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Maybe this needs a little explanation, as it's a new section.
Ethnic records are records with "folk" music, though not in the way "folk" is usually applied. You'll find here everything that emerges from non-western cultures with as little influence from the west as possible. So no rock, no folk-rock and no foreign jazz, as these kinds of music all belong to the western culture, no matter if they're being played by people from Mongolia, Belize or Chicago. Everything else, actually, will show up here.
Probably it's superfluous to state, that if you're looking for fresh emotions, pureness, unknown musical textures or simply the exotic or the arcane, then this is the page to visit.
Until now none of these releases, no matter how obscure, demand high prices. Yet! So if you want to expand your musical horizon at a reasonable price, read on... THESE ARE CHEAP BUT WORTHWHILE THRILLS!

The records are alphabetically arranged by COUNTRY from which the music stems, otherwise it's the same as with the other pages.
EURO (€)
ANCIENT GREECE, Atrium MusicCæ de Madrid(D/86 Harmonia Mundi)
This is a CD! Maybe the most interesting on this list. The music is a "reconstruction" of the music of the ancient Greeks. Don't ask me how they decided how this should sound, somehow they did. The result is baffling. Easily among the most colourful and suspenseful kinds of music I have heard. It could be said that it's "folk" but of a nature you've never encountered before, sometimes bordering on the scary. RECOMMENDED!!
M- 12
ARABIA, Youcef Esseghir: Noubat (F/72 Les Artistes Arabes Associés)
Highly emotional and driven Arabian music with a great singer. No watered down half-product here.
EX/M- 10
BULGARIA, Chants et danses de Bulgarie (F/60's Le Chant du Monde) almost M-.
A lesson in unplayable metres - how do they learn these pieces? Furthermore some godsend singers and very energetic playing. Brilliant by any standard.
EX 12
BULGARIA, The magic of Bulgarian music folklore 3 (BG/80's Balkanton)
Three very characteristic Bulgarian folk stars share this sampler with 5-6 tracks each: Lyubka Rondova, Kostadin Gougov and Tatyana Surbinska.
EX/M- 8
CANADA, Chants & danses de Quebec (F/63 Le Chant du Monde)
Licensed from Folkways. Very energetic and pure, some great violin parts.
EX 12
CHILE, Violeta Parra: Un rio de sangre (F/74 Arion, FOC)
With great female vocals by Isabel Parra.
EX 12
CHINA, Musique instrumentale classique (F/80 Alvares, FOC)
Title says it all, gorgeous performances, liner notes also in English.
EX 10
CHINA, Nan-Kouan [court music from the south] (F/83 Ocora, FOC, insert)
Great issue with beautiful package and perfect artistry. They could have used better vinyl, I guess.
EX 10
CORSICA, A strada di l'Avenne (F/78 Ricordu)
Incredible 4-part harmonies on this strongly recommended album. Produced in Corsica too.
EX/M- 12
CORSICA, A Manella: Corsica eterna (F/80 Arion) EX/M- 10
CUBA, Musique folkloristiqe du monde (F/70's Musidisc)
This goes for the Spanish aspects of Cuban music, mostly short songs with twin female vocals.
EX 10
FRANCE, Cujala d'Aussau: Chants et danses de la vallée d'Aussau (F/72 Junqué, insert)
Original issue on mini label from Occitane.
EX 12
FRANCE, Danses du pays de Sancerre (F/77 Arion) VG+/EX 10
FRANCE, Beth ceu de Pau (F/80 Junquer d'Oc, FOC)
Original on tiny French folk label. Superb trad folk from the south-west.
EX/M- 12
HUNGARY, Hongrie (F/60's Musidisc)
Field recordings and very passionate performances. Great album! Recorded by the ubiquitous Deben Bhattacharya.
EX 10
INDIA, Vinai Bhide: Raga (F/77 Le Chant du Monde, FOC)
Great idea: Bhide sings on side one all the raga notes to get acquainted with their use and atmosphere. Three brilliant pieces adorn side 2.
EX 12
INDIA, Au pays des maharajas (F/84 Arion)
Music from Rajasthan.
M-/EX 8
INDIA, Rajasthan Vol.1 (F/88 Ocora, book cover)
Examplary release, both musically and concerning packaging.
M- 10
IRAN, The Persian santur (USA/69 Nonesuch Explorer blue)
So beautiful! A band with 2 singers, violin, dumbec and santur playing totally far-out music.
M-/EX 12
ITALY, Mondolines napolitaines (F/75 Arion)
Title says it all... Superb playing!
EX/M- 7
JAPAN, The koto music of Japan (USA/69 Nonesuch Explorer brown)
Best koto LP I know! Five masters of the instrument present all styles imaginable, though naturally always extremely tasteful and mature. Fine art! Great cover by John Trotta too. Nonesuch Explorer is the best way to hear ethnic music (it's a division of Elektra...)
EX 12
JAPAN, The four seasons in Kyoto (D/83 Denon, 4LP, box, book)
As rural and mysterious as you can get. Lovely packaging too...
EX 12
KENYA/TANZANIA, Witchcraft & Ritual Dances (USA/?? Nonesuch Explorer) great!!! M- 10
LAPPLAND/FINLAND, [no title] (FIN/71 Musica, 2LP, FOC)
One disc devoted to a folk festival in Lappland, the other is by the inventive Finntrio. Tear on bc.
VG/EX 10
MORAVIA, Moravian Folk Songs (CS/70 Panton) great! VG+/M- 10
MOROCCO, Festival de Marrakech (F/76 Playa Sound, FOC)
Superb release within ''Musiques de l'Afrique Traditionelle'', this is no.4. Bilingual liner notes.
M- 15
NETHERLANDS, Ensemble de danse ''R'' (F/70's Musidisc)
Great Dutch folk with female vocals.
EX 10
PHILIPPINES, Chants & dances (F/70 Le Chant du Monde) EX 10
PORTUGAL, Fernanda Maria: Fadista! (USA/65 Monitor) the real thing, lyrics on bc. EX 12
ROMANIA, Banat (RO/71 Electrecord white/red) Brilliant by any standard. VG+/M- 12
ROMANIA, Ansambul Folcloric (RO/77 Electrecord black) Great orchestral folk, recommended! EX 10
ROMANIA, Le monastère de Putna (F/85 Ocora) EX 10
RUSSIA, Favourite Russian folk songs (SU/75 Melodya, 10''). Great! M- 10
SLOVENIA, Studentski Oktet: Ena nova pesem (YU/76 Helidon)
Original issue of incredible 8-voice a cappella choir, singing beautiful trad material.
EX 12
TURKEY, Pesreveler-Semailer-Sirtolar (TR/76 Kent)
Great native pressing in fabulous cover of trance-like Turkish classical music.
EX 10
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