England and Ireland

P&O Ferry Rotterdam to Hull

Port of Holyhead to Dublin (Irish Ferry)  Holyhead

This wat goes to the custom for unloading Botanic garden

Arrival Limerick

Before to go sleep city Waterford

The small bridge

With Irish Ferry back Dublin to Holyhead

After wake up Holyhead

motorway westcoast {Wales}of England

Brittaniabridge {Wales}Brittanniabridge   History

Flowers from garden arive for loading

Ready for loading at the garden

Port of Waterford

Dartfordtunnel go left

Motorway England

City of Dublin  same

Westport backwards for unloading by the store

Behind the Limerick firetruck

Here to drive right over the small bridge

It's saterday than meet the bikers

After wake up Holyhead

motorway westcoast {Wales}of England

To see from the Brittaniabridge  little Island

Kilkenny after unloading last night time to go sleep 07:00 in the morning

Waiting for loading near Waterford

Waterford  information

Sightseeing from motorway M 11 London

Dartfordtunnel left

Parking at home near port of Scharendijke

map of Ireland