Robert Adams and Nigel Stacy’s Grantura - 13

Last updated - 17/10/2005




A friend and I own a 1959 Mk1 Grantura, currently registered TYJ 306 (not original) in the UK. we bought the car in about 1995 from a friend of mine and did it up, I did the mechanical stuff, my co-owner did the respray, we took it to a couple of track days with the TVR owners club and I took it to Le Mans in 96. Since 2000 it has been laid up, and I'm currently rebuilding it again, mostly cosmetic re-painting the chassis tubes, new petrol tank etc, should be ready by summer 06.


The car never had a chassis number when we bought it, and it was given number 13 by the then club official Mervyn Larner (is he still around?). It has a number of odd features, either it was built that way, or was modifed in the distant past. It has a close ratio box, MGA 1622 engine, disc brakes (unknown donor), nostrils at the front of the bonnet, incorrect rear lights (VW I think).


Mervyn recokened it may have been a pre-production prototype as it had no chassis number, and I'm not sure if the engine is original, the engine number comes from an Austin Maxi accoring to the BL web site!


I'll get some pictures to you some day. Years ago I met Klaus Witzig, the German Grantura collector and took him for a spin round Silverstone, and I regularly 'raced' Ian Massey-Crosse in his Grantura, and never came close to him!

Current Owner:

Robert adams and Nigel Stacy (UK)

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