Bridge Problem 8


10 9 2
A 10 9 7 4
K 7 2
Q 8 3
8 7 6 5 4
5 2
8 4 3
K 7 5 2
A J 3
K 6
A 10 6 5
10 9 6 4
Q J 8 3
Q J 9
1DBL2 NT Pass
Pass Pass
West leads 5. Problem: How can the contract be defeated?
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5 was taken by East with the ace, felling South's queen. 3 was taken by South with the king; by playing 4 West showed his 5-card hearts. South continued with Q for East's king. When East cashed J, West by playing the 8 indicated his preference for the higher of the suits not yet played, in this case spades.
If East thoughtlessly switches to a low spade, South would have made the contract. But East realised that partner's signal meant that he held Q. Therefore to make sure of an entry to partner's hand, East switched to K!
This was fatal for declarer. When he takes the trick with A, West possesses the entry to cash two more hearts, which leads to 2 down. Holding up the ace doesn't work either: East would simply continue with a low spade to force out the ace and the contract is 2 down also.
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