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This is a wedding picture of us. It was taken at the studio on a very hot day. We got married on the first of July 1994. We had a chauffeur driven classic car, an "Armstrong Siddely". On the top of the bonnet of the car is a statue of a sphinx. Which stands for the silence of the car. At the end of our wedding we got a bottle of wine from the chauffeur as a present. This is Lynda at her parents house by the back door. This was taken in "Middelburg" on a very hot summer's day. At that time Lynda was still single.

MacKencie is Lynda's dog. It's a yorkshire terrier. He's been in the family since he was a puppy. He is very sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly. He's a pedigree dog with his family tree. He has a great sence of time because he's always waiting by the door when we arrive by Linda's parents. This is me. At my work. I work by Colijn Europa Holding, a great computer company. I'm a computer engineer.

This is our great view from our house at the parking. You can't see our racing car, because it's parked behind the shed. At the very end of the parking is a supermarket it's called A&P which stands for Atlantic & Pacific. The parking is always very crowded Tuesday's and Saturday's. Usually there's not one space left. That's because it's one of the few free parkings next to the center of our town "Goes".

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