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    Jaro is an artist creating Arts visualy and musicaly.

    Born Aquarius in 1964  in a small town called Terneuzen,

    in the countryside off Holland,where he  also been raised.

    As a youth he moved to the city,tasting citylife and

    experimenting with art and music,after going places 

    he returned back to his hometown till now.



    Visualy he paints Aquarelle portraits,inspired

    by Rastafariculture and Mother Nature,

     in his own typical and original style.

    Musicaly he writes and compose his own songs,

    playing the instruments and doing the vocals also.

    He never been to Artschool or Musicschool but 

    Jaro himself says about his artistic talent,

    It is Jah that make me do all this artistic works,

    so I give thanks and praize to Jah Rastafari,Selah.






                                                                                  Visual works created by I Jaro