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What makes shopping so special at this site?
Well, I would say some nice poetry out of some
"PoŽsie-Albums" and "Autograph-books".
I created some tubes out of the images that use to go
with this kind of poetry.
I'll publish some Nursery rhymes.
And I hope in the near future to add some tutorials
so please stay in touch.

You may take whatever you like...... without payment!
But please don't claim the poems or tubes to be your own work,
or add them into any collection without my written permission.
All tubes are marked invisible!


Please be patient:
This page is graphic intense and takes time to load!

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Thanks to all my friends at "Jazzl's"
for being so patient with me,
so finally I'm able to show some clean tubes here :-)).

I learned the basics on HTML at "BuddingHTMLGurus".

And thanks to my teachers at "WebTech University"
for their lessons, support and help.

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