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The Red Sea Max 130

The Red Sea Max 250

The Red Sea Max 500

The technique in use this moment  - 24-02-2005

Lightning: Aqua Medic: aquasunlight classic, 2 x 250 watt HQI, 2 blue TL 60 cm 20 watt and a moonlight 15 watt.

2 x TL 1.20 meter blue

2 x T5  1 x blue and 1 white



The Skimmer is an Aqua Medic Turbofloter 5000 baby, 1.20 meter high, with an AM Oceanrunner 2500 pump and an AM Oceanrunner 3500 needlepump.


Ocean Runner 3500

with needlepump

Hs Osmoseapparaat 90 plus +

This osmose-unit gives 90 liter a day and will be affiliated to the new automatic fillingsystem

Demineralization filter
Used to remove the last remaining pollutants using a special ion exchange resin, and is placed after the reverse osmosis units.


Heating 2 x 300 Watt. headed by an Eheim Duomat 1200 heating thermostat. There are  2 heaters connected. If  300 Watt is not warm enough and the temperature drops bij 0.3 degrees, the second heater starts heating to.


As circulationpunps I use 2 pumps, a Eheim 1060, gives  2040 liter and an Am oceanrunner 2500 gives 2500 liter. The Eheim to operate an Squid movement apparatus. ( See photo below). It goes with 2 pipes in the aquarium and they give changing streaming, changing every 8 seconds.


Eheim 1060                   Ocean Runner 2500



Than an other movingpump 1500 liter with rotating head  selzkop'', (see photo below). Now sold under the name   HYDOR FLO.


Streamingpumps: In the aquarium there sit still two streamingpumps, type  Tunze 2400 liter each. They are connected to a wavcomputer.

Two Turbellepumps from 2400 liter with wavemaster


Another streamingpump off 1000 liter.


 As refregeration I use a Teco 680, without heating.

He is placed in the staircase cupboard and takes his air through  gratings in the door. In the cupboard is also an ventilator off 380 cubic meter present,  that by means of a thermostat starts as soon the temperature  above the established value comes. This air is blown directly by means of a roof transit to the outside. The refregerator used 400 Watt and gives a lot of heat.

I use a pump off 1250 litres to feed the Teco.

Here a picture of de thermostat and aerator in the staircase cupboard

In the upper structure is a 12 volt earator present to blow away the heat off the lamps, specialy the HQI.

* * * * *

The Calciumreactor: On  10-07-2005 there is an Aqua Medic  Calciumreactor, type 1000.  With SP3000 Niveaumat.

The Calciumreactor is a closed system  disigned for universal use  and include an  Aqua Medic dosing pump type SP 3000.  It includes a large volume (10 litres c. 2.5 gallons) of Hydrocarbonate mixed with coralstone and an integrated circulation pump that features the patented Aqua Medic needle wheel.  De Calciumreactor has en integral port te acommodate a PG 13.5 threaded electrode to measure the pH value.

Dimensions - without elecrode . (l x w x h) 17 x 17 x 54 cm.

SP 3000 Niveaumat

The SP 3000 Niveaumat will automatically top up evaporated water in fresh and salt water aquariums. It comprises an SP 3000 peristaltic pump with a directly connected float switch. The float switch is installed in the aquarium or filter tank at the desired level using its holding unit. As the level drops the SP 3000 automatically tops up the tank with water from a reservoir (not supplied).

Technical data Niveaumat :
Capacity: 3l/h
Pump hose: Santoprene
Power consumption: 4.5 watts
pump hose: Santoprene, for long lifetime


The Calciumreactor is headed with Co2 by an Sera PH computer with magnetvalve.


Adittives: daily Magnesium, Jodium, Strontium and elements

Waterrefreshing: Every 14 days there will by 80 liter natural seewater refresht. This will be pumpt up with a  12 volts plungepump at the workingisle  'Neeltje Jans'. This happened alsways during high water. I always take approximately 120 litre with me, then I  have  some reserve when I needed it.

At home I add 4 gram of salt to every litre because the salinity off the Oosterschelde is to low.




Automatische waterlevel corrector

My vaporisation water is topped up automatically with osmosiswater.

 I have set up for extra security an extra corrector, this Dupla  has no moving parts in water and is according to me more safely and absolute maintenance free. He stands 6 cm higher adjusted, therefore if the original corrector will miss, he closes the power. That I do this  is probable because that we live near  a nuclear plant, there is also everything  protected twice.



The refractometer is an precision optical instrument used to determine the salt concentration in salt water aquariums.Its exact value can be determined in seconds and can be read either as absolute salt concentration (/,ppt) or as specific density (kg/l). When a beam of light enters the refractometer it is bent or refracted by the water in the test panel. This refraction is proportional to the salinity of the sample and can be directly read by viewing the internal scale. As salinity varies in inverse proportion to temperature our refractometer is fully temperature compensated.


Deltec fluidized reactor  FR 509

Because of dissepointment this filter has been removed from system


* * * * * * * *

Arjan's ray aquarium

Seewaterforum Animal Database

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If there is someone ho will start a Seewateraquarium, there is a download off a special startersbook (Sorry it is only in Dutch)



Manual with Low resolution nearly 2.5 MB



Will you information about Berner Sennen Dogs,  Daf-trucks or an holliday at Laga di Garda in Italy, you can go to the website off my daughter and click below.




Crustaceans etc.

Overview Photo's

The Red Sea Max 130

The Red Sea Max 250

The Red Sea max 500