Heavy wind blows away the weekend

11-11-2007, Scheveningen (Ko Stroo)


We had planned to do some practice on Saturday and sail the IJspegel winter series on Sunday. Both were sadly cancelled due to the stormy weather which has been pounding the Dutch coast for several days.


On Saturday morning we had some hopes to sail at the end of the afternoon, when the wind would drop to a mild breeze. The waves were however too big to get safely out of the harbour, so we cancelled the training. The IJspegel was already cancelled by then.


We did inspect our new mast, which arrived on Friday, and chatted with some other sailing teams. Our 'new' training genua #3 was also dropped off by Gijs, which he bought second-hand in the USA. Miraculously it turned out to be the #3 which I used in the Tour de France a la Voile in 2004. It was sold with the boat to a team in the USA, and now it is back!


photograph by: Roland van der Horst