Bridge Problem 25


K Q J 9 2
A K 2
J 8 7
10 4
Q 8 5
10 5 4
A K 9 6 5
8 6 5 3
10 9 7
A 8 2
10 4 2
A 7
J 6 4 3
Q 9 7 6 3
Q 3
1Pass1 NTPass
2 NTPass3 NTPass
West led a low club.
Problem: How can the contract be made?
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The first trick was taken by declarer's queen. With only eight tricks in sight, it was dangerous to try for a ninth trick in diamonds since the defenders might score the ace of diamonds and four club tricks. Far better in this type of situation to cash your long suit in this case five spade tricks. West had to find three discards and could not afford to part with a heart because that would give declarer two extra tricks in the suit. West discarded two diamonds, but the third discard was problematic. If West discarded a club, declarer could afford to set up a diamond trick --- the defenders would get only three club tricks and a diamond. So West preferred to let go the third diamond. The correct move is then to lead the jack of clubs from dummy. West could take four club tricks, but then had to lead a heart away from the queen. Declarer's jack of hearts became the winning trick.
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