Sheridan's shining beacon in space

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My award(s)

This is a picture of John Sheridan and Susan Ivanova, the captain and commander of Babylon5

A picture of Lady Pendragon, from the Lady Pendragon comicbook. Try it at your local comicstore! Or visit the Lady Pendragon website. Lady Pendragon is trademark and copyright 1998 Matt Hawkins.

This page is dedicated to all my friends and especially to:
Chantal, my sweet reporter, best friend and woman of my dreams
Martijn (rebelx/Mishra)
Arnold, Ralph, Ellen, Caroline, Hanneke, Peggy
Marloes and Alex
Martijn and Valery
Anne and Eefje
My foreign chatmates (in no particular order): Tamar, Yael, Alina

Personal info (as if you're interested *grin*)

Sheridan's links

Sheridan's 2nd linkpage

Sheridan's poems

Very cool pics drawn especially for me

Some pictures of me and my friends

More pictures

Pictures of the IRL of January 23rd!!

Some pics of my roomies


Sheridan's comic page

Pictures of IRL 24-4-1997!!!

Pictures of the meeting in Groningen 3-10-97

Pictures of the meeting in Utrecht 24-01-98 and of A'dam 06-02-98

Pictures of Dynamo Open Air 1998

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