Eddie Hopkins’s Grantura - 7B182

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Info Current owner:

I have purchased Grantura 7B182 in need of restoration and discovered your register which is very helpful, I have been in contact with the last 2 owners who are keen to follow the restoration. The only additional information to that provided by William Bastin who owned the car in 2009, is that the original colour was dark green then yellow and that a roll over frame was fitted to the chassis at some point and later cut out, suggesting it was raced at some point.



Info previous owner:

1958 TVR Grantura MK 1 with 1800cc MG engine and transmission. Found stored in a barn in cornwall believed to have been there 15 or so years and dry stored for the past year in my possession in Devon. I have no documentation or registration numbers. I have now been in contact with various people including the TVRCC and other enthusiasts with regards to my car.
The TVRCC believed it to be a 1960 model MK I with 1 previous owner. The car used to be yellow, we do not have the registration number but the previous holder of the car who had stored it for over a decade (not registered keeper of the vehicle as it was never road worthy during his possession of the car) has recalled the last 3 digits of the registration as 770.  
Chassis number 7/B/182
Engine number (on chassis plate) 15716 (I do not have original engine)

Current Owner:

Eddie Hopkins  (UK)


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