Greetings in the name of The Most High JAH RASTAFARI

Rastafari is an inborn concept and a true Rastafari lives by the people and with the people in one love.
A Rastafari is a person who defends truth and right.
The Rastafari work biblically, universally, naturally, statically, and spiritually for the redemption of mankind.

They have come to heighten the cosmic fire and cleanse the world of evil so that an era of justice, peace, and love, prophesied in the
Bible, can dawn, when righteousness will cover the earth as the waters of the sea. While the world is preparing for war,
 the Rastafari are preparing for the people to meet God.

Jah Rastafari!



The philosophy of Marcus Garvey gave birth to the Rastafarian philosophy. Marcus Garvey propagates that "'man must know himself". He filled the people with enlightenment and gave them hope and strength, showing the way which is necessary, clearing up all the misconceptions people have of themselves.
We, the Rastafarians, recognise Marcus Garvey as  our prophet.

Marcus Garcey opened the minds,espescially of the black-man and- woman, making them realise their black mentality.
Marcus Garvey was born Auugust 1887 at St. Anns, Jamaica. He spent most of his childhood and early adulthood in the surroundings of his homeland. As a youth, Garvey observed and grew very conscious of the need for black redemption.

Marcus Garvey prophesied the coming of Haile Selassie I, because in his philosophy he stated that black people must look to the east,through the spectacles of Ethiopia for their God and King. In the crowning of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I in 1930, on the Throne of David, the followers of Marcus Garvey saw this as a revelation that Jah (God) had manifested himself as King upon the Earth. This gave  the followers of Garvey a new inspiration. It was they who were the first expounders of the Rastafarian faith



Revelation 5 gives proof of this - See King James Edition of the Bible Rev. 5.

Therefore, the Lion of  Judah  is God in flesh, manifested in the personality of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I.



Psalms 87 says:

" His foundation is in the Holy mountains.
The Lord loveth the gates of
Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.
Glorious things are spoken of thee,
O City of God. Selah.
I will make mention of Rahab and
Babylon to them that know me;
Behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia;
this man was born there.
And of Zion it shall be said this and that
man was born in her: and the highest
himself shall establish her.
The Lord shall count, when he writeth up the
people that this man was born there. Selah.
As well the singers as the players on instruments
shall be there; all my springs are in thee".


Therefore, we accept that: His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, which means: power and instruments of the Holy Trinity.
By acknowledging the character behind the King, we found the divine personality.

Our Father Rastafari shows Himself unto those that Love H.I.M. He shows himself through inventions and all forms of art, He constantly reveals Himself in all nations, in sounds, in the hearts and minds even in our own conscience.

The only way anyone can come to full comprehension of the Almighty God, Jah Rastafari Selassie I, is through love and over{under}standing. And in love, IanI will have associated with Him. Loving thyself only,only puts Him further away from us, sentimental love only disfigures Him.

However, love in the heart with {under}overstanding and feeling make us able to know Him. By finding that divine love in our hearts, our spirit is lifted up so the whole foundation of our philosophy/livity/concept is basically LOVE,accompanied with overstanding. Anything in Earth must have its origin in love.

Whatever spiritual truth seems to have been obliterated from the Earth, Jah Rastafari Selassie I took flesh and, came to the level called Earth. The I in the     heart must recognise that it is the divine and absolute love that Jah Rastafri has for us, not because we have hope in Him,
 but because He loves us,and because of His  endless mercy.

Before we can return unto ourGod (Jah Rastafari), one must first be born again. Humanity  entered the wilderness and lost everything that is positive. So the whole humanity  must be born again and Rastafari is that.

The re-birth  is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Re-birth means the removing of all concepts{,isms and skisms which preech and practice negativity and slave mentality;or bring forth inequity}; and doing the things that are beneficial to one's community.


We must maintain the just transactions, which has its relationships in doing things which will not hurt or harm others.

All Rastafarians must see and be responsible for the maintaining of the education of oneself and family.

Each and every brethren and sistren living in Rastafari must take care to eat the right kind of foods which will maintain the health of the body.

Rastafarians are basically vegetarian, outlawing the use of flesh or alcohol in any form, inclusive of any seafood.

We strongly object to sharp implements used in the desecration of the figure of man e.g. trimming, shaving, tattooing of the skin and cutting of the flesh.

We worship and observe no other God but Jah Rastafari, outlawing all other forms of pagan worship yet respecting all believers.

We love and respect the brotherhood of mankind and the Fatherhood of God.

We disapprove and abhor utterly, hate, jealousy, envy and deceit.

We do not agree with the present day pleasure of society and its modern evils,therefore InI always resist and fight against the Babylon system

We are avowed to create a world order of one brother hood.

Our duty is to extend the hand of charity to any brother/sister in distress, to every human, animals and plants.

We do acknowledge the Ten Commandments.

Abstaining from a woman during mentruation.

All those living in Rastafari must have the welfare of their family at heart. By doing so, we will be fulfilling the love of His Majesty.

In Rastafari, there must be proper household living, meaning the organisation of the home in terms of:-

1. Finance
2. Distribution of duties
3. Sharing and catering for all

Rastafari brethren and sistrens must take responsility for their emotions giving strength to their characters. Therefore emotion must be balanced, for emotions unbalanced leads to negativity.

All Rastafarians must refrain from the things that makes one uncomfortable because if one continue to entertain or participate in that which makes one uncomfortanle, this will eventually lead to the breakdown of moral discipline.

We Rastafarians must not waste life's energy by attaining to that which is detrimental to oneself and family. One must be creative in all levels of life, creative in both physical, mental, moral and spiritual levels, allowing no negative emotions or thought to dominate our being.

The Rastafarian who comprehends and overstands the precepts of Rastafari must not disrupt the minds of the ignorant who are attached to furtive actions but demonstrate to them that it is possible for all works to be dedicated to the service of Rastafari.

We, the children of the most high God Jah Rastafari must socialise doing the work of service for each other, in terms of constructive advice, helping one pass through diffcult times and stages, having the welfare of kindred at heart.

Each and every Rastafari must maintain the love of the Higher I, destroying all faults , conflicts and strife and confessing to all that it is possible to uphold and galvanise unity.

In this world full of confusion and brainwash-education many people find it very hard to look into their hearts. Some out of fear, some because they lack the discipline, and through this, mistakes of the day occur and people continue in the wrong way. So therefore, my kindred, everyday Rastafarians must check themselves so as to correct their thoughts and actions which are contrary to the levels of Rastafari. In the morning give praises unto Jah, check yourself before proceeding into the day. In the evening we must check what positive and constructive actions have been done, so as not to waste the energy of life.

The Rastafarian grows his hair in a matted way. This is a vow the individual has made unto God Jah rastafari, which has nothing to do with any other man, but the individual and Rastafari.

Numbers Chapter 6 v.5 says:-

"All the days of the vow of his separation,
There shall no razor come upon his head,
Until the vow be fulfilled in which he separated
himself unto the Lord.
He shall be Holy and let the locks of his hair grow."

Haile Selassie I is God here and now, for God is not an object of faith by knowledge. He is known here and now, seen touched and spoken to. He knows everything and prayers addressed to Him are heard. He is the Source of Life




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