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NEW MUSIC, all formats, roughly speaking from 1990 onwards CONDITION
EURO (€)
A WEATHER, Cove (USA/08 Team Love, insert, download card) EX/M- 20
STEVE ANDREWS, Mask + 3 (D/9? Pink Lemon, burgundy vinyl EP, photo insert)
Grinding heavy psych this time!
EX/M- 5
ANUNA, same (EU/93 Celtic Heartbeat)
Sort of progressive new-age Irish folk with dazzling harmonies!
M 8
ATOMIC 61, Rip/Digestive tube blues (USA/90 SFTRI orange vinyl 7") M-/M- 3
AUTOHAZE, Dive into the sun/Put it together (AUS/92 Summershine, 7") EX/M- 5
CHRIS BAILEY, Demons (F/91 New Rose, inner) M- 12
BAND OF HORSES, Everything all the time (USA/06 Sub Pop, insert)
Already rare on vinyl!!
M- 16
BELLY, Gepetto EP (UK/92 4AD, 12" single) non-LP tracks!
Great femvox.
EX/M- 7
BIFF BANG POW, Debasement tapes (UK/92 Creation)
Well-known and very cool neo-psych. No brit-pop!
M- 12
BLUR, Stereotypes + 2 (UK/96 Parlophone, FOC< pink vinyl) Great single! M- 6
BLUR, Beetlebum + 3 NON-LP TRACKS (UK/97 Parlophone CD single) M 5
BRITTANIA THEATRE, Red traffic lights (D/96 Mint Grün) CD
Is it rock, jazz, cabaret, avant-garde, 30's? It's all that and more!
M 12
CARTER USM, The young offender's mum/Trouble (UK/95 Chrysalis, pink vinyl, PS) ltd.7" EX/M- 5
CONFUSIONS, Six-o-seven (D/98 Clearspot) double CD rare and limited to 1000 copies. M 15
CONTRIVA, Separate chambers (D/06 Morr Music, poster)
Halfway Krautrock, minimal and chamber music, incredible, actually.
M- 20
DANDELION WINE, Model village (UK/96 Garden of Delights, insert)
Great psych-folk-rock, bar the first ramblin' track. Some lovely female vocals.
M- 15
DAYS OF THE NEW, same (USA/99 Outpost CD)
Undescribable, intense and trance-like roots-rock? Has to be heard, can't find any terms.
new 14
EELS, Daisies of the galaxy (EU/99 Dreamworks CD) new 14
ELEVENTH DREAM DAY, Eighth (D/97 City Slang, insert) M- 11
FASTBACKS, Zücker (D/9? SubPop)
Lovely fuzz-pop with 2 lyrical female singers.
new 11
GREEN HORNET, So much to give (NL/07 Excelsior) M- 15
GRANT HART, Intolerance (USA/89 SST, GREEN VINYL, catalogue insert) co.
In the shrink which has 2 stickers identifying the product. Great agressive pop-rock!
new 12
HELIOS CREED, Lactating purple (USA/91 Amphetamine) M- 14
INFRA, Crepuscule (USA/99 Wild Places) CD
First overseas record of this Swedish crew, playing a heavy mixture of psych and prog with cello to the fore. Good album, which with a better singer would have been brilliant!
M 10
Somewhere in between CAN, PAVEMENT and VELVET UNDERGROUND but with beautiful chamber-musical interceptions.
new 12
LEVELLERS, Zeitgeist (D/95 China) co
Already rare on vinyl, this emotional combination of folk-rock and burning guitars.
new 14
MARION, Time/Chance (UK/96 London, 7", PS, red vinyl) ltd.ed. #1390. M-/M- 5
MATMOSPHERE, Ghost train EP (UK/98 Pink Lemon, 7", insert, blue vinyl)
Great dreamy neo-psych on the heaviest vinyl ever made...
EX/M- 5
MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG, The domino club (UK/90 Silvertone, inner)
This will appeal to OYSTER BAND fans, though it has more grand gestures and sounds fuller and more majestic than the oysters do. Some fabulous original compositions.
