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Dear Visitor,

Twelfth years ago we started to organize theosophical meetings in Middleburg, the capital of the Zeeland Province. Before that we had to attend meetings in one of the big cities like The Hague and Rotterdam. Since then meetings for a study group are being held.

This site is for interested individuals, to keep them posted about meetings that are held in the province. It is also for those people interested in learning more about their origin and future.

The increasing materialistic behaviour of humanity shows how urgent spiritual knowledge has become and made public. The idea that we live once and our present life should be made as enjoyable as possible, without thinking of our future evolution, is very short-sighted. Ignorance is mental immobility and learning is progress.

We are all made up of spirit and matter, our spiritual half is just as important as our physical half. Through studying our spiritual half together we develop more practically and efficiently. Having right thoughts is an excellent characteristic, but with good thoughts alone we won’t make it, we must act too. We have a divine origin and its up to us to bring out our divinity in daily life.

There is a study group which is held once a month on Tuesday evenings, in the spring from January to May and in the autumn from September to December. At present the book we are studying is called “De Esoterische Traditie ” writen by G. de Purucker . For more information see meetings.