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What can I find on this page?

Building Webpagesback to menu

Java powered page that shows you real-time fore- and backgroundcolors
Works interactive
Communication Arts: Web Resources
Something you wanna see if you're into graphics
Hagan's HTML Help Library
A page that will help you design your own homepage
HTML related FAQs and Guides
A page with lots of links to all sorts of HTML related info
Also if you're thinking about building your own site
HTML+ (Hypertext markup format)
Info 'bout the HTML+ language
HTML-tool and -guide Page
Jumpstation to several other homepages that teach you how to use HTML
Also contains many links to icons and other images to enhance your homepage
Wade's WWW Tutorials
How-to make your own homepage
Web Page Design - Introduction
This is for Web Page designers
WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation
About writing HTML pages
www-doku main page
Page that contains all sort of info and tools to enhance your homepage and fill it up with gadgets


Dutch sitesback to menu

Dutch: Computers & Onderdelen

Benelux Computer Exchange
Chicon Computers
Het voormalige Escom
DW&F's links
Heel veel links
Voornamelijk over computers, leveranciers, fabrikanten, enz.
Future Computer
Planhold Computers
Powerline Computers
ZYZ Computers


Dutch: Dienstverleningback to menu

Anchor's GSM Message Service
SMS berichten sturen naar GSM
PTT Centrale Terugbel Faciliteit
Een page over een niet zo bekende PTT faciliteit
Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland
Voor hen die een Internet domein in Nederland willen registreren


Dutch: Fabrikanten & Leveranciersback to menu

Academic Service
Toegang tot alle titels die deze boekenclub heeft
Heeft ook zoekmogelijkheden
computercollectief Home Page
Allerlei informatie over de producten die deze boekenclub verkoopt
Heeft ook zoekmogelijkheden
Nederlandstalige homepage van de organisatie die veel examens voor informatici afneemt
Inhoud Intermediair
Een Nederlandstalige homepage over een blad dat gericht is op informatici
PTT Telecom - Mobile Space
Informatie over mobiel bellen en werken


Dutch: Informatiefback to menu

ArachNed: zoeken binnen de overheid
Zoeken naar info over en van de overheid
Computer Planet - Computers
Van alles over computers
De Digitale Advocaat ®
Spreekuurtje met een Nederlandstalige advocaat
De DOS gebruikersgroep
Nederlandstalige page met alles over DOS
DHP - Overheid
Toegang tot informatie over overheidsdiensten
Digitaal Ziekenhuis Nederland
Informatie over alle aspecten van de Nederlandse ziekenhuizen
Dossier: Kwaliteit van Zorg
Een link over de Nederlandse zorginstellingen
GSM Information Network - Netherlands
Nederlandstalige informatie over GSM
Informatie over HTML, Internet, Email, Software, Links en Java
Nederlandstalige uitleg over HTML en dergelijke
Kluwer Belasting Site
Toegang tot nog meer tips om wat geld terug te halen
Ouders Online
Blad voor ouders. On-line
Patientenverenigingen in Nederland
Provincie Zeeland Homepage
Informatie van de overheid
PTT: ISDN - De oprit naar de electronische snelweg
Laatste ontwikkelingen over ISDN in Nederland
Radio Maximaal
Een Nederlandstalige radiozender
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen / Faculteit der Letteren
Nederlandstalige homepage van een universiteit
't Klaphek
Dutch hackers group
VROM gerelateerde onderwerpen
Ministerie van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer
Workstations Home Page
Zeeuwse Bibliotheek
Informatie van een bibliotheek


Mirrored DUTCH Novell Netware FTP Directory
All Novell related updates, fixes and info
Mirrored DUTCH SimTel FTP Directory
All the goodies from SimTel
Contains lots of utils, info whatever
A page with links to all available updates for all sorts of Netware products


Dutch: Zoekmachine'sback to menu

Autototaal Merken Index Pagina
Alles over auto's
Faxgids Nederland
Nederlandstalige page voor hen die e-mail adressen of faxnummers zoeken
Informatiediensten in Nederland
Een soort Yahoo! voor Nederland
Nederlandse Rondzendlijsten
Overzicht van Nederlandstalige newsgroups
Een soortement van Nederlandstalige Alta Vista zoekmachine
PTT: De Telefoongids
Zoeken naar iemands telefoonnummer
Een zoekmachine die gebruikt maakt van het "fuzzy" concept
Soortement van banenmarkt
ZOEK -Dè Nederlandse Zoekmachine!-
Heel veel mogelijkheden om iets te vinden binnen Nederland


