Date on the PC 04-08-21
Time on the PC 10:15

Date on the Station 04-08-21
Time on the Station 10:16

UTC Date 04-08-21
UTC Time 8:15

Station Name Kruiningen Schonewal
Station City Kruiningen
Station State Zld
Station Elevation 0 m
Station Latitude 51 26' 25" N
Station Longitude 4 02' 10" E

Sunrise Time 6:13
Sunset Time 21:26

Weather Forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change.
Moon Phase Waning Crescent

Outside Temperature 19.7C
High Outside Temperature 19.7C at 10:16
Low Outside Temperature 12.3C at 5:38
High Monthly Outside Temp 21.8C
Low Monthly Outside Temp 12.1C
High Yearly Outside Temp 30.1C
Low Yearly Outside Temp -8.0C

Outside Humidity 68%
High Humidity 92% at 6:11
Low Humidity 64% at 10:10
High Monthly Humidity 93%
Low Monthly Humidity 53%
High Yearly Humidity 95%
Low Yearly Humidity 29%

Outside Dew Point 13.6C
High Dew Point 15.6C at 8:31
Low Dew Point 11.1C at 4:23
High Monthly Dew Point 16.7C
Low Monthly Dew Point 10.0C
High Yearly Dew Point 22.2C
Low Yearly Dew Point -11.1C

Wind Speed 1.6 km/hr
10 Minute Average Wind Speed 3.2 km/hr
High Wind Speed 9.7 km/hr at 9:52
High Monthly Wind Speed 27.4 km/hr
High Yearly Wind Speed 72.4 km/hr

Wind Data km/hr 1 min 2 min 5 min 10 min
Average Wind Speed --- --- --- ---
High Wind Speed --- --- --- ---

Wind Direction in degrees 24
Wind Direction sector NNE

Wind Chill 19.7C
Low Wind Chill 12.2C at 5:25
Low Monthly Wind Chill 12.2C
Low Yearly Wind Chill -14.4C

Outside Heat Index 19.7C
High Heat Index 20.0C at 10:16
High Monthly Heat Index 21.7C
High Yearly Heat Index 32.8C

THW Index 19.7C

High THSW Index 26.1C at 10:16
High Monthly THSW Index 28.9 C
High Yearly THSW Index 39.4 C

Barometer 1012.9 hPa
Barometer Trend Steady
High Barometer 1012.9 hPa at 8:13
Low Barometer 1012.2 hPa at 5:08
Low Monthly Barometer 1008.0 hPa
High Monthly Barometer 1014.8 hPa
Low Yearly Barometer 980.3 hPa
High Yearly Barometer 1041.4 hPa

Daily Rain 0.0 mm
Storm Rain 0.0 mm
Monthly Rain 2.6 mm
Yearly Rain 386.2 mm

Current Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr
High Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr at ----
High Hourly Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr
High Monthly Rain Rate 5.8 mm/hr
High Yearly Rain Rate 180.0 mm/hr

Solar Radiation 533 W/m
High Solar Rad 540 W/m at 10:16
High Monthly Solar Rad 1188 W/m
High Yearly Solar Rad 1255 W/m

UV 1.6 index
High UV 1.6 index at 10:10
High Monthly UV 4.7 index
High Yearly UV 6.4 index

Inside Temperature 21.4C
High Inside Temperature 21.4C at 10:00
Low Inside Temperature 19.6C at 6:10
High Monthly Inside Temp 26.8C
Low Monthly Inside Temp 18.9C
High Yearly Inside Temp 29.5C
Low Yearly Inside Temp 13.7C

Inside Humidity 61%
High Inside Humidity 68% at 7:53
Low Inside Humidity 58% at 0:01
High Monthly Inside Humidity 74%
Low Monthly Inside Humidity 38%
High Yearly Inside Humidity 75%
Low Yearly Inside Humidity 22%

Inside Dew Point 13.6 C

Inside Heat Index 21.2C

EMC 12.7%
Air Density 0.0741 lb/cu.ft

Daily ET 0.36 mm
Monthly ET 9.50 mm
Yearly ET 499.72 mm