IJspegel 7: Snowy pursuit of the X-35s

14-02-2010, Scheveningen (Ko Stroo)


On Sunday morning we arrived at the boat in perfect skiing conditions; nice powder snow was falling down from the sky in just below zero temperatures. But we went sailing...


After removal of the snow from the deck and preparing the boat we went to the Yacht club for a cup of warm coffee. We left the harbour and sailed to the starting vessel where we discovered some problems with the new mainsail halyard. So we dropped the main and fitted the old halyard back. After a upwind practice run we decided to set the mast for 8 knots of wind in anticipation of a decreasing wind speed.


We started the race in about 12 knots of wind at the middle of the line; clear of the bigger boats all starting at the vessel side. We had a good start, but struggled a bit with the softer mast setting. With a nice port side approach we reduced the damage somewhat. With the three X-35s in front of us we had a nice challenge for the rest of the race. Downwind in the confused waves the speed was quite good and with some nice boat handling we got back to the X-35 fleet.


Upwind we had a reasonable leg keeping our position, downwind we were able to pass the last X-35 (Waku-Waku). The wind was now finally dropping to the forecasted 8 knots. After again a nice spinnaker drop we passed the second X-35 (Maas) with better speed and pointing. Upwind we passed both the FRD-experience and the Moshulu and downwind we passed the third X-35 (Loyola X) and thereby seizing the fourth place.


Sadly (for us) the race was shortened at the downwind mark because of the decreased wind. On rating we finished 8th, as was expected with the long upwind legs against the tide. Daikin dominated the race on the water and also won on rating.


Team Triple P:

 1 Ernst Jan van Housselt

 2 Alex van Ommen

 3 Martin Rinckes

 4 Ko Stroo

 5 Koen Verhaeghe de Naeyer

 6 Fezi Khaleghi