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Crabs etc.

Overview photograph

Red Sea Max 130

Red Sea Max 500

Users manual RSM 250

Temperature Control

Here the brochure of the  Red Sea Max as pdf.file.

Here you see a movie of the Red Sea Max 250.


Here a movie on Youtube








Skimmer pump

Circulatiepump 2400 ltr                              Circulatiepump 1350 ltr



 10 May 2011 I started my new RSM 250

Because off fysical problems I needed a aquarium that was more easy to handle.
I will make this a'n fish aquarium with corals.
It must be more ease to clear it up.

The Lightning
The lightning will be controled with timeswithes I build them myself. So that I can put the light on and off with 2 tubes each time.
Otherwise I had to buy new evsa's and they are very expensive.

Because the skimmer makes very much noise I decided to take an other skimmer.
Most off the Rsm users use the Ferplast 550 en I now that is works perfectly but you have to make holes to let it fit.
So I have take an Bubble Master 160E externel skimmer, that I put in the same place as with the big aquarium in the kitchen.
It takes a lot of changes but everything works perfectly now.

I also replaced the left pump for an Eheim Sp 3000

I also have now an Hailea 150 chiller with an Eheim Sp 2000

Here a few foto's off the skimmer and the pump I use, the Eheim 1262, he stands in the place off the old skimmer.

Bubble Magus 160E


Some pictures off the aquarium and some corals en one off my favorites, the Porites with I im very proud off, there are 24 worms on it.



Voor wat betreft de vissen heb ik momenteel:

Gele Zeilvindoktersvis - Zebrasoma Flavencens

Picasso doktersvis - Paracanthus hepatus

Driebands Anemoonvis - Amphiprion Ocellaris

Tomini Borsteltand Doktersvis - Ctenochaetus Tominiensis


Decora Pijlvisje - Nemateleotris Decora


Egel - Mespilia Globulus

Blauwpoot heremiet - Calcinus Elegans

2 Synchiropus splendidus

UPDATE 29-09-2001





Crabs etc.

Overview photograph

The Red Sea Max 130

The Red Sea Max 500