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> This is brilliant jungle-prog with psych and trance elements. Try it, still mostly unknown!
EURO (€)
TAMBA TRIO, Avanço (BRA/63 Philips blue/silver, MONO)
Great bossa-jazz with cutting vocal harmonies. Not the best of pressings...
VG+ 12
TARENTULE, same (F/77 Ar-Folk)
Simply the best French folk LP, especially side B is stunningly complex and emotional, yet completely transparant. Highly recommended! Close to M-.
EX 150
TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI, Milky way Moses (D/74 Brain green) tiny co, stol. EX/M- 38
JAMES TAYLOR, same (UK/68 Apple, FOC) mostly M-, orange lettering! EX 28
TE RUA, The caves of the sun (UK/8? Celtic Music)
Fragile, gentle and highly atmospheric femvox folk with a few excellent original compositions.
M- 28
TEN WHEEL DRIVE, Brief replies (USA/70 Polydor, FOC) WHITE LABEL PRO. EX 25
O TERÇO, Criaturas da noite (BRA/75 Copacabana) their best, small ptt. VG+/EX 35
O TERÇO, Mudança de tempo (BRA/78 Underground, FOC, inner) VG+/EX 28
TERENCE, An eye for an ear (USA/69 Decca spectrum) VG+/M- 60
TEST, same (PL/71 Pronit red) EX 45
THEM, same (USA/70 Happy Tiger) some rw as usual (never had this with a M- cover!) EX 50
MIKIS THEODORAKIS, To axion esti (USA/? Peters International, 2LP, FOC)
Ex-library copy with the usual stickers...
VG+/EX 15
THIN HORSE, A Bamebridge expedition (NL/74 BASF, insert)
Superrare Dutch rock with a strong influence of Dylan's Highway 61 revisited.
VG+/M- 115
B.J.THOMAS, Everybody's out of town (USA/70 Scepter, FOC)
With a great version of Fred Neil's Everybody's talking.
EX/M- 10
CREEPY JOHN THOMAS, same (D/72 RCA International) promo sticker on label.
Very rare German only cover. Very fine condition too.
EX/M- 140
ANDREAS THOMOPOULOS, Born out of the tears of the sun (UK/71 Mushroom, INSERT!!)
Second LP has completely vanished from our planet. Disc close to M-.
EX 225
RICHARD THOMPSON, Across a crowded room (D/85 Polydor, inner) EX/M- 8
RICHARD THOMPSON , Amnesia (NL/88 Capitol, inner)
This has a different inner to the UK issue.
EX/M- 8
RICHARD THOMPSON, Front parlour ballads (EU/05 Diverse, FOC)
Played once...
M- 18
TIEMKO, Espace fini (F/89 Musea)
Grand-scale neo-progressive full of breaks and refined symphonic arrangements.
M- 20
TINY TIM, God bless Tiny Tim (USA/68 Reprise steamboat 2 col.) cc, close to M-. EX 22
TINY TIM, 2nd album (D/69 Reprise steamboat 2 col.) fine copy! M- 16
TIR NA NOG, Strong in the sun (UK/73 Chrysalis green) great folk-psych! EX/M- 30
TOAD HALL, same (USA/68 Liberty black) still affordable... M- 28
TON STEINE SCHERBEN, Warum geht es mir so dreckig? (D/71 David)
Wild political inclined rock in a stapled board cover with large poster. Great copy!!
M- 55
TRAMLINE, Somewhere down the line (UK/68 Island pink "eye") some rw.
Gorgeous Island pressing renders this almost M- when playing it. RARE NOW!!!
VG+/EX 135
JACK TREESE, Maitro the truffle man (F/74 Saravah)
Great folk backed by MORMOS!
EX/M- 40
GUY TRÉPANIER, Suite et début (CDN/73 Saturne, FOC, insert)
Eerie mixture of prog, psych and pop, quite engaging, actually. With HARMONIUM connections.
M- 22
TREPONEM PAL, same (F/77 Gratte-Ciel) slightest of rw and small ptt.
Intricate progressive rock with intertwining lyrical and heavy sections. Underestimated!
EX 25
TREPONEM PAL, same (F/77 Gratte-Ciel, insert) VG+/M- 30
TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET, Hej på er (S/78 Mistlur, inner) Brilliant prog! EX 45
TRIANA, Sombra y luz (E/79 Movieplay, FOC)
Brilliant heavy prog with ethnic elements. RECOMMENDED!
EX/M- 50
TRIANA, same (E/81 Movieplay, inner, 3 posters)
Just as fine as the earlier ones.
