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About me
The name "megasem" comes from my first online gamername. When the Playstation 3 came out on March 23, 2007 the name and the legend was born. Since that day i've used that gamertag on almost all my online games.
When i play a video game i want to be good at it. I simply can't enjoy if i suck at it. The last year or so i've only played, moba's and rpg's. Games like league of legends, Path of exile and Diablo 3. I am planning to make guides of my favorite league of legends champions and builds paths on Path of exile or Diablo 3.
I will also review games and make a kind of special selection of great series and music that most people probably have never heard of.
If you got a special request contact me by adding a comment on one of my youtube videos or by using Twitter.

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