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Hi, my name is Jos van Leeuwen. I live in the Netherlands close to the Belgian border.

For more then 30 years persians are my lovely pets and passion.

After so many years we still try to enjoy showing and breeding,

The most important and a must for breeding for me is that the cats must have  a sweet and lovely character / nature.

The cattery and cats are cfa registered.

I work together with Els Laurijsen from Cattery Mira Bai (the Netherlands). Our purpose is to breed healthy beautiful cats with a cobby and massive body, big wide open dark copper eyes, small ears, a round head and a sweet, open expression.

We sell our cats only under contract rules, which can be requested by contacting us.

 From time to time we have kittens out of PKD DNA neg. tested parents (only for serious breeders). The kittens grow up in the livingroom. We don't cage our cats and we try to give them the best of live with a lot of love.

Take a look around on the website and discover it yourself.