71 Dawn sunrise, FOC) stobc. EX 30
PAUL McNEILL, Contemporary folk (UK/65 Decca red ear, mono)
Looks a bit worse, plays really excellent. Very infrequently turning up, unfortunately.
VG+/EX 145
DAVID McWILLIAMS, Vol. 2 (UK/67 Major Minor)
This is the good one with Pearly Spencer and Candlelight. Disc looks worse, plays almost M-, top seam discreetly taped.
EX 20
DAVID McWILLIAMS, Livin's just a state of mind (UK/74 Dawn sunrise, wine vinyl, insert)
EX 20
MAD RIVER, Paradise bar and grill (USA/69 Capitol green) co.
One of the best psych records ever: has everything you need and more...
EX 55
MAGMA, Üdü wüdü (USA/76 Tomato) tiny saw cut, otherwise perfect. EX/M- 18
MAGNA CARTA, Seasons (UK/70 Vertigo swirl, FOC)
Mostly M-, but some clicks A8
M- 15
MAGNA CARTA, In concert (NL/72 Vertigo swirl, FOC) great copy!
M- 20
MAIN ATTRACTION, And now... (USA/68 Tower) SEALED SS 25
MAKAM & KOLINDA, Makám és Kolinda (NL/82 Stoof, FOC)
Utterly brilliant progressive folk.
EX/M- 20
MALICORNE, same (F/75 Hexagone, FOC)
First native pressing of the "cottage" cover (2nd album).
EX/M- 25
MALICORNE, Almanach (F/76 Hexagone, FOC)
Cover fine, but has some coffee stains.
VG+/EX 10
MALICORNE, same (D/79 Antagon)
First German pressing of the "wallpaper" cover (1st album).
EX/M- 15
MALICORNE, same (D/79 Antagon)
First German pressing of another brilliant folk-rock album. Removable price sticker on front.
EX/M- 15
MAMA'S AND PAPA'S, People like us (USA/71 Dunhill) tiny co EX/M- 10
MAN, Back into the future (UK/73 United Artists, 2LP, FOC) mostly M- M-/EX 23
MAN, Rhinos, winos + lunatics (UK/74 United Artists, FOC) M- 24
MAN (USA), same (USA/69 Columbia 360°, ois) co.
Cover M-, but for a bump top right..
VG+/EX 25
MANEIGE, Les porches (UK/75 Capitol orange)
Seldom spotted British pressing of Canadian instrumental progressive folk with a classical touch, somewhere in between Harmonium and Flairck.
EX/M- 30
MANTOVANI, Italia mia (UK/61 Decca blue/silver ffss, ois)
1st edition with groove and ''original recordings''
EX 16
MANTOVANI, Mantovani's golden hits (UK/67 Decca blue/silver ffss, ois) EX 10
MANTOVANI, Old and new fangled tangos (UK/67 Decca blue/silver ffss) EX 10
MARIAVAH, Les heures incolores (B/79 private) M- 45
IANNIS MARKOPOULOS, Metanastes (GR/74 Columbia) ''The emigrant-workers''. EX/M- 15
IANNIS MARKOPOULOS, Rizes (GR/80 Columbia, 2LP, FOC) EX/M- 20
FERNANDO MARQUES, Sem eira nem beira (F/79 Spalax, FOC)
Extremely melancholic Portuguese folk. Nice!!
EX 15
MARSYAS, same (CS/78 Supraphon orange)
Mixed vocals on this mellow prog-folk piece. Very agreeable and relaxed.
M- 18
SIDO MARTENS, Pisces (NL/76 Negram) VG+/M- 24
SIDO MARTENS, 1..2..3.. (NL/78 Philips blue/white)
Fine folk-rock by Fungus' guitarist.
EX 20
MARVIN, WELCH & FARRAR, same (UK/71 Regal Zonophone, FOC) Bc has a repair tape.
VG+/EX 20
Second pressing with gradient label, small stobc.
EX/M- 12
MATHEWS BROTHERS, A kiss in the morning early (UK/78 Avada)
Top-notch folk on tiny label, criminally neglected!
