I was born in Laren (NH), the Netherlands and after 1,5 years my parents moved to a little village called Schore. I lived there until I became 19 and went studying Engineering Mechanics at the University of Technology Delft. I moved to Schipluiden (near Delft) and there I still live. In the mean time I've switched school and began to study Engineering Mechanics at the 'Haagse Hogeschool' in the Hague.

When I came to the big city in 1996 I soon started to work with 3d studio max 2.0. I've experimented some with it, but it never came to more then little design for school, mechanical stuff and some architectural work. Until the summer of 1999 I goofed around a bit with all kinds of computerprograms and hardware and I happily built a few workstations and later a network, but it never felt like doing something useful or original. At that point I decided to take 3D modeling and animation a bit more serious. I bought a book about R3.1 from Erik Mansvelders (ISBN 9041905464) and later on I bought '3D studio max r3 In Depth' from Rob Polevoi (ISBN 157610432X). Because of the 3 years experience with the program I had no problem learning much from this one. After finishing Maya 2 Character Animations, I've now begon working through 'Mastering Maya 3' (ISBN 0-7821-2835-1).

In the spring of 2000 I mainly used the program to animate projects from school to make a good impression at all kinds of presentations. Since november 5th I'm graduated at the 'Haagse Hogeschool' on the topic of 'efficiency during the process of 3Dvisualisation'.

I proudly use my Inspiron 8100 to complete every mesh, texture and rigging.

Creativity and being ingenious doesn't depend on the system or the software you work with. I'm inspired by the artists found at for example and and I know that I have very, very much to learn and the thought of the things to be modeled only make me want to learn more...