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Jan J.B. Kuipers (1953) is a prolific writer of fiction and non-fiction. His writings include literature for adults and children, poetry, works on history and archaeology, the Dutch province of Zeeland, pop music and pop culture, essays, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy. He won several awards for fiction and non-fiction. His more than seventy published books are all in the Dutch language; some stories and articles were translated in English, German, French and Romanian.






Translated SF/F/H stories by Jan JB Kuipers: TranslatedSF




Remember Hygelac? He was king of the Gaets,

a huge man – no horse could carry him….





Their Descriptive God; Softly Weeping’

by Jan J. B. Kuipers (translated by Jan Bee Landman) hearkens back

to a classic science fiction story: in this case, Sam Moskowitz’s

Microcosmic God.’ However, Kuipers demonstrates a totally different

style - perhaps Silverberg tinged with Borges.


Evelyn C. Leeper   (1991)