VG+/M- 45
TROGGS, From nowhere (UK/66 Fontana black/silver, MONO) disc looks worse, plays largely M. EX 75
TROGGS, Give it to me (NL/66 Fontana grey)
Holland-only LP! Gorgeous psych cover! Needs cleaning, will play towards M-.
EX 50
ROBIN TROWER, Twice removed from yesterday (UK/73 Chrysalis green) small ptt. EX/M- 17
TRUE MYTH, Telegram (CDN/81 Intercan, inner)
Already tending to AOR, still quite a few masterly guitar parts and excellent songwriting.
EX/M- 17
GIL TRYTHALL, Nashville gold (USA/70 Athena)
Quite unexpectedly this is superb moog album!
EX 20
TURID, Tistlar från tundran (S/80 Metronome, inner)
The very definition of progressive female folk-psych. Recommended!
EX/M- 35
TWELFTH NIGHT, Live at the Target (UK/81 private) small repair on cover.
How come nobody noticed this before? An all-instrumental strongly progressive record with musicians switching easily from hard-rock into symphonic rock into classical rock into power rock. Maybe the only Britsh band that sound Italian!
EX/M- 35
TYMES, The sound of the wonderful Tymes (USA/63 Parkway red/yellow, MONO) M-!! 40
ULTIMATE SPINACH, same (3rd album) (USA/69 MGM gold/blue, ois) slight rw like all copies... EX 35
UNITED SONS OF USA, Greetings (USA/70 Mercury red) top seam small split. EX/M- 20
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, same (USA/68 Columbia 360°) slight rw as always. EX 50
URKO, Bilitzen (E/80 Zafiro) rare Basque folk in great condition. M- 20
VALDY, same (CDN/73 A&M mustard) mostly M-.
Hitherto unexplored introspective folk, some cuts with full band backing. At least three minor masterpieces on this one. Buy it now, before greedy dealers ask $$$ in multitude!
VG(+)/EX 35
ALCEU VALENÇA, Molhado de suor (BRA/74 Som Livre) EX 125
ALCEU VALENÇA, Vivo! (BRA/76 Som Livre, FOC) close to EX EX/VG+ 75
VANEXIA, same (I/81 Disco In)
Breakneck speed-rock, fabulously played.
VG+/M- 12
Side two has hardly exciting versions of classical hits, but side one is a pure delight with tracks by Buffy Sainte-Marie, Country Joe and The Fish (Crystal blues) and Ian & Sylvia, as well as a "steam engine" sound effect and a moog demonstration of Rimsky-Korsakoffs Flight of the bumble bee which must be heard to be believed.
EX/M- 12
"AMERICANA VOL.II" [V/A] (UK/72 Turnabout hexagon)
Orchestral pieces by Bernstein, Morton Gould, Robertson and 2 more. Spectacular writing all the way! Great cover art too!
M- 15
"BBC CLASSIC TRACKS # 90-27" [V/A] (USA/90 Westwood One, 4 cue sheets)
Superb radio LP with otherwise unavailable live cuts by Elton John, BEATLES (an excellent Love me do), CREAM (great version of Tales from brave Ulysses), YARDBIRDS (wild version of I'm a man) and FIXX. Strongly recommended.
M- 28
"COMPUTER MUSIC [V/A] (USA/70 Nonesuch brown, ois)
INCREDIBLE sounds by J.K.Randall, Barry Vercoe and Charles Dodge. Mediocre pressing..
VG+/EX 25
Looks worse, but plays almost ever M-. Brilliant sampler with "conversations" and music by among others Otis Spann, J.B.Lenoir, Roosevelt Sykes, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins and 16 other blues giants. Recommended!!
VG+/EX 85
"DANK U!" [V/A] (NL/70 Radio Veronica)
Great sampler issued to commemorate 10 years of the pirate radio station Veronica (which means they began in 1960!). The profit of this record was given away to an organization for healing kidney diseases. Some of the bands: SANDY COAST (Capital punishment), GOLDEN EARRINGS (That day), SHOES, CATS, MOTIONS, BRAINBOX, SHOCKING BLUE, UNIT GLORIA, TEE-SET and similar crews.
EX 15
"ELECTRONIC MUSIC" [V/A] (UK/66 Turnabout hexagon, ois) mostly M-.
Beautiful compilation with compositions by Mimaroglu, Walter Carlos (no moog dross!), Tzvi Avni, and Lewin-Richter. The REAL thing. Great cover too!
