About Arthur B.

Me and my family can be found in a mediumsize town called Vlissingen in the Netherlands (high taxes).

I'm one of those guys that made his hobby his work. I work as a system administrator most of the time. But I'm a network consultant also.
That means I'm used to dealing with allmost anything that has some sort of relation with networks.

I do Netware, NT, Windows, DOS, LANs, WANs (including ISDN) and everything else that gets hooked up. Troubleshooting, tuning, disaster control, quality guides, redesigns, analyses and a thing or two more are second jobs for me.
Connectivity (hooking up very different systems and exchange data between databases that can't even talk the same character table) is something we're dealing with also.

Mostly I'm on the move. Helping customers when they request assistance. Zeeland is a county that is building the future. So lots of companies and organizations stumble on new technologies and the ever larger growing 'connectivity' hype. This also means they stumble on all sorts of unforseen events. Maintenance and recovery proceduries beeing the most underestimated issues of them all.

Well, enough about me.

© Arthur B.
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