English summary and introduction

The familyname Hollestelle originates from the former island Zuid-Beveland, province Zeeland, the Netherlands. The first mentioned person was Jan Claesse Hollestelle in 1563. The question is whether he is the Ancestor (stamvader).

The familyname
A holle stelle is a well on a higher ground on the shore where a shepherd can let his flock drink. In Zeeland, a land of polders and dikes, there is the Hollestellepolder, form where the familyname originates.

The genealogies
There are seven different groups, which do not have a common forefather.
A genealogy or familytree contains a report of all descendents of one person in male line. The oldest found ancestor, the patriarch (or founder), is the starting-point of the genealogy. Only from sons information about their descendants has been collected. Each generation is pointed by a Roman numeral. In fact a genealogy is a survey of all descendents in male line of one patriarch.

The book
The basis of the information on this website is the book Genealogieën Hollestelle, 1563-1997. This book was published in 1997.

Showing the genealogical information of persons with the familyname Hollestelle there has to be reckoned with the aspect of privacy. From November 1, 2001 in the Netherlands the Law of  protection of the individual information is operative. It says that for the processing of information on persons, other than for personal use, consent is required from the one who is concerned with that information (article 8)