EX/M- 32
JOHNNY MATHIS, Wonderful, wonderful (USA/65 Columbia 360° black lettering) VG+/EX 15
JOHN MAYALL, A hard road (UK/67 Decca blue/silver ffss, ois) wobc. EX 60
JOHN MAYALL, Crusade (UK/67 Decca blue/silver ffss, ois) Getting rare! EX 60
JOHN MAYALL, Looking back (UK/69 Decca blue/silver ffss, ois) B-side same crackles, generally mostly EX EX/VG+ 30
MEDICINE HEAD, Thru' a five (UK/74 Polydor)slight edge wear VG+/M- 20
MEGADETH, So far, so good, so what? (UK/88 Capitol, PICTURE DISC)
Complete package with insert card and plastic bag. Looks mint, but picture disc vinyl...
EX/EX 18
MERRY-GO-ROUND, You're a very lovely woman (USA/67 A&M mustard)
Somewhere between The Zombies and The Beatles, yet quite American. RECOMMENDED!!
EX 60
VLADIMIR MERTA, P.S. (CZ/78 Supraphon orange)
Great Czech folk-rock, very versatile like many Czech records are...
M- 10
MESSENGERS & GOOD NEWS, Born again (USA/71 private, insert)
Lovely jangly folk-rock with strongly religious lyrics. Extremely rare, I think.
M- 120
NITO MESTRE, Saltaba sobre las nubes (ARG/79 Sazam, FOC) EX/M- 43
MEXICAN BLOOD, Streets of Laredo (USA/78 Crazy Cajun)
No "cajun", of course, but utterly relaxed frontier rock on a mini-label from Texas, sounding mostly Spanish.
M- 15
GEORGE MGRDICHIAN, The now sounds of the Middle East (USA/69 Monitor)
A6 a bit crackly. Otherwise a great alternative for John Berberian!!! Brilliant oud, brilliant band, RECOMMENDED!
EX 30
MIE KATOEN, same (NL/81 Crossroad, FOC) toc/l so
Many good Dutch folk LP's now forgotten. COMES NOW WITH A BOOKLET CONTAINING DESCRIPTIONS OF DANCES that can be executed along with the record.
VG+/M- 23
MILLENIUM, Begin (USA/68 Columbia 360°)
Radio promo copy with timimng strip. All-time classic pop-psych.
EX 75
STEVE MILLER, Your saving grace (USA/69 Capitol green, FOC) VG+/M- 19
MILLS BROTHERS, Yellow bird (USA/60 Dot, MONO, ois) mostly much better. VG+ 10
MINT TATTOO, same (USA/68 Dot) EX 28
CARMEN MIRANDA, same (BRA/85 RCA Victor)
Attention, this is music from around 1933! Samba fronted by a great female vocalist.
M- 15
MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, At Music Inn, vol.2(UK/59 London American, ois)
RARE UK pressing and oh so good, maybe the best jazz ensemble record I know. A brilliant Sonny Rollins on 2 tracks underlines his reputation. Great LP in fine condition.
EX 45
MOFFS, Labyrinth (AUS/88 Citadel, inner) slight rw. EX/M- 28
MOLLOY/BRADY/PEOPLES, same (IRE/78 Mulligan)
Very beautiful folk LP with the usual skilful musicianship.
EX 15
MON DYH, Murderer (D/80 private, FOC) includes rare insert. VG+/M- 30
MONKEES, Meet The Monkees (USA/66 Colgems) plays M-. EX 22
MARILYN MONROE, Remember Marilyn (D/72 Philips blue/silver, BOOK)
Exquisite retrospective with a glorious 12-page book with some photo's you've guaranteedly never seen before. She sings pretty well too, bad reputation notwithstanding.
M-/EX 25
MOODY BLUES, Days of future passed (UK/67 Deram red/white) EX 10
MOODY BLUES, In search of the lost chord (UK/68 Deram DSS, FOC) EX 17
MOODY BLUES, In search of the lost chord (UK/68 Deram red/white, FOC) EX/M- 15
MOODY BLUES, The great Moody Blues (NL/68 Deram red/white, 2LP, box set, insert)
Fine NL only box set with Days of future passed and In search of the lost chord. Unique artwork, rare insert present.
VG+/EX 30
THE MOON, same (USA/69 Imperial) cc, small woc. VG+/M- 50
CHRISTY MOORE, Whatever tickles your fancy (UK/75 Polydor) almost M-.
Indispensable, to me the best folk-rock album from Ireland ever.
