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Pluto 3D


  Ingenieur of Bandits Farm  Best of Breed 2012 
  Best of Breed 2012  


Duitse pinscher


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This English section is a summary of the other dutch pages about Pluto.
When you require more information, please feel free to send an email at ingenieur@zeelandnet.nl
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Pluto is a red German pinscher male, born at April 20, 2009. After a lot of compliments about his looks, we decided to visit some international dogshows. First to get some experience, but after some good results we went for it. Would it be possible to get him on the "breeding-market"?
Yes! He went to the doc for mandatory medical tests, which are needed to get him at the official Dutch breeding list.
His hips, eyes, coatcolor and dna show perfect results.

Right before Pluto went 3 years of age, he gained some mass and bodyweight and this payed of in show results.
When he received the titel Best of Breed, we knew for sure: this underdog is a small diamant in GP breedingworld!
Pluto is registered at the Dutch GP association (DPVN) and the Dutch council (Raad van Beheer).

Now we are trying to pass on Pluto's dna by finding GP bitches. Not only for his looks and his health, but also to pass on his lovely character.

Pluto is a social dog. Curious, jolly, alert and obedient. Just like a typical GP, he has his funny ways to tell you something. He lives near the North Sea so he runs a lot along the beach, which gives him good developed muscles.
In wintertime, he loves to sleep near the fireplace. As soon as the sun comes out in spring, he makes sure to catch it.
He playes a lot with various dogs, he likes to drag sticks and at least once a day he pinsches with his stuffed toys.

When you're looking for a good looking, healthy and sweet GP as a stud, please consider Pluto.
Please visit the dutch links in the left menu for more pictures.

Born: April 20, 2009
Sex: male
Profession: stud (available)
Hobby's: hiking, biking, diging, pinsching, cuttling
Dislikes: rain and cold wind
Loves: Bijt'ie (his girlfriend), Tijgetje
Hips: HD A
Eyes: free
Von Willebrand:
Hight: 50 cm
Stamboom Pluto
Showresults: Excellent &
Best of Breed

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