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wurth Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, Deutschland (Germany)
Manufacturing and Distribution of all sorts of production materials.
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LINK to: the English EMC and components sub-page with EMC and Inductive Solutions

LINK to the page of a new kind of Bible for the Electronics Designer:
Design Guide "Trilogy of Magnetics". And others. Highly recommended reference manual!
feryster FERYSTER® (Poland)
Manufacturing and Distribution of all sorts of inductors, chokes, coils or SMPS transformers

LINK to the English language products page

dexter Magnetic Products and Electronic Components
Dexter is a global distributor and provider of ferrites of many manufacturers
POLFER Main business: Production of all sorts of Inductive Components

LINK to: PDF catalog
kreger KREGER Components, Inc.
Stocking Ferrite, Iron Powder Cores, Connectors, EMI Shielding, and Wire & Cable Management Accessories
Go and check all the manufacturer links!!
chomerics CHOMERICS is a global supplier of EMI shielding, thermal interface materials, and conductive (shielding) elastomers.

LINK to EMI shielding
elnamag Elna Magnetics / Elna Engineering - Manufacturing and Distribution
Info pages for Magnetics, Fair-Rite, Ferroxcube, Epcos, MMG/Neosid and MetGlas.
LINK to: Technical literature and application notes
LINK to: Catalogs Available from Elna Magnetics

Extreme slow pages and links
Dumb complex web programming
MH&W International Corp. - Magnetics Division
Distribution for Chang Sung (CSC) Powder Cores
Sales Agent for TDK Ferrites in North America
Authorized Distributor of TDG Ferrites for Power Supplies and EMI/RFI Applications
LINK to Chang Sung Info
LINK to EPCOS and TDK info
LINK to Material Selection Guide
LINK directly to all the CSC / TDK / TDG datasheets on the MHW site!!
adams LINK to Ferrite info page

This division is sold to ELNA Magnetics
See above
gowanda LINK to standard RF products

Gowanda is a supplier of wound inductors.
gowanda LINK to the COILS page

Murata is a supplier of all sorts of RF components.
bytemark Go To: Magnetics / Ferromagnetics Materials and also Section 1 to 8
(Suggested Reading)
palomar Amateur Radio and Inductor Info    Suggested reading!!

LINK to: Toroid Cross Reference
elmac Consultancy & Training in Electromagnetic Compatibility
acx Very high quality VHF - UHF - SHF (SMD) components

LINK to: Product page with SMD components
allstar LINK to ferrite core page.
DX LINK to: Electronic Technical Reference with EMI and RFI information
DX LINK to a PDF article to overcome the problem of a lead-in coax working as an antenna

Good info to make a very large common mode choke to suppress unwanted noise.

coil Advanced inductive components

LINK to inductor information
easy Easy Magnet, your cost effective solution for magnetic components!
Manufacturer of all sorts of inductive components

LINK to inductor page
delevan Advanced inductive components

Link to EMC cable suppressor section

LINK to literature page
AntenneX AntenneX Reprint Articles

Out of business?

LINK to alternative in DX-Zone
TSC-Ferrite International TSC Ferrite Toroid Cores Datasheet

LINK to: TSC main Ferrite Toroid page
vishay A large manufacturer of active and passive components

LINK to: VISHAY Inductor Page with info
Lodestone Technical info from Lodestone Pacific
Info page:
LINK to: Technical Information Library page
G3VNQ-NM9J G3VNQ-NM9J amateur radio site
Some examples:
LINK to: Articles of interest
LINK to: Shortwave hum - Interference caused by rectifiers
powermag Power Magnetics
Info pages for Inductive services a.s.o.

LINK to: Pace Toroid PDF page
LINK to: Pace Inductive services info page
The Schaffner Group is the international leader in the development and production of EMC/EMI solutions.

PREMO is a Spain-based company engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of electronic components.

Filtemc Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in scientific research, development, manufacturing, marketing and technical consulting of products in EMC/EMI and power quality fields.

finmotor FINMOTOR SRL - Via Edison, 217 - 20019 Settimo Milanese (Milan) - Italy

FINMOTOR offers filters for all type of EMI, EMC and RFI reduction, also big 3-phase types.
All of their filters can be viewed with the link to the products page.

Meanwhile linked with international Enerdoor Group

shirui Hefei Shirui Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,

Is manufacturing high frequency transformers, lan transformers, telecom transformer inductors, choke coils, EMI components, SMT magnetic components. They also produce ferrite cores, bobbins, iron power cores, amorphous cores, high flux core, sendust cores, MPP cores, etc.

Some info I (PE1ABR) made
An old version of my World Ferrite page.
All sorts of mains and audio power toroids

The toroid audio transformers designed by Menno VanderVeen are (were?) also available.
If the toroid transformers designed by Menno VanderVeen are NOT available they can be ordered at a second source factory in Belgrade - Republica Serbia.

I got this info from Menno himself!!! And ordered a special audio toroid.
Wilfried Burmeister


The most wonderfull RF toroid design program I've ever seen!

LINK directly to: Page with Toroid Design program
If it's changed, try main URL left.

More Dutch oriented part - het Nederlandse hoekje
Company Logo (and link) Inductive Components Information (and more links)
barend Het Plekje van Barend - Dutch Amateur Radio supplier Barend Hendriksen

Geen LINKS meer naar Barend H., site is uit de lucht!!
frans Het Plekje van Frans Bakelaar - Dutch Amateur Radio supplier Frans Bakelaar
Most of the info is in Dutch

This site was recently hacked and blacklisted!!

SHOP IS CLOSED: Frans Bakelaar has had a fatal illness and sadly passed away.
rinus Het plekje van KENT Electronics - Dutch Amateur Radio supplier KENT Electronics
Although their site is almost entirely in Dutch, it is a shame NOT to mention them....

SHOP IS CLOSED: The owner of Kent Electronics has had a fatal illness and sadly passed away.
Van Dijken Elektronica (next item) has announced to take over the Kent collection.
Van Dijken Elektronica: Elektronica Eldorado voor de radio-amateur en HF hobbyist.

Their site has a "language" option to translate some parts in English.

rinus Het plekje van BACO IJmuiden, Dutch Amateur Radio supplier BACO Electronics
Their site is also entirely in Dutch, its also a shame NOT to mention them....

haje HAJÉ Electronics

LINK to: Electronic Components
dracon From EMC components, shielding and installations to big equipment and machines.

wijdeven wijdeven Wijdeven is a specialist in top quality Inductive Components.
Transformers, coils, power supplies and for medical application.
Meanwhile included in the KUK group.

Direct LINK to toroid coils section page

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