My name is Will de Vries.

I was born in Vlissingen , and I now live 35 years in Vogelwaarde (Gem. Hulst).
I am now 21 years in the making of mosaics, and do this with pleasure.
I love beautiful colors in pottery and porcelain that can be found.
In 1998 I first exhibited my work at City Hall in Hulst.
Because people are very positive, I continue to do so.
Places where I have my work exhibited are:

Church Hengstdijk; Gallery Antheunis Axel; Oost Vletteren (Belgium)
Boulangerie Hulst, Diner "in the City Hall Goes,`s Landshuis Hulst, Yara (factory Sluiskil)
I have had a virtual exposition in France.
I have also received invitations from Italy and visit there country for a while.
I have a gallery website in Australia.
Two years ago I was asked from America to participate in an exhibition of pictures of mosaics.
I sent one of my best work.
from the 1111 people who participated in the preview I was no.3.
Two years ago I was invited by "the businesswoman of the year".
this happened at the church in Goes.
I was there five days with some of my works.
By making mosaics, I have always tried to bring something new, so I over the years have developed my own style.
I hope that i may do my work for a long time, so that we all can enjoy it.

If you want to know more about my mosaics you can contact me by my contact page


last updated 25-07-2011