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Me in summer 98
An introduction
(click lighthouses to watch radarscreens)

     My name is Kees Polderman and I live in the Netherlands. I was born on February 9, 1958 in vicinity of the village of Haamstede, about 1 km from the lighthouse. Right now I live 20 km from my place of birth, in the small town of Zierikzee also situated on the former island Schouwen-Duiveland on the border of the North Sea and Oosterschelde-river. 

West-Schouwen lighthouse      I visited primary school at Haamstede and secondary school in Zierikzee. 
After I finished my military service as an officer with the Infantry, 
I was asked to join the local coastguard, situated at the lighthouse/ radar station at Haamstede. Ten years later there was reorganization and the coastguard stations of Haamstede and Ouddorp had to unite. From that time on I work as a radar operator at the lighthouse/ radar station at Ouddorp, situated on the former island Goeree-Overflakkee. 

About My hobbies and social life. 

Goeree Westhoofd lighthouse
     In summer, I like to swim and scuba-dive in our local waters. 
I love mountaineering, skiing and camping with my friends, so mostly combine them during vacation in France. I play some squash and badminton now and then. 
I like all kinds of music, from classic to trance and all in between, I play blues harp and have several other musical instruments. 

     I'm a HAM-operator (callsign: PE1RNL) and interested in electronics and computers. APRS position last 24 hours
Click to see the track of my car of the last 24 hours.

     About the same but then for commercial shipping is the Automatic Identification System. I added a possibility to see a map displaying the AIS traffic from ships in my vicinity (it's not frequently updated). AIS Ship Plotter
Click to see the screencopy of the ShipPlotter software on my computer.

I'm a volunteer with the local lifeguards MyMaps at MapBuilder.net and Red Cross and apart from first aid, I'm also responsible for the transceivers. I'm also a regular visitor of the KNRM lifeboatstations.  Excel file of KNRM-stations and vessels.

I like to attend to meetings to get things better organized, to learn and to teach. As you see, Search And Rescue has become part of my life. 
My device: "Positive thinking, makes you a happy person. Be honest, keep your promises, respect other peoples opinion and try to understand their view-points." 

Bottlenose dolphin in local waters      I'm fond of animals. I had the opportunity to combine several interests when I worked as a volunteer at the local dolphin research station, where porpoises and dolphins can adapt to natural conditions before they return to the wild. Study is done on the effects of acoustics on dolphins, to keep them away from fishing-nets. 

     I'm very much interested in other cultures, especially those in Asia and India, one of my dreams is to travel around the world to visit exiting places and make new friends. (and one of my drawbacks, to enjoy their tasty food) I just love Asian cuisine, that's the main reason I mostly eat rice. 

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Amnesty International
The Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Don Bosco Foundation
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White Ribbon Campaign
White Ribbon Campaign 
Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide 
And remembering those who we've lost 

Stop Senseless Violence
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