London Calling
Paradiso, Amsterdam, 31 maart/1 april 2006


So I left school a bit early to catch the train on time. The businessplan was almost handed in, the rest of my group took care of it, so no more worries about that!

I arrived in Purmerend (where Anneke lives) at 4 in the afternoon, Annett and Jess were already there. Then we walked to Anneke's place where I could drop off my stuff and after that we had to leave again to take the bus to Amsterdam. We met Moniek there and picked Franzi and Ines up from their train and then we went to the Leidseplein and had dinner at McDo. Lots of new people, but they were all very nice!

We were the first in line at Paradiso, but the doors didn't open at 18:30 but at 19:00, bummer.

Our 'gang' on Friday (without me)

(and with me - in front)

We weren't allowed to get in the big hall yet. Tiny Dancers were supposed to be playing in the small one, but as you can see they were a tiny late :P

Welcome to church...
Your priests this evening:

DIRTY PRETTY THINGS. They were very good! Fortunately nobody fainted when Carl entered the stage, lol. They started off with Deadwood and played through their setlist very fast. When the intro of Death On The Stairs was played, everybody went totally insane!

Carli-Wan Kenobi (check out his lightsable!)

I don't think many bands who open a festival get a chance to do an encore, but they did! Well probably they just scheduled it that way.. Carl returned shirtless, which made the girls crazy :P and they played France and I Get Along and then the boys went crazy too

Am I the only one who thinks he has weird nipples? They're so small!

If You Were Wondering
Gentry Cove
Gin & Milk
Bloodthirsty Bastards
You Fucking Love It
Death On The Stairs
The Enemy
Bang Bang You're Dead
I Get Along

Bromheads Jacket! They started right after DPT ended, so we got up there a bit late. At first we couldn't get in at all, but after a while we managed to stand in the very back. Their songs are so funny, and so is the band. The singer made an attempt to a stagedive, but he fell, broke his guitar and got blood all over his face because of a wound on his forehead. Nevertheless they just continued playing and everybody loved them even more.

My Latest Novel, mwah, they weren't bad but a bit boring. Some diversity in the lyrics wouldn't kill them.

THE FUTUREHEADS! They were absolutely lovely. After they opened with Area, they played a lot of new songs but also some classics like Meantime and A To B. The crowd's reaction was also very good with a big moshpit and a lot of crowdsurfers. I'd really like to see them again!

The City Is Here For You To Use
Skip To The End
A To B
Back To The Sea
Return Of The Beserker
Carnival Kids
He Knows
Hounds Of Love
Man Ray
Decent Days And Nights

I also saw Maria during the gig, it was nice to meet her. So after the gig, we decided not to go see We Start Fires and Tiny Dancers anymore, so we went into the entrance-hall and guess who was standing there..

< fangirl-mode >

Me and Carl :P ehm, yeah... He said something like "I'm glad the strange girl left", so I guess he didn't think I was strange? (I'm not the weird one!)

Moniek also wanted to have her picture taken with him as well but he was too busy with other fangirls (and boys) so instead she got this, haha. She got one later though!

In the MEANTIME (lol) we saw Ross and Jaff from The Futureheads walking by, so I approached them for a talk and a pic.. they were very nice! And very tall too! Their new album will be released on May 29nd for those interested.

Jaff, me, Ross

Me, Jaff, Anneke, Ross... Gary (ex-Lib/DPT) took this picture! We saw him coming up the stairs with the singer from Bromheads Jacket, but he didn't want to get in the picture himself.. so I was taking this picture with Anneke and the other guys in it, and he was like: "Join them! I'll take it!" Then he couldn't get us all in and we had to get closer to each other and I was almost literally in Jaff's armpit :P It was a very funny moment :D

< / fangirl-mode >

Carl's new love interest :)

After that we went home, everybody except Moniek slept over at Anneke's place so it was very crowded.


Anneke and Annett had to get up really early to pick up Susanna and Marleena. Me and the rest arrived back in Amsterdam at about 11, then we went into town. I bought the Mystery Jets cd and a ticket for Be Your Own Pet at Boudisque (the place with the cat called William/Kees :P)

Walking though Amsterdam..

