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Lightarian Reiki™
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Reiki Middelburg's Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner Training is offered to Usui and Karuna-based Reiki Masters (the Buddhic BoostTM may be used to bridge the gap between Usui and Karuna systems if the student does not wish to receive Karuna training). Through a series of four levels, you will raise your personal vibration, while dramatically expanding your capability for delivering these higher and finer healing energies. The emphasis in Lightarian Reiki is on symbols are required. Each of the four levels has its own training/ attunement/certification process.

Lightarian Reiki has been brought forth from Ascended Master Buddha at this time to awaken humanity to six higher levels of Reiki that have long been unavailable to us. These six higher levels, called the Lightarian bands of the Reiki spectrum of energies, are adapted through our training/attunement process into just four levels.

Brief history of Lightarian Reiki

This higher vibrational system of Reiki was channeled and developed by Jeannine Marie Jelm in mid-1997 based on her intuitive and direct communications with the energies of Ascended Master Buddha. This inspired work was subsequently refined, clarified and brought forth as Lightarian Reiki. During numerous channeling sessions, Ascended Master Buddha requested that Jeannine bring forth new levels of information about Reiki in order to clarify, demystify and expand Reiki for humanity at this time. He asked her to share this new information and these advanced healing energies with others and to spread this healing modality via a simple attunement process.

Philosophy of Lightarian Reiki

The emphasis in the Lightarian system of Reiki is on energetic purity, simplicity, ease of delivering the healing energies during a treatment and the creation of dramatic healing results. Regarding simplicity, the healing work and the training/attunement process for Lightarian Reiki are very direct and very simple. Based on Ascended Master Buddha's desire, no symbols are required for Lightarian Reiki. An important aspect of this work is the use of clear intentions when delivering the Lightarian Reiki healing energies to clients and while passing on attunements to students.

Personal and professional benefits of the Lightarian Reiki Trainings/Attunements

* As you receive your Lightarian Reiki attunements, various levels of personal healing will be stimulated and the vibration levels of your chakras and subtle bodies will be raised.

* Your mastery and capability for delivering healing energies of a higher and finer frequency to your clients will be dramatically expanded.

* Various latent "spiritual gifts & talents" may start to manifest and your "sense of self" may expand based on the energetic transformations launched by the Lightarian Reiki attunements.

* Immediately following your attunement and certification at a particular level of Lightarian Reiki, you are energetically prepared to deliver healing treatments to your own clients and train your own students at that level.

The four levels of Lightarian Reiki

The six vibrational bands of Lightarian Reiki have been organized into just four levels. These levels are called Lightarian Reiki I & II, III, IV and V & VI. A comprehensive training manual is provided for Level I & II and supplemental manuals are provided for the higher levels.

In Level I & II, the majority of the principles of Lightarian Reiki are taught and your initial Lightarian attunement with Ascended Master Buddha is delivered. This first training/attunement prepares you vibrationally to receive the attunements in the three higher levels.

The three advanced attunements are about progressively "stepping up" your energies into higher vibrational levels within the Reiki spectrum, connecting you into higher aspects of the Buddhic energies. No formal training is required for these levels. During the advanced attunements, an introduction and permanent connection is made with a different supportive energy to assist in creating an expansion of the healing work and to enhance the healing process. As an example, in Lightarian Reiki III you are "introduced" to Gaia, the Earth Mother, whose energies will be available as a "healing platform" for your personal healing process and your treatments with clients.

In Level IV, you receive the loving and powerful overlighting "umbrella-like" effects of special healing energies of the Godhead.

In Lightarian Reiki V & VI, another supportive healing energy is introduced, that of Ascended Master Sananda. He joins with Ascended Master Buddha, Gaia and the Godhead to create what we call the Divine Healing Chamber. This unique and powerful healing tool, the Divine Healing Chamber, is then available to you for your work with clients as well as for yourself.

A minimum 30-day waiting period between receiving each of the four Lightarian Reiki training/attunements is recommended.

Summary of the training/attunement process

Lightarian Reiki is passed along from the Lightarian Reiki Teacher to students via a simple effective training/attunement program. A training session for Level I & II is provided in-person, by phone or via e-mail. No formal training sessions are required for Levels III, IV and V & VI. The attunement associated with each level is in the form of a simple guided meditation and can be received in-person, by telephone or remotely.
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The Lightarian Rays™ Program

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Here's what you'll receive:
* A comprehensive training manual is provided in advance for student self-study.

* Lightarian Reiki Training can be done in-person, by telephone (student to cover phone charges) or by E-mail.

* The attunements for Lightarian Reiki can be delivered in-person, by telephone or via remote (distance attunement).

* A Master Teacher/Practitioner Certificate is provided upon completion of each training session and attunement.

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