Entertainmentback to menu

All-Movie Guide
If you're looking for a movie...
here's a good place to start
IQ Test Prep Page
A page to test your IQ
Paranoia Home Page
Not everybody will like what one can read here
If you wanna spy on something
Star Trek: The Next Generation
If you're a Star Trek fan
this one is for you
The first encounters page
A page devoted to the latest Elite version
Was a great game. Now it spells bugs
The Game Page
Things to help you finish a game
Welcome to Worlds Chat
To start with 3D chatting
A graphical IRC


Hacking & Securityback to menu

FastLane FTP Directory
Some Netware related hacking tools
Hack/Phreak Web Pages
All sorts of links 'bout hacking and such
Hacking sites/warez
A page full with links to other hacker's homepages
A Dutch hackers club
Internet Attacks
Page about Internet security
Gives info on the sorts of attacks
MWC - Have you configured Internet Ports properly?
A page that shows you your security holes
Well... some of them
Natan's philez
Netware related hack tools.
Also contains an URL to Netware related security books
Security and Encryption Links
Many links about security and encryption on all sorts of subjects
The Infinity Void
Lots of info 'bout security issues


Information & Recoursesback to menu

AntiVirus Center
If you want to know about virii
CNN Interactive
The biggest newsstation in the world is on-line too
CPROP Maps of Human Chromosomes
If you want to know what we are made of
Dylan's Windows 95 Starting Pages
Beginner tips for Win95
EEB Home Page
Info 'bout how the smaller parts of computers and other devices work
Engineers guide to the Internet
If you want to know more 'bout all sorts of things that are used
Games Domain
If you want to know something (anything) about some game...
Internet manuals
How-to if you're new to Internet or want to get a picture 'bout what's out there
Internet Newsgroups
List of all the newsgroups
Internet Services List
Allmost complete list on all sorts of subjects
Complete with a link to them
InterNIC Registration Services
In case you want your own domain
InterRamp Support
Access to support info
mostly concerning modem communications
A page devoted to health issues
Nurse your Net Nanny!
Info about censorship software
Software & Hardware updates
Page with many links to updates for all sorts of software products
Starting Points for Internet Exploration
This is a place to get an overview of Internet
TechWeb HomePage
All sorts of goodies for your PC
TechWeb sitemap
An overview from all the technical information you can access from here
The daily news
Access to the latest worldwide news
The World Wide Web Unleashed Support Web
How-to on making your own webpage
Wais and WWW pointers
How to make a webpage searchable


Manufacturers & Companies & Softwareback to menu

3Com HomePage
The homepage of this great manufacturer of NIC's
The manufacturer of realible motherboards on which your Netware fileserver would be happy to run
Or any other (N)OS for that matter
Cheyenne Software Home Page
The homepage of Cheyenne
For those of us who use ArcServe
Cheyenne: Technical Support Infobases
If you're having trouble with a Cheyenne product like ArcServe
Cisco IOS Software Solutions
For info about what makes Cisco routers work
Also gives access to updates
Cisco Systems, Inc.
The homepage of the company that builds great routers to aid your WAN
Cisco's FTP Directory of MIBS
If you're looking for some MIBS to complete your SNMP management
Cisco's Service & Support
Access to all sorts of info, updates and other goodies for when you are working with Cisco products
Cisco's UniverCD
The on-line manual to Cisco routers IOS
Or how-to configure your router
Compaq Computer Corporation
The homepage of Compaq
Builder of PC's and fileservers
Corel Office for Java
Using a wordprocessor, spreadsheet etc on a client/server bases
Data Fellows World Wide Web Server
The home-page of the creators of F-Prot
A fine anti-virus tool
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
Homepage of the makers of graphical cards
Digital Equipment B.V., Nederland
Nederlandstalige homepage van Digital
Bekend van mainframes
Discovery Channel Online
The homepage of Discovery
Broadcasts documentaries on TV
DougMenu Home Page
Nice 0 bytes menu programm
FTP Directory of Funk software
This is where you can update Proxy and Wanderlink
Funk Software's Home Page
Homepage of the creators of Proxy
HP - Software and Support
All sorts of info and updates that are related to Hewlett Packard products
Intel's FTP Directory
Contains all available info and updates for Intel products
Microsoft Intranet Resource Center
Micorsoft's views on Intranet
Microsoft Technical Support
Access to technical info 'bout Microsoft products
Microsoft Windows 95 info page
Troubleshooting information 'bout Win95
Microsoft Windows 95 Technical Support Wizard
Search page to look for solutions on trouble you've found using Win95
On-line magazine for NetScape users
Netscape AppFoundry
Lots of info and utils for people who want to completly control their intranetwork
Netscape Security
Info and fixes 'bout security breaches in NetScape browser software
Pegasus Mail Europe
Download a free e-mail programm
Best used with Netware
Pretty Good Privacy
How-to encrypt something with PGP
Progress Software Home Page
Homepage of the creators of some database server product
Shiva: Technical Support
Access to troubleshooting info concerning Shiva products
Homepage of TELES
They make ISDN cards and other network related devices
Updates for TELES products
Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
The homepage of Hewlett Packerd
Maker of the JetDirect cards and LaserJet printers
Welcome to Intel
Homepage of Intel
Famous for their microprocessors
Win95 Networking FAQ
An overview of networking related problems that were found in Win95
Win95 tips
A non-Microsoft page with tips
Windows 95 Help Site
A non-MicroSoft support page
Windows 95 Localized Software
Page met updates voor de Nederlandstalige Win95
Windows NT information
All sorts of info and updates regarding Windows NT