Then we got lunch at a place where they don't like people to pay, I think. It took us about 30 minutes to get the waitress's attention to ask for the bill. After that we split up because certain people wanted to get high :P Franzi, Ines, Anneke and me went to the Waterlooplein, Anneke bought a Carl-scarf (as you can see in the next picture). We would meet the others in front of Paradiso again, so after a few hours we went back there. Moniek also joined us again and we went to the Vondelpark.

Anneke and me

When we were sitting there, this band came by playing in a .. eh, bakfiets (a bike with a bak? haha I don't know) I recognized a line in their lyrics (the only one I knew) and therefore we knew it was The Immediate.

Then we got cold and went to an Irish pub, where we were forced to watch the football match between Manchester United and eh some other club.

After that we went back to the others, who were sitting at the waterside behind the venue. It was lovely there, in the sun and out of the wind. The Kooks were messing around as you can see in the back :P

(Anneke's pic)

Had dinner at McDonalds again because everybody was poor.

This guy on the Leidseplein keeping up a ball and doing tricks all the time (when we were getting back at 3 in the night he was still there!)

First in line!

Ines, Annett and Moniek (who will probably kill me for posting this)

The building on the other side of the street

When we were allowed to get in (the doors did open at 18:30 this time), we went straight upstairs because Larrikin Love would be the first band to play there.

The freaky Larrikin Love-cowbell

For some reason there was a picture of this very sophisticated lady next to the stage..

Setlist (Silver = Calypso)

Larrrrikin <3! They were adorable! I don't know what it takes for someone to get that weird, I usually get annoyed by that very soon, but they were just really enthousiastic. Their songs are cute and everybody was dancing with a smile on their faces, it was one big party.

The bassplayer looked like he was the only normal person in the band :P

Cowbell in action

Kapil, Blaine and Will of the Mystery Jets watching them, I could tell by their smiles that they were really enjoying it (well they're not smiling here but they were most of the time)

The Long Blondes, I don't know.. they were a bit disappointing. I really like their songs but I think it was the energy and the rush and the happiness of the songs of Larrikin Love that made them look less appealing to me.

Howling Bells, they were a bit boring. Low Happening is a good song though, and it was good to see a girl who could actually play the guitar (au contraire to the girl on the left from The Long Blondes). Will from Mystery Jets and "the dead blonde guy" from the Kooks made things a bit more exciting though when they crossed the stage tango-ing shirtless :P

The Kooks! We had the best places, first row in the middle. It was really hot and crowdy, with a huge moshpit right behind us and a couple of crowdsurfers.. I didn't manage to take good pictures but it was okai (:P) Their songs are good but I didn't feel like "Wow!" while I was watching them. The girls surrounding me surely did though! They were all melting because of the singer, but I didn't really fancy him. He's my age but he looks like he could be my little brother (who just discovered rock & roll). Oh and he pointed at me during 'Naive', but I don't know if I should be glad with that :P

Will from the Mystery Jets joined them during the last song

Found this picture on 3voor12 (check it out everyone, there's audio and video footage), I think it's me in the circle :P Moniek doesn't need a circle and if you look very closely you can also see Franzi.

Waiting for the Mystery Jets :)

ZOO TIME! After watching Good Shoes on the screen because we didn't want to give up our good spots, the Jets came on, they were grrreat. Very energetic, too bad they played that short (or did it only seem that way?)

Will and/or Kai gave us the mic during Alas Agnes (their last song) so that we could sing it for them :P
"Alaaaaaaaaas oh Aaaagneees I still adore you"
After that they were done and we didn't get an encore :(

Zoo Time
Purple Prose
The Boy Who Ran Away
You Can't Fool Me Dennis
Horse Drawn Cart
Soluble In Air
Diamonds In The Dark
Alas Agnes

..but you still have your souvernirs!

- torn setlist, William threw it in the audience and I grabbed it but some other people did that too and this is the result
- Kai's basspick! (I think :P)

After the gig we hung around in the hall, hoping that some of the guys would come out, but they didn't. I really wanted to get my cd signed :(
Then we got home, we walked all the way to Central Station again, ate some pizza on our way and fell asleep at 5, tired but happy.


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