Oldygoody Honey Bee P
portrait of Honey Bee P

Colour: Black Classic Torbie
Born: 26 October 2009

Sire: Battle Creek's S. Golden Samuel
Dam: Peppermountz Mamba

Inbreeding complete: 13,9 %
Clones: 35,3 %
Top 2: 40,6 %
Top 3: 56,7 %
Top 5: 72,4 %


Honey Bee P Honey Bee P is my youngest female, a wonderful poly girl.
Her red colour resembles the colour of a fox, hence her nickname Foxy Lady.
Honey has a long body, a beautiful head, a long tail and a very soft coat.

She has a gentle and independent temperament and she's very active.
She's best friends with our youngest male Benny.

The garden is her favourite place, there is so much to do. All kinds of good tasting insects to chase.

Thank you Polina for the trust and this beautiful girl.

honey bee p

honey bee p
honey bee p

Caught in the action.

honey bee p
honey bee p
honey bee p
honey bee p