Cattery Del ThyMar

Dear Thai friends,

Let me introduce Millie, Farah and Mojito.

We live in Terneuzen, a small town in Zealand Flanders, in the province of Zealand, in the utmost southwestern part of the Netherlands not far from the sea. Our Cattery is called “Cattery Del ThyMar”. It was named after our daughter Thyrsa and our son Martijn.

Farao en Millie 2003

Farao, Millie en Farah 2010

We used to have Siamese cats with round heads and sturdy bodies. Our last Siames cat died in October 2002. In a roundabout way I came across the website of the working group for traditional Siamese cats and that is where I saw exactly the same type of Siamese cat that we always used to have. As we still felt very sad about the death of our Timo, we did not feel like taking a new cat right away. We applied to Marianne Booy (she is in charge of kitten mediation within the working group), informing her that we wanted to offer a good home for an older Siamese cat if one had to be found accommodation for. Right away I became a member of this club, because I fully agree with their ideas of trying to maintain the traditional Siamese cat as we had known it. Marianne gave us little hope for Siames cats are seldom replaced. But she would keep our request in mind and we were not in a hurry. All this took place in November 2002. In December 2002 we unexpectedly got a telephone call from Marianne. Would we like to have two kittens???? In Germany Mrs Hosnofsky had died. In September she had had two nests from Nane and from the daughter of Nane. Club members had brought a number of kittens to the Netherlands. Farao had been temporarily lodged with somebody who already had three tabbies and who did not want a tom-cat, so they were looking for a good home for him. The club preferred to keep him within the club, because Farao comes from a good bloodline, which is known for its healthy descendants and light colour. At the time Ineke Blokker had a nest which included a kitten with a defect in one of its legs which had developped during pregnancy. The idea had arisen to keep the two of them together so that is why we were phoned. We were very surprised . However it did not take us long to think about it , only after 5 minutes we did call back: We accept...!


Timo 1994 - 2002

Millie de Cascabel, 18 oktober 2002, sealpoint
Millie was born in the Netherlands in the town of Alkmaar in Cattery de Cascabel, property of Ineke Blokker. Millie's pedigree name is "Millie de Cascabel". Millie is very devoted and her life centres on the members of the family. She likes to go fore a little walk around the house, plays and sleeps a lot together with her daughter Farah. She is cheerful by nature. Millie is a sealpoint and chocolate point occurs in her father's pedigree.. Millie had three litters, in 2004, 2005 and 2006. She was raised with Farao, our own male cat. He was the father of the three litters. Unfortunately he died too young in 2008. You also can take a look at the dutch page Millie, kittens 2004, 2005 and 2006.



Farah del ThyMar, 31 january 2006, chocolatepoint

Farah is the last kitten from Farao and Millie. She comes from a litter of 3 females. Farah was the only chocolatepoint. We decided to keep her and that was a decision we have never regretted so far. Farah is a cat with a lot of character. She was very close with her father and we think she missed him after he died. She was always in his neighbourhood. Farah is very devoted to our son. When he is in the house, she always lays on his lap. Farah likes to play with toy-mices and sometimes she take a run for 15 minutes in the house. Farah had three litters, in 2007, 2009 and 2010. You also can take a look at the dutch page of Farah, kittens 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Farah 2007

Farah 2009

Mojito de Cascabel, 1 juli 2009, sealpoint

Mojito was also born in Alkmaar in Cattery de Cascabel. He is an amazing malecat with a very social and sweet character. A nice play from him is that he jumps on youre back to walk around with you. He is very fond of Jan. His grate love is Roosje. ( Rose ) We want to use the genes of Mojito, Swiss and Australian, with Farah who has a bloodline from Germany, England and Equador. Mojito is a very cheerful cat. You also can take a look at the dutch page of Mojito. Mojito is the father of the litters from Farah, 2010 and 2011



Asenka's Hiba Roosje, 8 september 2013, bluepoint

Roosje was born in Zaandam in Cattery Asenka's. She is an amazing femalecat with a very social and sweet character. A nice play from here is that she jumps on youre back to walk around with you. She is always happy when you want to play with her and he brings all the toy- mice back, juist like a dog. We want to use the genes of Mojito, Swiss and Australian, with Roosje who has a bloodline from Germany. Roosje is very in love with Mojito he is her greatest friend.You also can take a look at the dutch page of Roosje.


Mojito and Roosje

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