NRD-515 mains entry modification

Please remove both Rx as Synth board during filing.
And first see if your mains entry will fit in the space between the case and the Synth board without being unwise close to each other..........

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Mains entry with corner-angle wire output
Schaffner FN326-6/07

Ideal in this situation for reduced space.
Please also add the plastic isolation sheet.
During overvoltage it cold damage the synth board.

Another modified NRD-515 with standard mains entry.
Schaffner FN323-1/01 with bend-down ground solder lug.
The "hot" solder lugs are extra protected with shrink tubing.

Now the mains lugs are so close to the cover plate
that the isolation sheet is optimised for that.

Much too low creep distance and mains /lightning flash-over. Result: diodes and at least 25 IC's blown.

The burning spots have been cleaned, creep enlarged, also underneath the connector and on the PCB back.
A.O. all the 7447, all memory, all mem buffers, all divider chain IC's were blown and are in sockets now.

Don't forget to remove old unsafe stuff down there.

You could replace it with modern material in addition
to the new mains entry.

Standard small mains entry with solder lugs.
Schaffner FN323-1/01
-1 = 1A, -3 = 3A, -6 = 6 Amp
/01 = lugs, /06=Faston
FN323 and FN326 are out of production, probably
new FN9222, FN9226, FN9233 or FN9244 will do.

And this is also an ideal solution, the angle wire
output version with Schaffner FN326-6/07
FN326-1 = 1A, -3 = 3A, -6 = 6 Amp
/01 = lugs, /06=Faston, /07 = wire

And this is another ideal solution, the normal wire output
Delta 03GEEW3V with wires.

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by Walter - PE1ABR - 2024-02-08