UK flag Hello and welcome to my homepage

Hello all you non-dutch-speaking visitors!
This is my homepage. I am Tonnie [1969] and I live in Goes, a small town in the South West of The Netherlands.
On these pages you can read all about my favorite music and about my solarpanels.

And: Yes it's all in dutch!
And it's gonna stay dutch....
I'm not gonna translate it all into english or whatever language you'd prefer. I haven't got the time nor the mind to do so.

About my nick name: There are NO philosophies or deep thoughts behind it, I just took the name from Reservoir Dogs, one of my favorite movies.

I can hear you wondering: What am I still doing here?
Well, that's up to you ;-)

As for my favorite music: Just check my music-page and read the names.

If there's more you'd like to know, just mail me at


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