EX 45
MORNING GLORY, Two suns worth (USA/68 Fontana)stoc, some rw.
Remember morning glory? This LP will remind you.Underrated vintage psych!
VG+/EX 24
Not a reissue but a completely different record in the same vein.
VG+/M- 25
ANN MORTIFEE, Baptism (UK/75 EMI) clicks a few times on A2.
Not as religious as the title suggests. Some very nice tracks lie hidden here. All original tracks and a crystal clear voice.
EX 25
MOTHERS OF INVENTION, Weasels rippled my flesh(D/70 Reprise steamboat)
Germany only "rat-trap" cover
EX 60
MOUNT RUSHMORE, High on Mt.Rushmore (USA/68 Dot) EX 33
MOZAIKA, Rubikon (SU/86 Melodya)
Driving progressive, a lot of keyboards and an appropriately wild guitar player.
VG+/M- 20
MR.FOX, same (UK/70 Transatlantic white/purple) great album! EX 75
MUSIKGRUPPEN RAA, Briggen Salta Anna (S/81 Piglet, book) looks M-, mediocre pressing. EX 28
MYTHOS, Concrete city (D/79 Venus)
Later one, still extraordinary prog rock, at times bordering on the scary and spooky. Marvellous compositions and unexpected turns all over. Recommended unless you hate synths, there are some around here.
EX/M- 22
MØN ROCK, Tror I vi når det? (DK/79 Metronome, inner) Powerful! M- 36
NATIONAL GALLERY, Paintings of Paul Klee (USA/68 Philips spectrum, insert)
Was sealed, I opened to check for the insert. Has a small drill hole, otherwise perfect.
M- 50
LOS NAUFRAGOS, Otra vez en la via (USA/69 Columbia 360° white lettering) M- 33
NAZZ, same (USA/68 SGC, FOC) cover close to EX. VG+/M- 38
NEKTAR, Remember the future (D/73 Bacillus cell, FOC, QUADRO) Disc looks clearly worse. EX 20
NEKTAR, Down to earth (D/74 Bacillus cell, FOC, QUADRO) EX/M- 20
NEKTAR, Recycled (UK/77 Decca blue boxed, insert) EX/M- 17
BILL NELSON, Quit dreaming (UK/81 Mercury, inner + bonus LP) M- 15
PETER NERO, I'll never fall in love again (USA/68 Columbia 360°) EX 10
NEW MIX, same (USA/68 United Artists red/maroon, ois) promo stoc, slight rw.
There it is again: one of the most underrated melodic psych albums ever.
VG+/M- 85/td>
NEW TROLLS, Concerto grosso no.2 (I/76 Magma, FOC) cover slightly wrinkly. EX/M- 50
NEW TROLLS, same (I/80 Pellicano)
Superb comp of late 60's/begin 70's non-LP tracks, but unfortunately pressed on horrible vinyl. Cleaning may well help some...
EX/VG- 5
Fine idea: compositions by baroque maestros played on rock instruments. UNUSUAL!
EX 35
NICE, same (UK/69 Immediate lilac) ptt shaded in. VG+/EX 20
NIEMEN, Dziwny jest ten wiat (PL/67 Muza red MONO) VG+/M- 25
NIEMEN, Katharsis (PL/7? Muza red, insert) more electronic prog here. EX/M- 20
NIGHT WATCH, same (D/98 private, blue vinyl, insert, gimmix cvr)
After 6 years we have finally found another one of our own babies back. It has a unique and intricate gimmix cover by Sander van de Kieft and boasts #99/150. All of the 150 copies in existence have different, hand-made, covers. This is a very nice and ''abstract'' one. The music is complex psych-folk with mixed vocals in four languages (at least so the critics said when it was released). Seen for more than twice our asking price.
EX/M- 100
NISPIS BAND, same (DK/75 Mercury, inner, promo insert)
Strong folk/country rock.
EX 20
NO GO GI RI, 2 (KOR/79 SRB) Three small seam splits.
Great fuzzy power trio, savage guitar parts... $200 in Korea...
VG+/M- 120
KEN NORDINE, Son of word jazz (USA/58 Dot STEREO)
Great copy, but for A1 which is VG only.
