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After 6 years off fun with my aquarium below, I had to stop because off

fysical problems. I had not the power to keep it clean and going.


Now a year further I am starting again with a small aquarium the 'Red Sea Max'.

It is 60 cm small and physicaly I can keep it working

and can be involved in seewater aquariums.

Corals etc.


Crustaceans etc.

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Red Sea Max 130

Red Sea Max 250

Red Sea Max 500

Because I have a lot off visitors, I let the old aquarium on the site so that people can see it.


I hope that you wil visit my part off the Red Sea Max with the same pleasure as the old one.

Lot of thanks.


Sept. 2010

Because a lot of fysical problems I had to stop the hobby.

I hope that when it will be better I can start again.


Now I will focus on the website with all the news I can find about off the Red Sea Max tanks.




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The start of our hobby and


miraculous living in our tropical sea aquarium


They askt me to tell something about the common hobby of us.


ĎHow it startedí



After, however, 15 years to have dreamed, read and  have looked in aquarium shops  (thanks to the medium 'Internet') we were able to buy our aquarium from a man in Bakel, thatís in the south of Netherlands approximately at a distance of 150 km. This man was an international truck driver and he was not able to exercise his hobby properly so he had been obliged to sell the matter.

Moving such an aquarium is a story on itself, a story that I like to tell you.

The aquarium is 180 x 60 x 60 with glass of 10 mm thick and a weight off Ī 180 kg.

There is200 kilogramís living stone (that is deceased coral that is full with bacteria and all other kind off microscopic small animals). The aquarium contains 675 litres salt water and below a filter with once more 125 litres. Furthermore the aquarium had been filled reasonable with leather corals, which is a soft coral and some anemones. Furthermore there is the steel under frame that must carry a weight off 1000 kg. In the sump under the aquarium were 2 circulations pumps and a biological spray filter and a little skimmer from Tunze with a capacity off 400 litres. Within the aquarium were a few moving pumps. Above the aquarium the lightning, a very old unit with 3 x 250 Watt HQI and1 blue TL. Also some piece off furniture plate.

After organising a group of strong men at home and also in Bakel, we left on February 9 2002 with a Volkswagen LT establishment bus.

The car had been loaded with barrels for water, the stones, corals and the fish. A large battery plastic bags and tempex boxes to keep the water warm Corals can endure just small temperature changes. Fortunately there were no stone corals, because they are very sensitive for temperature changes. Blankets, tempex plates and all the things we might use were in de Van.

At 6 o'clock in the morning we have left from Oost-Souburg (Flushing) the temperature was 4 degrees  celsius..

After we were left to Bakel my wife Ria could prepare the room so that we could place everything inside as soon as possible so that we could put it down warm. After she was ready she made sandwiches and a nice pan off pea-soup. It was very cold and there waited us a long and heavy day.

Half past eight we were in Bakel where we have been with 7 men busy demolish everything, catch fish and put corals and water in the barrels. At home stood also already a small hundred litres salt water to twist. At 14.30 everything was packet and we could carefully start the journey back home. Because some ofthe pvc-pipes we had to cut were broken, I rung to Ria so she could go to the shop to buy some new particles.


At 17.00 our, 11 ours later then the departure, we got home in Oost-Souburg (Flushing), where in the meantime a number of power lifters were present. Concerning the space it was only possible that the aquarium was carried by 2 people, otherwise they could not take the turning in to the room.

The Volkswagen was really packed, he had been filled until the roof. Now everything must be carried quickly in the room where the heating was high to keep it al warm. They had taken along approximately 600 litres water. And now it was hoping that everything was still alive, corals are life animals, invertebrate animals and they are very sensitive for temperature changes, water changes and stress.

What than happened I can't describe.

Then, when everything from the bus stood in de room, it was filled with boxes, large 120 litres containers, jerry cans and all kinds of bags and temped boxes, full from window to endured window, pace full, the garden was come by far no longer and at the front on the pavement it was not possible to pass by. If I think back there now, I would walk away almost screaming.



When you will have more information you can reach me on my mail:


My English is not very well, so if there is someone who wants correct this text please do and send it to me, I will be very pleased.  




Text Box: Ria en Henk Barten





Red Sea Max

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