Fransesco Stevaninís Grantura - 7B459

Last updated - 15/08/2012 




Honestly speaking I think it will be a medium - long term project but I shall do all my best for trying to bring back this gorgeous car on road the sooner.

I am going to keep the original colour scheme that is Ambassador Blue on Red vynide interior.

The car currently has a 1622 MGA engine but the chassis plate clearly shows a 1588 unit and this is what I shall go for.

The bodywork is in good condition, even if it needs TLC and new floors, but sadly the chassis seems to be in need of replacement.

I wil try to keep as much as possible of the original components.

Anyone who keeps information on the past owners and history of my car is kindly asked to contact me


Current Owner:

Francesco Stevanin (Italy)

To contact the owner, please route inquiries through the registar.

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