re-arranging the default E16 desktop.

As I'm using retrowave and I want proper big pagers and have the slide-in and -out function available. I'll need some customizing.

To do that I'll need to change the specific theme in “”/usr/share/share/E16/themes" or make and add my own. The latter is the better option in the long run as those in the former will be reset to the default base every time E16 is upgraded, losing all customizations.

Semi transparent Pager slid open (keeping it on top of everything)

and slid back in.

To accomodate i.e give room to the pager (If it shares a space with the panel), “tint2” has to be set to a smaller size than 100% to avoid overlapping. This can be done by running “tint2 settings” from the “Application starter”:

The plank settings can be gotten by Ctrl & Right-click anywhere on the dock itself.

Second Itteration with (very) large pager at the bottom.

And closed:

Giving large oversight of opened apps on the various desktops.

Obviously the pager bar still needs a bit of work (i.e darker and larger) The main line of thought here is that it is the desktops pager placement that set Elive apart, so why not give it a prominent place?

An overview leaving out “plank” i.e only “tint2” and setting “rofi” starter to show 2 collumns

And a screenshot with 2 instances of tint2 running. One as taskbar and systray up top and one as panel down below. To have “autostart-applications.list” handle 2 instances of tint2, there has to be a minor delay for the second one to start ….. so add “sleep 3 &&” before the command.

or this, coming closer to original setup with pager Stable E17 like. (needs update — too many small isues)

This is using2 instances of tint2and leaving out plank.

After some serious thoughts and being reminded on how well made “Afterstep” was/is …. I had a look there for inspiration and decided I wanted the pager to slide out from the right side inside a panel. It could contain helpfull other stuff like systray and/or favourites or access to settings. Quasi the bottom panel on other distros.

Size the same as the “areas” widget…..color through theme?

This will be a new entry/Howto.