M- 11
MENSWEAR, Sleeping in/Sunday driver (UK/95 Laurel, 7", FOC, 2 postcards) M- 6
MENSWEAR, Being brave/Sunlight on the moon (UK/96 Laurel, 7", FOC) EX/M- 5
MINUS 5, The lonesome death of Buck McCoy (USA/97 Hollywood) CD like The Posies. new 12
MOOSEHEART FAITH, Global brain (D/9x September Gurls)
Nice quiet USA neo-psych.
M- 12
YURIJ MOROZOW, Witschnewij sad (RUS/93 Cobweb)
Fully demented neo-psych, some Zappa moves, some Kim Fowley, but totally Russian...
EX/M- 15
MUDHONEY, Under a billion suns (USA/06 Sub Pop, FOC, inner, BONUS CD) M- 18
MUDRAC, Gotta get oot/Menacing sky (AUS/90 Messiah Complex, green vinyl 7") 400 only. new 3
MUSCADINE, The ballad of Hope Nicholls (D/97 Sire CD) M-/M 8
NASYCEN, Provazochodie (CZ/91 Bestia)
Yes, it's "new wave", but somehow miles above most of their kin (wouldn't list this otherwise, of course). Sometimes manages to sound like a cross between Colosseum and Simple Minds AND has some scorching guitar solos! Recommended!!
EX/M- 10
NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN, Trust (UK/91 Sony Furtive 12") 3 great songs! M- 6
NIGHTWATCH, same (D/99 September Gurls)
we got a few copies again
M- 10
OLE LUKOYE, Zapara (RUS/93 Anfon) EX/M- 20
REDSNAPPER, It's all good (UK/02 Keepdiggin, 3LP) ex/m- 15
SEERS, Psych out (UK/90 Cherry Red, inner) EX/M- 14
SEERS, Psych out (NL/90 Cherry Red, inner) EX/M- 10
SHOW OF HANDS, Dark fields (UK/97 Hands on Music)
New and good British folk-rock in a superb digipack.
M 14
SHUDDER TO THINK, Funeral at the movies (USA/90 Dischord, insert) co. 7 track mini-LP. EX/M- 12
SIMIAN, Chemistry is what we are (UK/01 Source, FOC, inner) M- 14
SKIPLOADER, From can through string (EU/96 Geffen, CD) new 10
SONIC YOUTH, Rather ripped (USA/06 Geffen, inner) new 12
SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES, Welcome to the infant freebase (D/99 Telegram, CD M 14
SPARKLEHORSE, Good morning spider (EU/98 Capitol, digipack) CD M 11
SPINVIS, same (NL/02 Excelsior, CD) M- 10
STARSAILOR, Silence is easy (EU/03 EMI, FOC, inner) M- 16
STEELEYE SPAN, Bedlam born (UK/00 Park, CD) new release with Gay Woods! new 12
STEPPES, Atomic cossack (USA/92 Voxx) new 12
STRAITJACKET FITS, Life in one chord (D/87 Flying Nun) great 4 track 12" single. M- 7
STRANGEMEN, Best chenc (D/90 EFA)
Produced by Grant Hart and it surely shows!
new 11
SUPERCHUNK, On the mouth (D/92 City Slang, YELLOW VINYL) already rare. M- 16
SWEET HONEY ON THE ROCKS, 25 (USA/98 Rykodisc, CD in digipack)
Suppose you do not know this band, but you'd love to hear 6 deeply moving female vocalists giving their everything, accompanied by some sparse percussion. It's the VOICES that count. This sounds like a matured ZAP MAMA, perhaps, and marks the 25th anniversary (!) of this incredible band.
M-/M 15
TEAR GARDEN, To be an angel blind (CDN/96 Nettwerk) CD
This is Legendary Pink Dots under an alias and it shows in every single note they play!
new 12
TOP, She's got all the world/Life's only dreaming (UK/91 Island 7") EX/M- 3
WHIPPING BOY, When we were young/As the day goes (UK/95 Columbia, red vinyl 7") M-/M- 4
WITCH HAZEL, Landlocked (USA/95, Flydaddy, insert) Rare on vinyl! M- 14
ROBERT WYATT, Heaps of sheep (UK/97 Rykodisc) 2 track promo CD single M/M 7
URUSEI YATSURA, Kewpies like watermelon/Majesty (UK/93 Che, green vinyl 7") new 4
THOM YORKE, The eraser (UK/06 XLrecordings, inne)
Is new and in the shrink, but this is not the best vinyl in the world.
M- 15
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