Bridge Problem 19


K Q 4
J 9
K Q 6 4
7 5 4 2
J 10 9 8 3
A K 6
K 10 9 3
7 5 2
8 7 5 2
J 10 8 5 3
A 6
Q 10 4 3
A 7 2
A Q J 8
1 NTPass3 NTPass
West leadst J. Problem: What is the safest line of play?
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At the table declarer took the first trick in dummy and took the club finesse right away, which he lost to West's king. West returned a spade. which was taken in the closed hand. The leader cashed A, which revealed the bad break. South continued with three rounds of diamonds - to no avail. Now declarer could collect only eight tricks. The correct line of play is the following: Seven fast tricks are available in spades, diamonds and clubs. Therefore the remaining two tricks should come from hearts, no matter how this suit is distributed. Each time declarer gains the lead he should play a heart. In that way he will obtain nine tricks before the defenders can get any suit going.
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