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Since 1989 we are addicted to designing, building and flying kites.
We means: Jan van Leeuwen and my wife Jolanda.
We make all our kites ourselves.
We try to create new designs and donít want to copy existing kite designs, because we want to have unique kites.
We think itís more special to look at a kite, which you have never seen before.

Building kites and flying them is not only a hobby, it became ďa part of our lifeĒ.
We like to go to kite festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.

For example:

  • Portsmouth, Bristol and Bedford - Great Britain,

  • Lunen - Germany,

  • FanŲ - Denmark,

  • Dieppe, Freyus and Berck - France,

  • Cervia and Ischia - Italy.


We fly our kites all around Europe and we would like to fly them all over the world.
To show the kites we have made to people, especially kite fliers, to talk about the kites and share our knowledge and learn from other kite fliers is what we love to do.
Talking with people with the same interest is great.