Marlan Carlson's Grantura - 7C226

Last updated 08/04/2008




This is what Marshall Moore said about this car in a letter, dated September 5, 2003, to me. 


The car is serial number 7/C/226, and it was produced by TVR Engineering LTD. of Blackpool, England in 1960, the exact production date not listed in their factory production records.  The records indicate the car was originally built in right hand drive configuration, painted light blue, and fitted with a Coventry Climax 1261 cc 4-cylinder engine, engine number FEW 400-31-9243. According to the factor records, 7/C/226 was the 25th Grantura Mk. II to be built and it was first registered in England on April 2, 1961.  Records from the TVR Car Club of England further indicate the car has a lightweight bodyshell, reportedly built by one Richard Goodwin for "B.B.", thought to be a previous owner of the car.  The car was raced competitively in its early life, probably for about a year, during which time the original Coventry Climax engine blew up and was replaced by an MGB engine by "B.B.".  The car then reportedly sat idle for about 15 years. The next owner of record was Mr. Lee Barton Kimball of Los Gatos, California who registered the car on August 18, 1978.  The next owner of record was Daniel H. Wing of Millbrae, California who registered the car on July 29, 1986. 


At some point the car was fitted with an OSCA 4-cylinder engine, the steering was changed to left hand drive, and it it was painted red, which is its current state. (from Marlan Carlson, not Marshall Moore)


While the car was built by TVR Engineering Ltd as a 1960 model, it has been titled for some years as a 1961, probably because that was the year in which it was first registered by the DVLA in England. Marlan Carlson acquired the car September 2, 2003


A few notes on the OSCA engine from "Classic Motorsports." 


In 1958, Fiat retained the OSCA company, owned by the Maserati brothers, to design a high-performance engine for the Pininfarina-designed Spider.  Contrary to popular opinion, the engine was built by Fiat, as a hand-fitted, bench-made engine for its sports car, the Fiat 1500 from 1962 to 1964.  To distinguish it from the later Fiat-engined 1500 introduced in 1964, enthusiasts refer to this car as the Fiat 1500 OSCA. This is a very rare car, and it is not possible to determine how many were built.  Estimates run from 80 to 500, though in order to meet homologation requirements, Fiat would have had to produce 500 engines. The engine itself is fitted with an alloy twin-cam head with chain-driven cams and a mechanical tensioner.  A Weber carburetor, of a larger size than the one used on the 1200 engine, was installed, and the exhaust manifold was replaced with a tubular header.  This engine produced 90 horsepower at 5800 rpm and a top speed of 105 mph. 


This particular car has front disc brakes. 


Current Owner:

Marlan Carlson (USA)

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