VG+/EX 25
KEN NORDINE/TEDDY PHILLIPS, Concert in the sky(USA/50's Decca spectrum)
First vinyl outing by Ken Nordine who narrates while the orchestra of Phillips imitates all kinds of styles. Great fun!!!!
EX/M- 25
KEN NORDINE, Twink (USA/68 Philips spectrum) tiny co.
You do not know Ken Nordine? Here is a great place to start. The one and only artmaker with words and music on one of his best albums. You know Ken Nordine? Then you'll need this more than ever. Apart from being a very rare record in a great shape, this is something special indeed. Nordine does not, as usual, narrate his incredible monologues over brilliant music, but here he dialogues with himself! 34 magnificent mini-dramas. A stunning and amazing record... And great cover-art, by the way, too.
M-/EX 55
NORRBOTTENS JÄRN, Järnet (S/77 Manifest, inner) looks worse, stol.
Great femvox, many different kinds of music, ranging from howling guitar blasters to calypso!
VG+/EX 20
NORRTELJE ELITKAPELL, Luffarschottis (S/78 Sonet)
Original issue of great trad folk from Sweden.
M- 15
NORTH STAR, Triskelion (USA/88 Space Monster, inner)
Majestic cosmic prog with loads of keyboards.
M- 15
PAVEL NOVÁK, A vox (CS/69 Supraphon white MONO)
Fine beat with psych touches and some great fuzztone scattered around.
M-! 38
NOVEMBER, En ny tid är här (S/70 Sonet red/orange) EX 150
NUCLEUS (CDN), same (USA/69 Mainstream grey) fantastico!!
Small woc and small seam split.
VG+/EX 75
NUTSHELL, In your eyes (UK/75 Myrrh, inner) M- 17
NUTSHELL, Flyaway (UK /77 Myrrh, inner) mostly M-. slightly rarer.
Religious folk with beautiful female vocals by Pam Thiele.
EX 19
TOM O'CONNOR, Alright mouth (UK/74 Stag)
Superrare comedy LP (with a great song too!) and on a collectible label.
EX 20
OCTAVE, The secret of pyramids (RO/77 Electrecord white/black)
Crafty combination of symphonic and hard-rock with a cosmic touch.
EX/M- 23
OCTAVES, Un parfum d'herbes sauvages (F/76 BAM, FOC)
Fine French folk-rock, the inside of the cover is signed by all 5 members.
EX 35
OCTOPUS (D), Rubber angel (D/80 Sky, insert, catalogue) M- 16
OCTOPUS (USA), same (USA/69 ESP-disk', insert, color cover) small co. EX 80
OFFENBACH, Never too tender (CDN/76 A&M silver, FOC)
Theatrical heavy rock full of pressure with some startling changes.
EX/M- 46
CARL OGLESBY, Going to Damascus (USA/71 Vanguard gold) cc.
An incredible piece of cover-art by Dave Sheridan adorns this rare album. Frame it!
EX 45
OHIO PLAYERS, Honey (D/75 Mercury blue, FOC) EX/M- 17
OISIN, Bealoideas (IRL/80 Tara) With great femvox by Geraldine McGowean! tiny co. M- 24
OKKO, Sitar & electronics (D/71 BASF, FOC) EX 125
OLYMPIC, Holidays on earth (CS/80 Supraphon yellow) very cosmic and fuzzy! M- 20
OLYMPIC, The street (CS/81 Supraphon orange)
Same crew that made psych-pop in the 60's now turns to inventive neo-prog. English lyrics.
M- 20
OMÉTAXALIA, Lettre d'ocre (F/77 Inteledis, 2LP, FOC) EX/M- 50
YOKO ONO, Approximately infinite universe (UK/73 Apple, 2LP, FOC, 1 inner)
1 inner missing otherwise top.
EX/M- 28
O.P.M.C., Amalgamation (D/70 Bellaphon) Much rarer than the native pressing! EX 90
ROY ORBISON, The exciting sounds (UK/64 Ember, MONO) amazing condition!! EX/M- 20
ORIGINAL TRINIDAD STEEL BAND, same (USA/66 Elektra gold/tan)
Almost surely an Elektra item you've missed out on. BRILLIANT musicians, the best of their kin!! Some vague background noise, no scratches.
VG+ 12
LE ORME, Contrappunti (I/74 Philips blue/silver, inner) VG+/M- 28
ORPHEUS, Ascending (USA/68 MGM blue/gold, ois)
Do not judge this LP by its first, admittedly grating, track. It gets much better further on!
