Training on Saturday, DNS on Sunday

28-10-2007, Scheveningen (Ko Stroo)


Saturday we finished some small jobs on the boat early in the morning and left the harbour at noon for some practice runs. Sadly Joost signed out sick, so we were only with six. Gijs returned from the USA to confirm that there are only two boats that rock, a TP52 and a M30. We did some rounds with a X-35, and were quite satisfied with our boatspeed.


On Sunday a steady 25 knots was blowing, and with a 7 Bft. wind warning we went out. Hans joined us for some extra weight and tactics. After 15 minutes we decided that the wind was too much for our some of our untrained crew, so we signed off (DNS ~ did not start) and speeded home. Surfing back to the harbour we hit 14.6 knots on the main and #3 jib.


Team Triple P:

   1  Ernst-Jan van Housselt

   2  Gijs Gunneman

   3  Gregory Vlasblom

   4  Ko Stroo

   5  Erik Koper

   6  Fezi Khaleghi

   7  Hans