EX 28
"FOLK HERITAGE" [V/A] (UK/73 Wind Mill) mostly M-.
Retail price 57p says the cover. This is a recommended folk sampler, most of all for the eerie track by FOLKAL POINT, but definitely also for the two tracks by BLUE WATER FOLK and the track by Mike Raven & Joan Mills.
EX 35
"HARD CASH" [V/A] (UK/90 Topic, insert) ptt
14 tracks. "specially recorded songs" for a BBC television series. 2 fabulous cuts by Richard Thompson and otherwise an impressive roster too: Dave Kelly, Jo Ann Kelly, June Tabor, Martin Carthy. Gregson & Collister, The Watersons, Ron Kavana etc... As far as I know only available on this LP!
EX/M- 16
"MY SWEET LORD" [V/A] (D/70 Europa)
Budget sampler indeed, but has 2 tracks by CORPORAL GANDER'S and 4 by ELECTRIC FOOD (Lucifer's Friend), as well as a track by SPICY BRAMBLES which also is LUCIFER'S FRIEND.
EX 15
"ROCK BUSTER" [V/A] (NL/70 CBS orange, 2LP, FOC)
Incredible CBS sampler with BYRDS, SOFT MACHINE, Dylan, Miles Davis, SPIRIT, BLACK WIDOW etcetera. But the best thing is an OTHERWISE UNISSUED TRACK BY TREES!! That track plays M-, haven't checked the others but they look worse.
VG+ 12
"SAFRÁN" [V/A] (CS/89 Supraphon grey)
Folk-blues and folk sampler with 2 tracks by Vladimir Merta standing out, but the female vocals of Dása Vonková steal the show. A track by Jaroslav Hutka, too. As far as I decipher the liner notes, this was recorded in 1976.
EX 10
"SUCK IT AND SEE" [V/A] (UK/73 Vertigo ufo, 2LP, FOC)
Excellent sampler!! This has a cut from the unissued JADE WARRIOR album Eclipse.
EX/M- 19
"SUPER DUPER BLUES", [V/A] (UK/69 Blue Horizon)
All the greats of the genuine blues on one record!
EX 24
"THE SOIL AND THE SEA", [V/A] (USA/65 Mainstream brown)
Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays and Peter Hawes.....
EX 15
"TWRW TANLLYD", [V/A] (UK/80 Sain)
A Welsh wild rock sampler with 9 bands including otherwise unavalable tracks by Meic Stevens and Edward H.Dafis. Rare!
VG+/M- 20
Backcover has moisture damage, front finr, disc nearly perfect. A host of non-LP tracks by PEANUT BC, ASHES and CHAMBER BROTHERS. Cover by Rick Griffin.
EX/M- 45

End of "various artists", on with the rest of "V".

KARL VELEBNÝ & SHQ, Parnas (CS/81 Supraphon) EX/M- 16
CAETANO VELOSO, same (BRA/71 Philips blue/silver) In english!! M- 25
VELVET OPERA, Ride a hustler's dream (NL/69 CBS orange) laminated! VG+/M- 45
VELVET UNDERGROUND, White light/White heat (D/67 Verve blue/silver)
German version of ''skull cover'', better than the US one, while laminated! Edge wear.
VG+/EX 75
VICTORIA, Secret of the bloom (USA/70 San Francisco, insert) co. EX/M- 30
VILDHONUNG, Groupa (S/85 Amigo, insert) M- 15
VITESSE, Out in the country (NL/78 EMI)
Veering slightly into Mainstream territory but with sparkling guitars by Rudy de Queljoe, one of Holland's greatest guitar players.
EX/M- 18
VIZÖNTÖ, Electric shepherd (H/87 Hungaroton)
Top-notch progressive folk with incredible musicianship and an avalanche of unexpected twists. Highly recommended!!
EX/M- 18
JAN VAN VLIJMEN, Quaterna / Wind Quintet II (NL/81 Composers Voice) EX/M- 8
IL VOLO, Essere o non essere (I/75 Numero Uno, FOC) EX/M- 89
KLAAS DE VRIES/PETER-JAN WAGEMANS, Follia/Bewegingen/Muziek II (NL/80 Donemus)
Another indispensable release on this excellent label of avant-garde Dutch music. These are stunning pieces of orchestral music combined with electronics. Deep and brilliantly vibrating.
M- 15
V.S.P.PROJEKT, same (SU/89 Melodya/SF Riga)
Virtuoso prog from Estonia, incredibly played, dark and doomy all the way.
EX/M- 20

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