EX/M- 28
TONY OSBORNE, Brass in the night (UK/67 Deram DSS) mostly M-. VG+/EX 10
OSJAN, Roots (PL/82 Pronit)
Trance-folk verging on the incredible! Ranging from gossamer etherical passages to full-throttle freak-outs. Most strongly recommended!
EX/M- 25
OUGENWEIDE, All die weil ich mag (D/74 Polydor, insert) ptt, almost M-. VG+/EX 18
OUGENWEIDE, Ohrenschmaus (D/76 Polydor) EX/M- 22
OUGENWEIDE, Ohrenschmaus (D/76 Polydor) EX 18
OUGENWEIDE, Frÿheit (D/78 Polydor, FOC) EX/M- 20
OUTSIDERS, Songbook (NL/67 Teembeat) Looks worse, mostly plays EX. VG+ 45
PALLAS, The sentinel (UK/84 Harvest, FOC) EX/M- 15
PAN BRUMISTI, I padroni della città (I/76 L'orchestra, inner)
RARE Italian folk LP!
EX/M- 40
PANTHA RHEI, same (H/81 Pepita) Lovely symph/hard rock. EX/M- 18
PANTHEON, Orion (NL/72 Vertigo swirl) fine copy and ever so rare nowadays!
EX/M- 350
IRENE PAPAS, Odes (NL/79 Polydor, FOC) ptt.
The collaboration between this incredible female vocalist and Vangelis already bloomed on Aphrodites Child's 666 and is brought to a flaming conclusion on this album. The Jimi Hendrix of the voice, no less. Cover made in France.
VG+/EX 20
CHARLIE PARKER, Bird is free (USA/61 Charlie Parker, FOC, MONO) EX/M- 38
PAUL PARRISH, Songs (USA/70 WB green, ois) co.
Fuzz, acid and flowers doesn't even knows this exists, but we do... Much rarer than the first and in the same vein.
VG+/M- 65
PASSPORT, Doldinger (D/71 Atlantic green/red) EX/M- 15
PATCHWORK, Ouvertures (F/78 Cobra, FOC)
Progressive fusion with a warm and generous atmosphere.
VG+/M- 28
as above but... EX/M- 33
PEACE & QUIET, same (NL/71 CBS orange) VG+/M- 30
PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY, The great conspiracy (UK/67 CBS orange, ois, MONO!)
Superrare UK mono original, only copy I've ever seen!
EX/M- 70
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, One nation underground (USA/67 ESP-disk', STEREO) no insert.
Bordered colored cover with band name. Label white. No title on spine. Cover fine but dirty. Disc clean but vinyl not too healthy.
VG+/EX 25
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, One nation underground(USA/67 ESP-disk', STEREO) no insert.
Bordered glossy colored cover with band name and big "stereo". Label green. Title on spine. Much rarer version than above.
EX 30
PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, Balaklava (USA/68 ESP-disk') no insert, co. EX 24
KEITH PEARSON, Right hand band (UK/76 Eron) EX/M- 22
DAVID PEEL & THE LOWER EAST SIDE, Have a marijuana (D/69 Elektra gold) co. EX 15
PEELERS, Banished misfortune (UK/72 Polydor Folk Mill) great copy!!! M- 300
BOB PEGG, Ancient maps (UK/75 Transatlantic globe) top-notch folk-rock, almost M-. EX 22
PENTANGLE, Cruel sister (UK/70 Transatlantic white, FOC) EX 32
PENTANGLE, Cruel sister (UK/70 Transatlantic white, FOC) slightly stained. VG+/EX 25
PENTANGLE, History book (UK/72 Transatlantic white) slight rw EX 15
PERCEWOODS ONAGRAM, same (D/70 private) EX/M- 50
PEPPERMINT RAINBOW, Will you be staying after sunday (USA/69 Decca spectrum) co. ss 22
PERCEWOODS ONAGRAM, Full moon California sunset(D/77 Pastels, insert)
More a Michels solo-LP actually, much more coherent too!
M- 28
PERCUSSIONS OF STRASBOURG, Ohana/Kabelac (USA/67 Limelight pink) co. EX 35
PERELAAR, Nederlandse volksmuziek (NL/77 Pan)
As the title appropriately states: Dutch folk. Some cuts with female vocals.
