Dave Quine’s Grantura – 7F13

Last updated 10/16/2007






The car Chassis No is : 7/F/13. My body shop whilst working on the car inspected the chassis/Build plates more throughly and the number is not 7/F/134,it is 7/F/13 so this being 13th in the series,this is on the old brass plaque and also makes reference on the bottom of the plate saying Layton Sports Car Ltd.

The engine No which is still on the V5 is: 169307 this is showing a capacity of 997 which of course equates to the old 105E Engine, the actual engine that is fitted in the  car is a 1300GT unit from an Escort MK1. The vehicle has not been taxed for quite a few years but is drivable just brake bind from standing it will be serviced and put through it's mot before it is sold. The car was in the last keepers hands from 1990 till now and he said as far as he is aware the keeper prior to him had for very long time and it could be just a three owner car.

Current Owner:

Dave Quine (UK)

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