Novell Netwareback to menu

Freeware Novell Netware NLMs
All sorts of freeware utils that help aid the Netware administrator
Marcus's Home Page
All sorts of Netware related material
NETLAB1 Home Page
Official mirror site of Novell
Contains all sorts of info
Netware & NDS Utilities
Page with links and access to software that will aid the Netware administrator
NetWare 4.1 patches
All recommended patches for Novell's Netware 4.1x on one page
Complete with a link to download!
NetWare 4.11 patches
All recommended patches for Novell's Netware 4.11 on one page
Complete with a link to download!
Netware Technical Support
All sorts of info to help you troubleshoot problems with your Netware fileserver
Novell Consulting Toolkit--Home Page
Access to even more info about Novell products
Novell Consulting Toolkit--NetWare
Access to Netware specific information
including documentation
Novell Consulting Toolkit--NetWare Downloadable Tools
Very handy tools for Netware administrators
Novell IntranetWare
Sort of homepage 'bout Intranet from Novell
Novell Product Support Pages
Gives access to info 'bout all sorts of Netware products
Novell Support
The official Novell Support site
Contains even search engines to look up the latest recommended patches
Novell utilities
Novell Netware utilities to make administrators life easier
Novell: Minimum OS, NLM, & File Updates overview
All available updates for all sorts of Novell products on one page
Novell's search page
Also contains a link to the recommended patch list
Novell's sidemap
An overview of what Novell on the Internet can offer you
Special Edition Using NetWare 4.1, 2nd Edition Home Page
An electronic book about how-to administer a Novell Netware 4.1 environment
TechNet Reference Desk
Microsoft page 'bout how-to deploy and maintain their products like NT and Win95
The NETLAB2 FTP Directory
All sorts of (mostly Novell) related files
But also Kermit and NETWIRE
The Novell FAQ
All sorts of info, insights, tips and troubleshooting info about Netware


Search Enginesback to menu

Alta Vista: Main Page
The biggest and fastest searchengine of them all
If you're looking for something start here!
If you're looking for a file...
Atlas to the World Wide Web
Sort of jumpstation towards all sorts of subjects
Beaucoup Search Engines
An extensive list of search engines obout many subjects
Bigfoot Home Page
Obtain a free e-mail address that stays with you no matter how many times you change your ISP
If you're looking for software...
E-Mail Directory
If you want to know if someone has an e-mail address
E-Mail Zines Listing
All sorts of links to many subjects
FAQ Finder
If you're looking for a FAQ...
Find Newsgroups
If you wander if there's a newsgroup about something you're interested in
A page that gives access to all sorts of search engines
Free ... On the Web
All sorts of free stuff
FTP search
When looking for a file... start here!
Games Cheating Collection
Things to help you finish your game
OAK Software Repository
A large collection of software and info
Even on CP/M and OS/2 and NT
Search engine with a different touch
SavvySearch Form
A different kind of search engine that can find things others can not
Search Engines on Internet
Access to all sorts of different targeted search engines
If you're looking for shareware
SimTel - Coast-To-Coast WWW Page
Gives access to the Games Domain and the largest software collection in the world
SocioSite: WHO'S WHERE ?
To search for a lot of info 'bout some Dutch person
The Windows 95 Internet Headquarters
Lots and lots of software for Win95
Virtual Shareware Library Search Form
If you're looking for freeware or shareware
VSL: Power Search Form
A search engine for when you're looking for files
W3 Search Engines
All the search engines the Internet has to offer
So if you can't find it using this page...
Web Crawler
Another search engine
If you're looking for an organization...
World Phone Directories
If you're looking for someone's phonenumber worldwide
Yahoo Search
The Yahoo! search machine
Yahoo! - Finding People
If you're searching for a person


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