M- 23
OSCAR PETERSON, With respect to Nat (USA/65 Limelight dark green) EX 25
OSCAR PETERSON, Motions & emotions (D/69 MPS/BASF, FOC) A1 a bit crackly. EX 15
PIED PUMKIN, The pear of pied pumkin (CDN/74 private, FOC) VG+/M- 25
PIED PUMKIN STRING ENSEMBLE, Allah mode (CDN/76 private, inner)
I guess this is native American country-psych. Fine female vocals too. Plays M-.
EX 25
DAVE PIKE SET, Album (D/71 MPS/BASF, FOC) RARE!!!!!!! and great too! M- 85
PINK FAIRIES, Kings of oblivion (UK/75 Polydor) no poster, looks slightly worse.
Did you ever notice that the run-off groove states Farren's a goat? It really does!
EX/M- 28
PINK FLOYD, A saucerful of secrets (NL/68 Columbia black)
For a fraction of the UK price a nice NL original in imported UK flipback cover. Plays mostly EX.
VG++ 45
PINK FLOYD, More (UK/69 Columbia black/silver) small ptt, name on bc.
Pretty rare variation with BLACK backcover and couple looking to the RIGHT (why in the world should this be "east" like the Record Collector's priceguide postulates??).
VG++ 25
PINK MICE, In action (D/71 Europe) EX 20
PINK MICE, In synthesizer sound (D/73 Europe) corner crease. VG+/M- 22
POE, Up through the spiral (USA/71 Uni, FOC, OIS, co.) somme rw on bc. EX 28
POINT BLANK, On a roll (USA/82 MCA rainbow) cc, excellent hard-rock. M- 20
LOS POLARIS, Demolodores (MEX/69 Polydor MONO) Strong and reverb-fuelled beat. VG/EX 48
POOGY, Poogy tales (ISR/73 Hed-Arzi)
As great a psych-pop record as any, sung in the native tongue. Not the best kind of vinyl, alas!
EX 33
BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES, Twist and shout (UK/63 Decca red ear, MONO) mostly M-, looks a bit worse. VG+/EX 60
POPOL VUH, Seligpreisung (D/74 Kosmische Music, FOC, QUADRO) EX/M- 75
LUBOS POSPISIL, Tehnle vitr jsem mel rad (CZ 82 Supraphon orange)
Great Czech rock LP, only slight modern touches.
M- 10
ELVIS PRESLEY, Elvis (D/60 RCA Victor black/silver, MONO)
In pretty good condition, no ads on back, see label scan for exact pressing determination.
VG+/EX 35
LLOYD PRICE, same (ZA/59 London maroon/silver open, MONO)
Wow! South-African original pressing of this ever so rare record, licensed from Specialty. Quite some background noise, no jumps, scratches or sticks. Bargain!! And lest you'd forget: most of these sides were recorded before the impostor that some call "king" emerged...
VG+ 25
MALCOLM PRICE, Ramblin' round (UK/68 Polydor Special)
RARE and fine folk LP, almost ever M-.
VG+/EX 45
MALCOLM PRICE, In an old Dutch house (NL/77 Stoof) EX 20
PRO ARTE, Toplo ljeto (YU/72 Jugoton black/silver) great copy!! M- 63
P.J.PROBY, same (UK/65 Liberty black/silver, MONO) looks a bit worse. EX/M- 30
JUDD PROCTOR, Guitars galore (UK/68 Gemini) rare label issue! VG+/M- 33
PROFÁN, Pro pátria (H/87 HP)
Best folk-rock record from the 80's. What melodies and what a superb band!
EX/M- 30
I PROFETI, L'amore è ... (I/73 CBS, FOC) VG+/M- 28
PROMISE, Children's farm (NL/70's BMG, insert)
One of the rarest religious hippie-folk LP's from The Netherlands, but too sweet for me.
EX 30
PULSAR, Pollen (UK/76 Decca blue, ois) EX 24
PULSAR, The strands of the future (UK/77 Decca blue, FOC, ois) M- 30
PULSE, same (UK/69 Major Minor) optically worse VG+/M- 86
PUNCHIN' JUDY, same (UK/73 Transatlantic globe) M- 28

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