Alex Saidel’s Jomar – 7FS105

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THIS WAS THE THIRD FASTBACK JOMAR TO BE BUILT, AND THE FIFTH BLOWN FORD COUPE TO BE RECIEVED. THE CAR WAS ORDERED ON 4/15/58 AND TOOK 5 MONTHS TO BUILD. IT WAS COMPLETED ON 9/12/58 AND SHIPPED VIA THE SS NOVA SCOTIA AND ARRIVED ON 9/12/58. IT WAS FINISHED IN BLACK, AND WAS THE FIRST LEFT HAND DRIVE CAR TO BE BUILT. BETWEEN OCTOBER 30TH 58 AND DEC 18TH 58 IT WAS SOLD TO JONES BROS INC, 1316 LEE HIGHWAY ROSSLYN VA, AND RETAILED TO A CUSTOMER believed to be Dewitt. Ian Rainford found an ad in a 1962 Road and Track for this car being sold by Dewitt. Penn title shows originally titles on Feb 21 1961. This title was issued on 10-29-1969 to Clarence R. Dillinger Jr of Kimberton Pa. I found him listed still today. He sold the car to Tim White approx 1972. Tim had the car until sold to me 2004 through Kerry Stagmer.


Letter from Ray to TVR dated  Sept 13, 1958


“we received the black car in good condition yesterday. I was rather disappointed to see no heater-defroster however and no provision for increased engine cooling and passenger compartment cooling. We will install a heater and also louver the bonnet and put vents in the sides of the body for driver and passenger comfort. Although this takes us about a week it is needed to make the cars saleable. Evidentally there is a difference in climatic conditions here as I know that every Lotus Mk 11 has to have holes cut into the bonnet otherwise they overheat badly. The Jomars suffer from the same problem….”


Letter from ray to TVR dated Sept 29th, 1958


“..I am sorry that I have been unable to answer your letters sooner but have had so much on my mind relative to the Jomar that I wanted to think it over for a few days. I have frankly been so dejected I almost wrote you several times to suggest you find a new US distributor, we have been running into stone wall after stonewall. I can’t sell, trade or give one of the right hand drive cars away (and we have four). We spent a week bringing the new lefthand drive black car up to the best standards we could before delivering it to our dealer Auto Engineering Inc. of Lexington Mass. We installed a heater and defroster, aligned front and rear end, road tested, waxed the exterior etc etc. When we finally delivered it the dealer refused to accept it on the following grounds….

“poor door fits.. (we had already readjusted as best we could)

“Both window frames flimsey and completely inadequate. Rt side especially”

“Window regulators too fragile and can be cranked down so that the glass can be pulled out of the tracks”

“Interior detailing very poor, bad clunking in drive train”

“Inside bottom edge of windshield unfinished, upholstery becomes unglued and falls off”

“Left hand drive pedal and seating arrangement is poor with no room to get your foot on the clutch (have to use your toes for this)”

“Heater and defroster setup is ridiculous”(we had installed a small but effective unit that did not add to the glamour of the car.


“I was at first quite angry especially as I have been up since 6 AM yesterday morning (raced at Watkins glen Formula Libre FIA event Sunday 28th and spent last night driving the 500 miles or so home…when I returned this early AM I found the letter listing the above on my desk and waited till about noon to call the dealer. After listening to his reactions I realize that he was quite reasonable and have asked him to withhold his decision until we make changes to see if we can bring the car up to what he considers saleable standards. Believe me if he can’t sell the car, no one in the USA can. We will take pictures of all changes and forward to you.”



Picture 1 is of the car after being rejected by AutoEngineering in 1958

Picture 2 is during restoration this winter



Current Owner:

Alex Saidel (USA)

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